More Bands Suffering From Warner Music's YouTube Demands

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We’ve already covered how some Warner Music musicians are pissed off about Warner Music demanding more money for its music showing up on YouTube, and now it’s also causing additional problems for musicians. For example, the band Death Cab for Cutie has YouTube videos of its music on its own website… but not after Warner Music’s actions forced them offline. People on the band’s own website clicking to view its own videos are told that they are not available due to Warner Music. At some point, you have to wonder when Warner Music is going to realize just how badly it’s screwed this up.

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Comments on “More Bands Suffering From Warner Music's YouTube Demands”

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Gunnar says:

Re: Re: Re:

It depends on the band. Some bands only use record labels for distribution and others have the label take care of everything from tour schedules to merchandising.

Your best bet is to try to contact the band before you buy something and ask if there is any way to support the band without supporting the label. That serves two purposes. First, you don’t support the label. Second, you send a message to the band that the label isn’t helping them win fans.

Bill G says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

“Deathcab signed up with Warner and got loads of money for doing it. Why are you so worried about hurting the bands? They chose to sign with Warner of their own free will. In other words, they sold out, let them deal with it.”

Ok I think what you just described is called earning a living, so did you sell out to burger king or what?

Relonar says:

Re: Sorry, music lovers. You're boned again.

yeah, consumers get boned again, but a grassroots boycott of a label probably not do much to it as the huge labels, like warner, have other means of getting their paychecks at the end of the day (selling to consumers may be a large percentage, but there are other revenue streams).

What really needs to happen is that the bands start moving towards labels that leave more rights with the band itself after the recording session. Until that happens the ‘big evil music industry’ keeps its bankroll and can continue down whatever path it feels like.

thomas (profile) says:

Labels are not there for the artists

The labels don’t give a rats *** for the artists; they have one and only one concern – their own cut. They regard the artists as only something to be exploited as much as possible and paid as little as possible, or better yet paid nothing while the label execs continue to jet around in their private jets, eat at 5 star restaurants, spend money on hookers and drugs, and live the ‘high’ life.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Once upon a time, Lables were important. It was hard to get exposure, and the biggest outlet to the public (radio) was/is all-but-owned by the record lables. So even just a few years ago, signing with a lable was the only way to ‘make it,’ and if that lable was Warner who’s to say it’s any worse than any other (especially if Warner were the first or only lable to offer a deal)?

The world has changed and The Internet, file sharing, and social media let bands get wide-spread exposure easily and without a lable. But lables, in their nearsightedness, are trying to fight against the tide of progress and keep a stranglehold on distribution and exposure. They used to be Gatekeepers, deciding who was ‘good enough’ for the public to hear. Now they aren’t, and they don’t even recognize it.

So, now there’s really no reason to sign with a lable, but not long ago it was the only way to do business. Don’t be too hard on the musicians, we are often times stuck in a long-term contract they can’t get out of, and owing money (at least on paper) to the lable they signed with. The lables are as much enemies to musicians as they are to customers.

Phibble (user link) says:

I deal with Independent artists/bands all day long. Most don’t want to sign to a major. Some have been on a major, and have left because of all the BS.

It is clear to me (and a lot of people) that the majors just don’t get it. They need to understand the difference between copyright infringement and free promotion.

Greed has taken over the music business, and as long as big media continues to be greedy, nothing will ever change.

Exposure is key to the music business, and using You Tube is an excellent tool to do that.

Dave says:

This Is Not The Artists Fault!

The bottom line is simple – major labels such as Warner Bros. are losing millions, advertising revenue from sites such as YouTube AND MySpace will NEVER filter down to the artist, the majr label deals are with them NOT teh artits, teh artsist have NO say in it, right down to ‘independent’ artists distributed through ADA (the Warner Music owned so called indie distributor) bands who have their music with ADA are also suffering from WMG pulling YouTube videos deal, MySpace will be next when artist realize teh money is going to the ‘parent’ companie and not them.

Anonymous Coward says:

Honestly, with all the information available about RIAA/ major label business practices, and all the clear alternative to the major labels long held stranglehold on distribution, anyone that is dumb enough to sign with a major label deserves whatever screwing the label give em.

I’m just happy some of my favorite bands have gone back to independent non-RIAA labels so I can buy their music again.

Robert Arnold says:

Warner music

Ive been a musician for 34yrs,.. and in 1981 a hot band I was in were signed and then dropped by RCA, Because we were a country band that really rocked,we had a bad reputation for fighting,drinking and a hint of drugs that came up and.. boom we were dropped, Back then the major labels had all the power, theyve lost millions to the internet and downloading, Well they needed to lose it they were like dictators, everything had to be their way, now they are fighting to get back some things$$$ lost ,I hope Youtube does not limit music from artists because it wouldnt and isnt fair to music and expression …the ARTS

James says:

Warners Music Group

Warners was getting free promotion.With the links at the side.You Tubers could just click the link to buy the song for a dollar.It’s free money Warner’s.Are you guys dumb or something? Most will click the link,it’s easier.Bands should just self-promote.But the majors will then start to tie up the venues to play and tie up the Awards shows,where only their artists can play.These fools with their big money have to be stopped.They ruined Top 40 radio with the crap they paid to get played.Only Indies can save music.We have to promote our own music.To hell with the majors.

Chad says:

Time Warner is Greedy!

Time Warner Music Group (WMG) is the type of Greedy corporations that are responsible for the downfall of our economy, just for them to rake in a little extra for themselves at the cost of everyone else.

Thousands of music videos that PROMOTED their own artists now lost mass promotions, hence will hurt sales, hence will cost jobs. On top of that makes the victim… YouTube more boring hence less visitors, hence less jobs. THANKS TIME WARNER! You had to make this world just a little more miserable didn’t you!


Emma says:

Screw WMG!

They are destroying everything that was great about Youtube! Most of the videos I have seen muted are Rock Band or Guitar Hero ones. I mean WTF?!? You liscened the music to Harmonix/Neversoft, WMG! Then you bitch about it being posted on Youtube? It makes no sense. You are getting FREE promotion! You should be grateful. I deleted my Youtube account and may boycott them too if it comes to that. They are taking down Metallica’s videos off of their official YT channel, for God’s sake! I am already mad at Warner for delaying Harry Potter 6. I say that we boycott that on it’s opening weekend and not buy any Warner music until this is solved. Who’s with me? I needed a good rant! Once again, YOU SUCK WMG!

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