Looks Like Someone Learned From The Scrabulous/Hasbro Mess

from the good-for-them dept

We’ve talked about how both Hasbro and Mattel seriously screwed up in dealing with Scrabulous, the online version of Scrabble written by two brothers in India and placed in Facebook where it became a huge hit. While the companies did make overtures to working with the brothers, eventually they sued to shut down the game, pissing off plenty of legitimate fans, leading to widespread boycotts of Hasbro and Mattel games, and allowing the brothers to create their own new game that has also won fantastic reviews.

It appears that not every game company is so short-sighted. Reader Doug Schneider writes in to let us know about a guy who created a virtual copy of the popular casual game Bejewled inside the virtual world World of Warcraft. Yet, rather than shut the guy down or threaten to sue him, the makers of Bejewled, Popcap Games, hired the guy to create an official version for World of Warcraft, saying that the original version lacked polish, so they figured it made sense to just hire him to clean it up and make an official version. What a concept.

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Comments on “Looks Like Someone Learned From The Scrabulous/Hasbro Mess”

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Cyn says:

Its a hit

Adam_v1, why don’t you play a game that isn’t so boring you have to play another game in it?

Or you know…go out and meet girls. They’re infinitely more fun than video games, I assure you.

And yes, I played WoW, but it was too tedious and felt slow, so I played EVE Online and eventually got tired of the bugs and poor support, then a brief stint in AoC, but all my friends were stuck on WoW. so now I’m playing 0 MMOs. The scenery is better at the gym anyway, if you know what I mean.

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