Live Q&A Tuesday Afternoon?

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While there actually has been a fair amount of news so far this week, on the whole, work-wise, it’s a relatively slow week, with plenty of folks on vacation already. I was thinking that it might be fun to try a little experiment. One of my favorite baseball blogs, River Avenue Blues has been holding what it calls Live Chats every week or so, using the Cover It Live real-time blogging system. It’s not so much an open chat as it is a real-time Q&A session, with readers submitting questions for one of the site’s writers to answer, concerning various goings-on in the baseball world. I honestly have no clue how well that sort of format would work around here, but I thought it might be fun to at least experiment. We’ll shoot for trying just such a live Q&A/chat around 1:30 pm PT tomorrow, Tuesday. Hopefully you can join us.

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Comments on “Live Q&A Tuesday Afternoon?”

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illegalprelude (user link) says:

Hopefully ill get a chance to post some questions to you Mike because ive gone from spending 2 years in college for Law, then 2 years for film (and I moved out to LA for this) to currently changing my major to Business/Marketing. This means, everything I read on here is somehow a part of my life as currently, i work for a big tech company (wont say who). Some stuff, I agree with, others I dont but I always find the view points interesting. Mostly those of the free business model (of course, thats part of the strategy)

for example, and I would love for any of the other regulars or none regulars to explain this to me.
Facebook. 100% free. They have some of the best interface out there, they are the most cutting edge (e.g. Facebook app for the iPhone) and all those millions and millions of picture take up alot of hosting space, the constant people who check their stuff every 5 minutes, so now major bandwidth and of course, just the engineers who work for them. How does FB as a business make sense? I mean, yea they have SOME adds and some paid gifts that they get revenue from, but I cannot imagine that come anywhere near the costs of their actual organization.

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