Australian Net Censorship Plan Delayed Temporarily

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There’s been plenty of protests against Australia’s latest plan to censor the internet, but it appears that the reason the filtering plan has been delayed yet again has little to do with tone deaf government officials suddenly having second thoughts — but much more to do with the government’s own inability to get its censorship act together in time. The whole process has been a bit of a mess from the beginning, so no surprise that the government would screw up its own launch efforts as well.

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Comments on “Australian Net Censorship Plan Delayed Temporarily”

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Simon Drake (user link) says:

Stupidity = Australian Internet Censorship

I am from Australia and live in Europe. Reading about Australain Government attempts to ‘censor’ the internet with ‘ratings’ is no surprise to me. Australia is a nice country, but very isolated and suffers from ‘island mentality’; anything foreign, like the internet, might cause irreparable damage. And the left leaning Government, flush with cash thanks to the previous right wing government and mining income, is a bit clueless with how to spend money except on ‘feels good at the time / island mentality popularist’ projects. As I am no longer paying tax in Australia, let the government blow the money how it wants – they’ll only embarrass themself yet be the last to admit it.

Casey B says:

Except for the rise in all violent crimes. Dated but true.

“Countrywide, homicides are up 3.2 percent;

Assaults are up 8.6 percent;

Amazingly, armed robberies have climbed nearly 45 percent;

In the Australian state of Victoria, gun homicides have climbed 300 percent;

In the 25 years before the gun bans, crime in Australia had been dropping steadily;

There has been a reported “dramatic increase” in home burglaries and assaults on the elderly. “

Simon Drake (user link) says:

Censorshop, Guns & Politics.

The ban on guns was a purely popularist political move. If I remember correctly, a mentally ill loser went on a rampage with I’m sure, an illegal weapon (he may have changed an existing weapon into something more deadly). Afterwards the government decided to ban many guns from the majority of law abiding citizens. The whole thing was immature and short-sighted, which sums up the Australian Government’s knee-jerk reactions. Afterall, if you’re a gun loving freak, you’ll always get your hands on one, illegal or legal, and if it’s illegal and you do commit a crime, you have less chance of being tracked down.

Casey B says:

I think you pretty much summed it up. I mean, I don’t own any guns. However the logical conclusion to taking guns from Only the responsible law abiding people and leaving them in the hands of criminals is that the criminals will be emboldened. I think alot of crimes are prevented by the criminal knowing there is a chance of someone shooting back if he breaks into the house. Take away that chance, and theres nothing to lose. As Aussie crime stats suggest.

Molly says:

Idiot Labor

Socialist idiots like stephen conroy and kevin rudd should be locked up and never see the light of day ever again. whoever voted them stupid idiots in should be locked up with them.

I will never accept my freedoms being tampered with and any government that tries will never get my vote ever again.

All Australian people should feel the same way.

I feel violated. They are history in the next election.

The first one term government since Gough Whitlam.

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