Israel Trying To Build Biometric Database

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Reader Ido alerts us to the news coming out of Israel, that the Senate there has moved forward on a bill that would create a huge biometric database including data on all Israelis, and refusing to provide such data could land anyone a year in jail. As the article notes, there’s a rather loud uproar about this, as many Israelis fear not only for their own privacy and civil liberties, but wonder just how such a database will be abused — either by gov’t officials or by hackers. It sounds like the bill still has a ways to go before becoming law, but this appears to be yet another move by a government to mistakenly assert that taking away people’s privacy somehow makes them more secure.

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Comments on “Israel Trying To Build Biometric Database”

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Yogi says:

Isn't it Ironic

That the only opposition to this draconian bill was from a member of the Israeli communist party?

Israeli governments habitually show so little concern for their citizens that giving them so much power will turn each one into a de facto dictatorship.

This government or the next may be the last one that will need elections to stay in power.

I wish we could just use technology for good things like more freedom,not to tighten control over the individual.

Gideon says:


Some perspective from an Israeli:

Yes, it’s a dumb and dangerous idea. But the background for the vote is important: a general election has just been declared, to take place in February. That means:

1. Members of the Knesset (senate) are much more concerned with getting re-elected in party primary elections and the national campaign than with making policy. Note that less than 20 members of the Knesset bothered voting at all, out of 120.

2. No major legislative initiative will actually take place before a new administration is formed in February.

This report should be seen as nothing more than a politician using the unusual circumstances to “advance” his pet project in appearance only. If the new administration actually tries to push this through then it might be worth revisiting. Right now I can’t see this idea faring any better than the Internet censorship law that failed to pass due to public pressure.

Anonymous Coward says:

you privacy nuts need to understand that you cant have it all – in order to have one, you need to give up a little on the other side.

You want more privacy? then be prepared to sacrifice security

Whats that? You think we need to do more on the security side? Tough $%*@!!! You will need to give up some privacy then. Deal with it.

What do you have to hide that you are so concerned about? And dont give me that “principle” BS – thats what traitors say.

Yogi says:

Less pivacy more security?

Actually, most of the so-called security measures have the effect of harassing the average citizen without enhancing security.

Also, we must remember that the government itself is a threat to the citizens and must be kept on a short leash at all times.

Terrorists cannot operate without a sponsor country so instead of making us strip before we board a plane and change a functioning democracy into a dictator’s dream, maybe we should just make life hell for those sponsoring terror, enabling it and encouraging it? I guess that makes too much sense…

NewyorkerstuckinLA says:

Israel(preasent day) started off as a communist place simply for the fact that the jewish people landed there streight from the holocust and had nothing…
Israel now, economicly is more sociaslist than anything else, for that same reason. As soon as tha Govt’ has the ability to delegate they will… thats what they have been doing… As far as security goes, they are more faciest than anything else simply for the fact that there are way to many terrorists in the country and the sorrounding countries… Whatever part of the non difinitive borders they “occupy” in other words Defend (Jews/Arab Israelies) or control militarily have had a Zero Crime rate by the registered citizens. The regestered citizens will not have a problem with this bill… The terrorists will. The bottom line is, Israel has been doing an ‘Iraq Job’ on the land for the last fifty years and I gotta say its comming along pretty nicely.

Bunny says:

If they let this go through, where does it end?

A year in jail for refusing to give information? Seems pretty harsh. A far cry from the “you have the right to keep silent” Miranda warning, the 5th amendment and so forth… (not that people in Israel enjoyed those protections before this point.)

I guess the real question is, if this goes through… what monstrosity comes after it? Instant mandatory interrogations? A year in jail if you answer any of the questions incorrectly or with a delay of more than 1 second? You must strap on a lie detector? You have to walk around with a mind scanner and a GPS all the time? Thoughtcrime?

You would think the leaders of this anti-privacy movement must believe that the world would come to an end if there was something they didn’t know about.

J. McCain says:

Hello I'm From The Government........

……and I’m here to help.

The ten scariest words in the world. But it’s what many misguided Americans will vote for on Tuesday when they cast their vote for Obama.

Israel is socialist. The modern definition of the word means government control and that’s what Israel is trying for. With the election of Obama, the US will be right there too.

Governments must protect their citizens, but there is a fine line that must be respected. Israel has crossed that line, and as sure as the sun has risen today, the US will follow with the election of Obama.

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