Spoof Elton John Diary Not Libelous

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The UK has much stricter libel laws than in the US, but at least there are some reasonable limitations. Elton John has lost a libel case against the Guardian newspaper for publishing a spoof diary from John that mocked his White Tie and Tiara Ball fundraiser. The whole thing was clearly a spoof — and it’s a feature that the Guardian does on a regular basis. Yet, John still was apparently offended and felt that it was libelous. The judge, though, pointed out that no reasonable person would take the obviously fake diary entry as serious news. Who knew we now needed judges to tell people they need to get a better sense of humor.

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Comments on “Spoof Elton John Diary Not Libelous”

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Ima Fish (profile) says:

The UK has much stricter libel laws than in the US

Once again, the libel laws in the UK are not more strict when compared to the US. It is easier to bring and win a libel suit in the UK than in the US, thus the laws regarding libel in the UK are more broad, more open, and more liberal in interpretation.

If you’re saying that the punishment is more strict for libel in the UK, you’re still wrong. The punishment is about the same in both countries, it’s just easier to prove in the UK because the laws in the UK regarding libel are less strict than in the US.

Mark Regan says:

Brain Surgery Nejeded Here

I have a friend who is a brain surgeon. He makes a nice living inserting a sense of humor into those poor souls who were born without one.

I suspect Mr. John once had a sense of humor, but lost it when Princess Diana died.

Perhaps Mr. John would volunteer himself to be a candidate for such innovative surgery, since such innovative surgical techniques as this have yet to be generally accepted by the medical and insurance communities in the UK.

It appears that the Brits have a stranglehold on the terms “dour”, “wry”, and “morose” — likely due to the overcast and chilly weather conditions prevalent there. Yes sir, surgery seems to me to be the only viable option.

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