A Record Label That Embraces BitTorrent

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While the major record labels still insist that BitTorrent and any sort of file sharing is evil and needs to be wiped out, it’s great to see some indie record labels fully embracing how BitTorrent is actually a much cheaper and much more efficient distribution and marketing tool. Take, for example, Open Your Eyes Records, who not only embraces BitTorrent, but has now teamed up with one BitTorrent tracker, What.cd, to distribute all new tracks that way. Even though for many readers here this doesn’t need to be repeated, this is (once again) more evidence that BitTorrent and BitTorrent trackers have plenty of legitimate purposes — and the efforts to shut them down completely are quite short sighted.

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Comments on “A Record Label That Embraces BitTorrent”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I have not read any comments to date that say BTs should be removed from the face of the earth, but only that they are being grossly misused by those persons who could care less about copyright law.

The availablity of BT notwithstanding, I am still leery of downloading files from unknown persons sharing such files. I still much prefer downloading from the “horse’s mouth”, so to speak.

Tamara says:

I have a friend who just released a CD. It’s available in the shops and on iTunes/Amazon, etc. There’s 7 tracks on the CD, and she’s released 5 of the tracks onto BitTorrent to expose her music to people. In the torrent, there is the 5 songs + a text file asking people if they liked the music to buy her CD. The link she put into the text file is different to the buy link that is on her website so she can get some idea on how many purchased from the torrent(of course some people downloading the torrent would still go through the main site rather than the direct link to the purchase page). Around 75% of the people that purchased music through the links on her site are from the torrent tracker. Of course some people buying online would go directly to iTunes/Amazon, but she can’t track where they came from.

Anonymous Coward says:

When I use “straight from the horse’s mouth” I mean to signify that as a downloader I would want some way of ascertaining that the named file is in fact the file authorized for release by the content creator.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I am not aware of anything that prevents others from placing identically named files in a share folder, which files contain a “bit more” than just the original file. It is this “bit more” that is my cause for concern.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Re: Re:

Try it. You will find that it will error out and will not allow you to upload it.

I have problems inserting files that I know are the exact files that I’m downloading (so I don’t have to download them again but can still seed them). Unless the torrent program sees exactly what it expects to see it will just error out.

Eric Stone (user link) says:


Thank you for the kind words everyone. As co-owner and operator of the label, I really appreciate the nod from you all and the recognition of our efforts. Although not exactly fiscally sound, our approach has done wonders to raise the profile of the band I Call Fives, and has already turned into quite a few opportunities that would otherwise have been missed.

Thanks again,
Eric Stone

David says:

Robert Fripp/Discipline Global Mobile

Its good to see anyone embrace the future and have some success. So here is to continued success to Open Your Eyes Records.

Robert Fripp of King Crimson fame has been using an internet/bit torrent based model for years. Under his Discipline Global Mobile label, he has been providing live Crimson concert recordings as well as recordings from other artists for sale.


It’s quite a back catalog of live recordings, if you have ever seen a Crimson show, odds are that you might find it here.

DGM came about after Fripp, like most artist, sustained years of abuse at the hands of traditional labels. The intent of DGM as a label as well as Fripp’s perceived successes and failures in the venture are described in the about DGM section.


It sounds like he half has it right with embracing the internet but he has not figured out the promotional value part.

Perhaps this is where someone like Mike could introduce himself and show the other possibilities for successful business models in the internet age.

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