Slate: Dump MySpace Music, Bring Back Muxtape

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As we had suspected, the early reviews of MySpace Music make it sound like a dud. It sounds, not surprisingly, like the focus was on appeasing the big record labels, rather than actually making a service that’s fun and easy to use. Farhad Manjoo, over at Slate, makes the argument clear, contrasting MySpace Music to Muxtape, the small indie site that the RIAA shut down when it couldn’t own a big chunk of it. As Manjoo notes, Muxtape was fun, it worked well, and people liked it. MySpace Music, on the other hand, is just not that compelling. He notes that it doesn’t offer anything other sites haven’t offered for a while, and on top of it, makes the whole interface cluttered and confusing, while limiting what you can actually do. Once again, we see the RIAA shut down a useful service and put up a dreadful competitor.

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Comments on “Slate: Dump MySpace Music, Bring Back Muxtape”

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illegalprelude (user link) says:

While im not a fan of Myspace music, im curious why we are stating that they have walked away from Indy bands? Granted, the front page is now plastered with already famous stars, but besides that, im not sure how the design or player is taking away something Indy artists had (and part of it is, I was never familiar with the old platform, let alone the new)

Mr. Nice Guy says:

I've got the solution

When the time is right and the company I work for as a developer goes live this October/early November, I will notify the community surrounding this website of what we will be offering.

Lets just say this is going to be one of the best music discovery services to cater to the needs of indy artist and their fans. Stay tuned everyone.

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