Devices Monitor Whether You're A Good Conversationalist

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I’ll admit that there are times when I’ve been known to take up more than my fair share of a conversation. Usually, though, I only realize this after the conversation is over (such as when my wife points it out), though it is something that I try to watch. However, some researchers at MIT are apparently working on devices that can better measure the dynamics of face-to-face conversation and provide direct feedback to the speakers — such as letting them know when they’ve been hogging the conversation and when to shut up. As the article link above notes, there really hasn’t been much done to regularly analyze and provide biofeedback on conversational techniques and the way that people interact on a regular basis. In the past, it’s mostly been limited to people being filmed doing some activity, and then reviewing the film later. Having a better system for monitoring certain actions in real time could be quite useful in getting people to adjust their behavior.

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Comments on “Devices Monitor Whether You're A Good Conversationalist”

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Dan says:

Coming soon to Walmarts Everywhere ....

The conversation guide wristwatch!

This convenient device monitors your conversations and sends you short reminders on how you can improve the conversation you are currently involved in! With a real time score indicator you can even get yoru children to converse better by making it a game …

There is even the option to have the watch shock you if you start to hog the conversation! That’ll shut you up!!!

We are not responsible for any conversations recorded and transmtted to the DoD, your wife, or your girlfriend’s parents

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