Did Burger King Really Just Issue A C&D Through Twitter?

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Now that it’s legal to serve papers to someone through Facebook, Burger King has apparently sent a cease and desist via Twitter to the user “whoppervirgins” for an unauthorized use of trademark. “Whopper Virgins” is the latest multi-million dollar ad campaign from Burger King to hit the airwaves, featuring documentary-like ads depicting Hmong, Inuit and Romanian villagers eating burgers for the first time. Sure, “theBKlounge” account may not really be Burger King, or the C&D could actually be an in-character joke. But, really, did nobody at the agency think to simply grab the twitter account “whoppervirgins” to begin with? From the start, this campaign seems to have attracted criticism. In addition to flak for being “corporate colonialism,” “cultural bullying” and “the worst kind of Ugly Americanism,” this campaign has been ridiculed for not doing enough good SEO to support the campaign. In any case, perhaps Burger King purposely planned these strange moves, in order to generate fodder for bloggers to chew on, since in all honestly, I am really, really craving a Whopper right now.

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Comments on “Did Burger King Really Just Issue A C&D Through Twitter?”

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Chunky Vomit says:

“…perhaps Burger King purposely planned these strange moves, in order to generate fodder for bloggers to chew on, since in all honestly, I am really, really craving a Whopper right now.”

I just looked at the clock myself to see if I could make it to BK before they close. Sadly, it is two minutes after closing. So I’m out of luck for the evening.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Since this has gotten silly and off topic...

Ummm. The inuits, Romanians, etc. are sitting in a boardroom in the commercial. I think they bring the people to the corporation, not the burgers to the people. Gah, I watch too much TV.

Honestly, if I lived in a mud hut and someone brought me to a large US city for the first time, free of charge, I’d testify that a poo pattie is tastier than chocolate.

Anonymous Coward says:

Poisoning People is Adverstising?

BK’s fare is notoriously high in fat/carbs/portion sizes, and these poor rural villagers probably don’t understand the long term impact of adapting a Western diet.

Diabetes, obesity, heart disease – that’s what’s in store for these new “consumers” in a generation.

BK should be ashamed, however since they need to keep poisoning new consumers to maintain their financial position in the market, I’m sure that shame isn’t part of the corporate culture.

Mark Regan says:


As a private investigator who occasionally serves process for government agencies and attorneys, I find it UNFAIR that Twitter is competing with me by serving process for FREE.

It is time we require to join the American Association of Process Servers, and to disclose to their customers (Twitees?) that the personal information they provide can and will be used to assist in seeing that they are served with process.

hesitations says:

Burger King induced Diarreha

Most of these villagers eat a very low fat diet.

Eating just one high fat burger will give them terrible diarreha.

Their stomachs and intestines will hurt for days.

I find it laughable.

This harkens back to the Got MilK add featuring African Americans. Something like two-thirds of African American adults are lactose intolerant. Got Diarreha?

john (profile) says:

Getting off topic for a minute

I know this is off the topic of Burger King sending a C&D notice via Twitter, but here’s something to think about: how would we feel if the situation was reversed?

Imagine a restaurant from Korea comes to the US and asks Americans to decide which is better: flame-grilled something (which represents the “Whopper”) or fried something (the “Big Mac”)? Either way, we’d be asking what the **** is this food you’re trying to serve me.
What if they they only told us what the “something” was *after* we ate it… and it turned out to be dog or cat or guinea pig… and that your reaction was being filmed for a TV commercial to show that you liked their version the best?

Do the “whopper virgins” even have a concept for eating cows? Do the Inuits even know what cows are? And did Burger King make sure that these peoples don’t have any religious issues with eating beef, like Jews and Hindus?

I just hope this whole “whopper virgin” campaign was staged with actors and Burger King didn’t actually subject native people to greasy, fatty fast food and to the corporate-legalese contracts that they probably had to sign so Burger King could avoid any lawsuits when the people get sick.

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