Reminder: Google Is An MP3 Search Engine Too

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We’ve pointed out many times in the past that the various Torrent tracker sites out there that the entertainment industry is suing are not particularly different than Google. All of them are search engines and can find unauthorized music for you. Some entertainment industry defenders get upset by this argument pointing out that Google’s search isn’t just designed for such files, but that’s rather meaningless. A bunch of folks have been submitting a story from about a month ago (which is probably getting attention now because it made it to Digg’s front page) about how easy it is to find MP3s on Google with some basic querying. This isn’t new, and I doubt many people really needed this article to understand how to do this, but it does highlight the same point. If Google is equally as effective as various torrent trackers in finding unauthorized content, why aren’t the entertainment industry giants suing Google for the same thing?

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Comments on “Reminder: Google Is An MP3 Search Engine Too”

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Chris In Utah says:


Let’s hear it for “To big to fail” again.
Seems the new corporate slogan.

War on = War of morality.

Prohibition never works. Takes the control strait out of the hands you want it in. This goes to this and people like my dad needing something for nausea in his cancer treatments.

There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.
Leonardo da Vinci

Paul Rios (profile) says:

Re: Haha

I think we may soon see Google overreaching since they seem to be getting that “untouchable” attitude and like the old saying goes about power and corruption…even the good guys need to be kept in check before they spiral downwards after gaining the trust of the people.


I feel you on your reference to your father on that one. My friends step-father is in the same predicament and so I bend/break the law to ease his suffering since nothing else works, and I too use it for my anxiety and depression.

I live in TX where we have a tax stamp, but try to pay the taxes and do the right thing (rip off at $3.50 PER GRAM!)…off to jail you go. So the government would rather basically encourage criminal activity instead of helping people….very sad if you ask me. Free the plant that can unify humanity!

John (profile) says:

At least some ethics?

I wonder if they aren’t suing Google because of some twisted sense of ethics. As long as they sue only “pirate” sites, they can take the moral high ground and claim they’re protecting themselves from the “bad guys”.

But, how will the public react if the RIAA sues Google, their favorite search/ e-mail/ everything else site? How will the RIAA claim moral high ground?

moe says:

A little different depending on the torrent search site

There is one big difference between the Goog and certain torrent search sites. I know there are torrent search sites that are simply search engines. But, there are also torrent tracker/search engines. Torrent tracker sites, if I understand the technology correctly (and I think I do), play an active role in the distribution by providing the “tracking” mechanism.

Whereas Google and other torrent search sites just show you torrents being tracked on various sites, the torrent tracker search sites both provide a search engine and track the torrents.

Having said that, I’m in the “torrent sites aren’t illegal” crowd. But, i did want to point out that key difference. If my understanding of how it all works is wrong, please correct me.

chris (profile) says:

google copies content all the time

that’s the “cached” feature so you can see sites that have disappeared. it’s literally a copy of another site that google didn’t seek permission for.

no one cares about that for some reason.

don’t get me wrong, it’s a great feature and i don’t want it to go away, it just illustrates how arbitrary this whole piracy thing is.

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