MTV Bleeps File Sharing Software Out Of Music Videos

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Reader Matthew Muro writes in to let us know of a rather insane bit of news. MTV’s new video hosting site is apparently bleeping out the names of file sharing sites in Weird Al Yankovic’s famous 2006 song “Don’t Download This Song.” The opening verse to the song goes as follows:

Once in a while maybe you will feel the urge
To break international copyright law
By downloading MP3s from file-sharing sites
Like Morpheus or Grokster or Limewire or KaZaA

Yet, in that new MTV version, the last line is “Like BLEEP or BLEEP or BLEEP or BLEEP” rather than naming the four file sharing programs. Watch it here:

You can see the original (unbleeped) video on Weird Al’s own YouTube site, which (again, inexplicably) has embedding disabled, or we’d put it here for comparison purposes.

MTV’s actions really have me scratching my head. Do they think that the names of file sharing programs are the equivalent of curse words? Or do they really think that, by bleeping them out, people won’t be able to figure out what’s in the song? Seems like yet another sign of how out of touch MTV has become from today’s musically-inclined youth.

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Comments on “MTV Bleeps File Sharing Software Out Of Music Videos”

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vinod says:

well - they are married to the RIAA

I’m sure they are not doing it to prevent piracy, but to appease the RIAA and other artists that believe in RIAA’s cause. There is no way they can believe that blocking the words out will make any difference in how many people download pirated songs, but you can’t blame their legal department to try to avoid unnecessary law suits.

Cyryl says:

MTV has BEEN out of touch for more than a decade.

Are you kidding? MTV quit being MTV back in the 90’s.

It is no longer Music Television. It should be RBTNGAFATV.

(Random Bullshit That Nobody Gives A Fuck About TV.)

The original MTV used to play music videos. For good music. Not all the SHIT they make nowadays.

Hell… MTV was ROCK.

Now it’s nothing but videos about rapper morons who think far too much of themselves.

MTV can kiss my ass. They sold out YEARS ago.

Michael (user link) says:

MTV and its end

What is MTVs plan? To show everyday that nobody want to look strange shows in a music channel instead of good music? And that you buy CDs now because there is no good music channel any more on TV? sure, we all listen to music online but that is also because we have no other possiblity. There is no more music channel in TV with meaningful music

John (profile) says:


My information may be a bit dated, but isn’t Morpheus and Kazaa avoided by “real” sharers because both are full of spyware, toolbars, and other junk?

And wasn’t Grokster sued by the MPAA or RIAA? Is it even still around?

But, my point is this: why would MTV (or Viacom) want to bleep out the names of file-sharing services that were popular TWO YEARS ago? It’s like bleeping out the word “Napster” from a song made in 1998.

Murray Rothstein says:

No way MTV did it to be funny (although it would have been).
MTV sucks and and they don’t have any creativity in their tight corporate arses.
I’m sure Sumner Redstone is friends with Barbara Streisand he should ask her about the deleterious effects that can be encountered by trying to block information using this inter-web thingy.




OBAMA 08!!!!!!

PopCultureSucks says:


^ Another mindless pop culture teenager here, I see. In case you haven’t noticed, brainwashed one, MTV != (Does Not Equal) music.

Go to your TV, and look at the lineup for MTV’s TV shows. See any music shows? Blocks of music videos in the morning? NO! There is NO MUSIC on MTV anymore – just shitty, generic, pathetic, scripted, copied “reality” shows.

I heard they are canceling their LAST REMAINING music TV show: TRL. HA! No more Music for “Music” Television.

Protip: Most of us don’t give a shit about looking “HOT” in the pathetic state of pop culture in the US. I oppose pop culture 🙂

PS: Rule 31 and Rule 32. Since your a “spend hours on MySpace making my cool profile that blasts MTV music full blast” type of kid, you probably have no idea what that means, so read the Rules of the Internet (Google it!)

Cyryl says:


1.) It’s not YOUR MTV.
2.) It USED TO BE EVERYONES’ MTV. Not just the PR playground for RAPPERS and other shit artists.
3.) It’s not EETVTV. (Encourage Everyone To Vote TV.) It’s FUCKING MUSIC TV. If I wanted to be encouraged to vote instead of watch/listen to music, I’d go to a political rally instead of sit on my ass at home and TRY to watch music videos.
4.) Shows? ‘AWESOME’? Are you FUCKING kidding me? Once again, I need to remind you that it’s MUSIC TV. Not SHOW TV. That’s the whole fucking problem. WE WANT MUSIC. NOT OVER-SPONSORED, OVER-HYPED, OVER-RATED BULLSHIT.


5.) Hot? You believe that I think I’m ‘hot’ just because I’m a little pissed off at SELL-OUTS?


But yes. Obama for the win. Even as a fellow soldier, I STILL can’t vote for McCain and his crazy, war-lovin’, back-talkin’ ass.

…But you’re STILL blonde.

InanimateOne says:


You must not remember the real MTV. I remember the day it starting airing on cable television. It had a few VJ’s (video jockies, not disc jockies) and showed nothing but videos and MTV News. Then they cam up with a few shows but they were still centered only around videos (i.e. Headbangers Ball and YO! MTV Raps). It was a great channel and an awesome way to stay current on new music. Then “The Real World” debuted and MTV changed forever. You can’t find a video on MTV if you treid–you may get a 60 second clip of a video on TRL, which is a horrible show by the way, but thats the most you will get. MTV was forced to come up with MTV2 just so they could show videos because the regular MTV is nothing but annoying reality shows now. My wife is addicted to it so I am able to list some from memory–The Gauntlet, Road Rules, Who’s Next, The Hills, Date My Mom, TRL, Making The Band, and on and on……
With all that there is no time for music. MTV was groundbreaking when it came out, and had a loyal following. Too bad that no one under 30 knows what MTV once was and, like you, they think that the current MTV “plays all kinds of great music.” Not only do they not play great music, they hardly play music at all. So, per your request we will “LEAVE MTV ALONE!”

Lame Bob says:


oh, a thread generalizing the already lame network as if they were adding some real meaning in someones life. Certainly anyone who listens to or enjoys music at all doesn’t look to MTV to show them the way. MTV is the equivalent of that poo you cant get to flush…it just keeps hanging around staining everything it touches as it whips around the mainstream toilet and smells like the devil, yet people all love it and talk about it as if its interesting…like I’m doing.

Bert says:


So, you can’t mention the file scaring sites on MTV’s site, but you can everywhere else. ANyone who knows how to use internet and view can simply do a search for the unedited version, so why bother at this point? Information is too universal to bleep anything out anymore.
And while we’re at it, why not bleep mention of crack or stealing cars or robbing liquor stores? I mean, if the mere mentioning of something is equivelant to supporting it, then MTV is telling kids to do drugs and rob people.

DaveTV says:

MTV play a Wierd Al video, "What the f***?"

What is this, “1983?” Since when does that lameass, skidmark network play videos, let alone “Weird Al” videos? What I can’t figure out, is why someone was actually watching MTV at the exact moment it came on. This thread was created by the guy who misprogramed his DVR to MTV. It took me longer to type this out, than my total viewership of that crap channel in 2008.

Bottom Line: MTV could rerevolutionize TV, but no one would know. They’ve tarnished their rep and there is no looking back.

Tony Rayo (user link) says:

Maybe It Was Submitted This Way?

I notice no one has thought of the possibility that Weird Al *SUBMITTED* the video like this. I think that is just as possible as MTV bleeping out the words. In fact MTV has aired documentaries on piracy and copyright violation so I am putting my money on Weird Al just making fun of the corporations. In fact if Yahoo Music Videos was working, I could check there to see if it’s self-censored (for anyone that wants to try at a later date, here is the link–35255383 ).

Kaypri says:

MTV forced Weird Al to censor the song:

Now, everybody knows that MTV barely plays videos anymore, but they specifically refused to play the video for “Don’t Download This Song” unless Al censored the names of once-popular illegal downloading applications Morpheus, Grokster, Limewire, and Kazaa (because how else would downloaders ever learn the names of such software if not from a Weird Al song?). Said Weird Al of MTV’s ultimatum, “Instead of subtly removing or obscuring the words in the track, I made the creative decision to bleep them out as obnoxiously as possible, so that there would be no mistake I was being censored.”

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