Internet Companies Pay Lip Service To Human Rights

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After all the controversy, and threats of Congressional action, over actions by companies like Yahoo and Google to appease foreign governments against what many consider basic human rights issues, various internet companies have agreed on a set of “guidelines” for how they deal with human rights issues. While it’s nice that they’re actually thinking about these issues, the guidelines on the whole are pretty weak and don’t bind the companies to do anything. Basically, it just says that the companies will consider the human rights issues in their decision making. If anything, this seems like an attempt to just keep the government from legislating on the issues, and it may not be very successful on that front. The real test will be in seeing how these companies actually act, rather than what sorts of guidelines they’ve signed.

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Comments on “Internet Companies Pay Lip Service To Human Rights”

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some old guy (user link) says:

They have two options in the end.

In the end, each of these internet companies has two options.

Pander to censorship and survive
– or –
Shun censorship and die a slow death

The real problem is that US government seems to think they should do the impossible, which is ignore censorship and die a painful death in china while simultaneously pandering to censorship in america.

Ulltimately, this is nothing more than a gambit to keep china off of our internet, and make them develop their own sites platforms and technologies. This is an incredibly stupid thing to do. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you fear that China will become smart enough to supplant us in world trade, then don’t rush the process along with hopes of stalling it.

Do not be fooled by the red herring. This has NOTHING to do with human rights. HAHA, like those in power in the USA give two shits about human rights. Funny.

Donald says:

It's not appeasment

Multinationals don’t “appease” governments, they follow the appropriate legislation to enable them to operate in that country.

Yahoo, Google et al following Chinese law while operating in China isn’t appeasement any more than following American law to operate in America is appeasement.

Different countries have different rules as to what is acceptable, what is permitted, and what earns you the attention of the law. In China things like Falun Gong are censored and in some European countries the swastika is banned.

Remember every country has a sovereign right to set their own laws. If another country disagrees with them there are diplomatic channels to go through – such as the UN. Unless you want other countries to legislate over what companies can do in your own territory don’t interfere with other countries.

hegemon13 says:

Glad to see sense

I’m glad to see that sense, rather than emotional response, has prevailed in the first 3 comments (not counting the blatant spam in comment 2).

If another country was demanding that their companies ignore US laws while doing business in the US, there would be an uproar. The fact is that while we do not agree with China, they are a massive market with a government that we recognize as legitimate. If we want to do business there, we have to follow that government’s laws. Sure, Google could opt to pull out of China…and leave a market with 3 times the population of the US.

Since when is it the job of our government to demand that corporations make subjective judgment calls on whether or not to follow the laws of the countries in which they do business? Not only that, given that our government now has the right to warrantlessly (is that a word?) demand information about us, what, exactly, is the difference? Just that our government claims that it won’t use the information to oppress? Well, having the right to demand civilian information without cause, warrant, or oversight is already a major form of oppression, so I don’t buy that argument.

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