Live Q&A Time!

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As mentioned yesterday, we’re going to try to run a little experiment here with a “live Q&A/chat.” It’s not a fully open chat in that you submit questions, and I’ll choose some to respond to, and only those questions will show up in the chat window — so don’t expect questions to show up immediately. Anyway, for this first one, since it’s a holiday week, we’ll leave the topic pretty open — but questions should focus on the sorts of things we commonly talk about here on the blog, from business models and economics to public policy, intellectual property, etc. Basically, anything that you think will be interesting to other folks here. For now, I’m planning to keep it running for about an hour (until about 2:30pm PT). After that, the proceedings will be available to read via archive… So, let’s give this a shot:

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Comments on “Live Q&A Time!”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re:

This was cool. I think that when the topic is specific it can turn into a (sort of) group discussion that could bring out some interesting ideas.

Yeah, it’ll definitely be fun to experiment. Wanted to just leave it open the first time to see what, if anything, happened — and it seemed to work out well. But will definitely try more focused topics in the future.

Twinrova says:

Oooh, look at the pretty!

You should do this every Friday at 1pm EST. That way, I can bombard you with questions.

Sadly, we were paying attention to the icing Indiana had and I totally forgot about the session.

Next time.

Although, you could always do a “Q&A” blog by opening up a question form for us to fill out, then reply when you get a chance.

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