Are Scientific Journals Recognizing The Value Of Open Access Publishing?

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We’ve had numerous articles over the years concerning the rise of “open access” scientific journals, which focus on making the research they publish openly available (usually online) to anyone who wants it, rather than the more traditional method of going through ridiculously expensive journals. This movement has certainly gained plenty of steam in the past fast years, even as many of the traditional publishers have done everything possible to fight it.

However, as SteveD points out to us, last week one of the big traditional publishers, Springer Science+Business Media acquired one of the more successful open access journals, BioMed Central, which has shown that it’s possible to be an open access journal and profitable at the same time (wonders never cease). The author of the article notes, correctly, that it would certainly be a good thing if the old-line journals are finally recognizing that open access journals are an important and profitable part of scientific discussion, rather than just fighting them at every turn.

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Comments on “Are Scientific Journals Recognizing The Value Of Open Access Publishing?”

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Evan says:

This shows also the inherent risk in publishing in such a media. It is possible that once in a private domain, these “open source” entities can be shut down and all the published articles become unavailable. Unilike paper journals, in which libraries have copies of, the servers that store these articles may be the only source of a particular article. Perhaps a public web library should be mandated in order to ensure they are always available.

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