Finland Thinks Russia Violated Its Design Right With Military Camouflage

from the camouflage-wears-you dept

Apparently, intellectual property issues can show up even in the middle of a warzone. It seems that some Finnish officials, reviewing images and videos of the Russian invasion of Georgia earlier this year were somewhat upset to note that Russian military uniforms appeared to have copied Finnish military camouflage design — which, yes, the Finnish government has legally protected in Europe (found via Open IT Strategies). Finland has decided not to pursue the issue, and Russian officials deny the copying, but it still shows how weird a world we live in when governments are using intellectual property rights to try to protect military camouflage designs.

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Comments on “Finland Thinks Russia Violated Its Design Right With Military Camouflage”

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Chris Charabaruk (profile) says:

When I was a teen, I was in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. In those days, cadets would more often than not wear combat uniforms, as the solid olive green uniforms were easily purchased and manufactured even for the public.

Since the older combat uniforms were replaced with the IP law protected CADPAT design, most cadet corps now tend to simply drill around a lot in their dress uniforms. As older, used CADPAT uniforms turn up in surplus stores, things may change back to how it used to be, but given that uniforms for cadets have to be the same as those used by the Canadian Forces, the possibility of independently manufacturing and selling CATPATs is nil, due to the protection around the design.

So seeing this isn’t surprising at all for me, or likely any other Canadian with cadets experience.

bikey (profile) says:


First of, this is neither copyright (which, by the way costs nothing and comes into existence at the moment your creation has fixed form) nor patent (used to protect inventions, very expensive and requires novelty, inventiveness and utility, none of which camo has). It is ‘design’ protection, a right which doesn’t exist in US law except for the rather useless (to those who need immediate and inexpensive design protection) ‘design patent’, that has hardly any overlap in use or structure to the European design right, which this is about. IP isn’t semantics, it’s the last hold of the western world on the global economy. It is our ‘savior’ and our damnation. Might be good if people understood it a bit more. Otherwise, charming story. You go Finland.

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