Motorola Trying To Block Competitors From Hiring Workers It Laid Off

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We already think that noncompete agreements don’t make sense for companies, but Motorola may be taking the concept to a new level. Rather than trying to stop employees from leaving Motorola to go to a competitor, it’s now trying to stop employees it already laid off from going to work for RIM. Motorola had already sued RIM earlier this year for trying to entice employees to jump ship, and this followed another suit by Motorola against Apple for hiring away an exec. Maybe rather than trying to prevent employees from going elsewhere, Motorola might want to focus on improving its own offerings and its own working conditions so that this isn’t even a problem? But if it’s laying people off, it seems rather ridiculous to then try to stop them from joining another company.

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Comments on “Motorola Trying To Block Competitors From Hiring Workers It Laid Off”

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TR says:

Unfortunately at my company we had a consultant who worked for a consulting company. Once he finished the work, said consulting company laid him off as there was no more work for him, my company offers him a job. Said consulting company wont let worker be employed by us b/c of companies contracts between the two that state my company cannot hire consulting companies employees. utter crap as worker is now jobless…

Cheese McBeese says:

Motorola was infected by a GE cancer named Mike Zafirovsky. Fortunately for Moto, the Moto board recognized the disease and purged him from the company (and then made a bad choice and brought in Zander). Nortel then hired MZ and paid him $25M to compensate him for violating his non-compete agreement with Moto. What has MZ done with Nortel since? He’s led them through a 99% decline in market cap, pushed out the people who knew the business, and brought in his cronies. A large global company has been destroyed.

So what’s the point? Follow your gut – keep the people you need and do not pay non-compete settelements for the people that you don’t want. Better to let them ruin your competitors from the inside.

Overcast says:

Non-compete agreements should be considered null and void if the company lays the worker off, period.

That’s silly – it’s bad enough they can the person.

Funny though – how Motorola claims they need to cut back on workers for their company’s sake – but I’m sure they have the cash to sue ex-employees if necessary.

Should make one think twice about investing in companies with that logic.

Mark Regan says:

Easy Solution To THAT Problem

Once upon a time, I worked for the Mob as a Hit Man. But my boss only wanted to pay me by the hit, and refused to provide the “piece” to do the hit with. I went to him and told him I was happy with the money, but would like a few perks, so he fired me.

I went across town and got another job from the fellas there, and the boss treated me great. He gave me use of a long black limo complete with a driver and a color tv and a cell phone. He gave me a nice looking tailored suit and a snappy looking leather briefcase with several custom made “pieces” inside, with foam rubber cushions encasing each one. He made arrangements with a local deli to feed me and my friends any time we dropped in. And he paid me the same money per assignment as my former boss.

When my old boss found out, he was MAD and paid me a visit. My new briefcase came in handy that day. Also my chauffeur was very cooperative in disposing of the 200 pound bag I gave him to take to the dump. And my boss gave me “proof” that I was with him at the racetrack all that day, and has expanded my territory to include my old turf.

Lesson: Always treat your current and former employees like family. If you treat them like a load of crap, they might soon be treating you like a load of crap.

Twinrova says:

Add another -10 to "big business"

“Always treat your current and former employees like family. If you treat them like a load of crap, they might soon be treating you like a load of crap.”

One day, a mouse was stunned when the company it worked for let it go. When the mouse asked why it was being let go, the reply was “downsizing”. But the mouse wasn’t satisfied, so it asked a relative in HR and was told the mouse designed the best cheese recipe and has outlived its usefulness.

The mouse was upset, but figured it could get a job easily enough. The mouse interviewed and interviewed, but nothing came about. The mouse was curious, and has inquired why it wasn’t being hired, especially given the skills it had.

“You worked for the competition”, was the reply. “We can’t afford taking you on with the risk your recipes will violate the noncompete you signed.”

So now, the mouse is working at Walmart, having its expertise in recipe design wasted.

Despite treating its company as family, the mouse was still crapped on.

Or did you completely skip over the blog relating to the creator of the Bratz collection and losing to Mattel?

These kinds of “contracts” should be illegal.

Rd4sndk says:

I thought 6 sigma was the answer to Motorola's problems

How’s that 6 sigma working for you now Motorola? All over corporate America at least in high tech companies, 6 sigma is one of several means by which promotions are valuated. American companies have been take over by these idiots of meaningless drivel. How about some innovation that matters? One of the reasons why the iphone is so much more popular and profittable than motorola’s offerings is the iphone provides functionality never seen before in a handset and provides customers with a much richer user experience. Instead of spending hours on 6 sigma training, Apple actually spent more time finding out how to improve users experience. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Tyco, motorola etc all exhibit the same problem in Corp America, they are run by non-innovative management. Until America purges itself of these bloated salary useless senior managers we will continue to loss grown to Japan, EU and other countries.

NortelEmployee says:

Re: I thought 6 sigma was the answer to Motorola's problems

I can tell you that since Mike Z took over and brought this 6 Sigma concept to Nortel, it is not working out too well at all. It is just a means to evaluate where they can cut next and to me, not a very effective one. I have seen people laid off who have an enormous amount of talent and skill just to keep the yes men. Ridiculous and a waste of everyone’s time…..

Bunny says:

Would a slave be better off?

At least an antebellum slave could expect to be sold to a new owner, who would want to feed that slave because the slave, BEING VALUABLE PROPERTY, not only needed to be fed in order to maintain the investment, needed to be well fed in order to strong enough to work and make money for the new slave owner.

This is how we find out that our lives are completely worthless to these people. We are held in worse contempt than slaves and they would prefer that we not eat and (worse?) that we don’t upgrade our cellphones.

For shame!

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