Can A Moron In A Hurry Tell The Difference Between A Nude Model And A Car?

from the I-would-hope-so dept

An anonymous reader sends in word of yet another highly questionable trademark infringement lawsuit, as Toyota, makers of Lexus vehicles has filed a lawsuit against a nude model, who goes by the name Alexus Winston (link is probably NSFW, depending on your work environment). As the folks at Fleshbot note: “Lexus is a line of luxury automobiles put out by Toyota. Alexus Winston is a naked model.” Anyone want to volunteer to be the moron in a hurry to prove that it’s rather easy to tell the difference between the two?

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Comments on “Can A Moron In A Hurry Tell The Difference Between A Nude Model And A Car?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I once had a roomate named, “Alexus” whom everyone just called, “Lexi”, for short.

But back on story, will Toyota also sue “Lexus Locklear”,
She can be seen in prize winning films, such as “Debbie Does Dallas ’99” aka, “Debbie Does Dallas: The Next Generation”.

And what about “Lexi Belle”, will Toyota also go after her too?

Mark Regan says:

Judicial Scrutiny

A bit of Judicial Scrutiny is in order. And an Order is hereby Entered Requiring that Depositions be taken in chambers.

Since, by definition, nudity implies she is “thong-less”. It is therefore Ordered that the RIAA shall not be accepted as Plaintiff in this case, on grounds their claim would be valid only if she sang a “thong”, which she did not.

Has she been checked by to ensure she does not have their Toolbar Tracker installed in her browser, which might be a copyright violation? By the way, the Court will need to make a further inquiry to identify the exact location of her browser. Bailiff, please escort the Defendant to Chambers immediately so that this examination may commence. Discovery could take an extraordinary amount of time, so this case is continued.

John (profile) says:

Toyota should be careful

I’m no lawyer, but the Lexus logo looks awfully close to the Legion of Super-Heroes logo, which is owned by DC Comics… which is owned by Time Warner. Does Toyota really want to mess with Time Warner in these kinds of lawsuits?

To be honest, as a comic book fan, I always wondered why Toyota put the Legion’s logo at the end of some of their car commercials. 😉

Lexus logo:

Legion of Super-Heroes logo:

Not A Lexus says:

Class-Action Lawsuit

I think that all those individuals with a parental given name of “Alexis”, “Alexus” and “Lexus” or “Lexi” should form a class-action lawsuit against Toyota for choosing to name the car with the same name as they’re entitled to, given the obvious confusion that can arise in normal day-to-day conversation.

Think of the defamation that can arise, and the damage to a person that can arise from a simple water-cooler comment like a guy taking his Lexus out for a “drive” and the listener relating that to a secretary in the same office!

Oh, the shame!
They need to rise up and defend their names!

(if for no other reason than to prove how stupid this all is…)

Then, take this to the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VanOC) and slap them in the face for the h*ll they’re giving Vancouver, BC businesses for referring to “Olympic” or “2010” without paying royalties…

blazze (profile) says:


I saw this story tonight when i just decided to goole my name to xee just what it might have said about me and guess what pops up… but hey i take it as a tremendous compliment to Ms. Alexus Winston i think you are beautiful… and i’ve seen pics tthat say the same thing lol but enough jokin i just wanted to tell te modle that if she ever wanted to meet her name sake im right here in dayton ohio so HOLLA AT YA BOY

david riched says:


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