Turkey Bans Richard Dawkins' Website, Because It Offends A Creationist

from the why-not-just-ban-the-internet? dept

We already know that Turkish officials have a pretty quick trigger finger when it comes to banning certain websites. They’ve banned YouTube multiple times due to videos they found offensive, and then banned Slide, a multimedia hosting company as well. Still, it’s a bit surprising to discover that now they’ve banned the website of Richard Dawkins after a Turkish creationist complained that the site had insulted him. Apparently, this guy, Adnan Oktar, has become quite successful at getting sites blocked in Turkey. In the past, he also got WordPress.com and Google Groups blocked after he became upset at content found on both of those sites. And, even better, he claims he’s not against free speech, he’s just against insults. And, apparently, anyone who disagrees with him is insulting.

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Comments on “Turkey Bans Richard Dawkins' Website, Because It Offends A Creationist”

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Anonymous Coward says:

i will never understand this pacification bullshit. Just because one person has a “belief” doesn’t mean that everyone else that is interested in a subject has to suffer.




rfburnhertz (user link) says:

Re: Re:

I happen to be a creationist and find this persons crying over Dawkins website to be beyond stupid and silly.

I suspect this creationist is unable to defend his creationist beliefs and that is why he fears sites such as Dawkins or he simply has a dictators mindset.

I am able and willing to defend my beliefs I see websites/information defending evolution as an opportunity to learn what and why the ‘other side’ believes.

I believe this person would be better served if he too looked at it in that way.

While I believe my worldview (Christianity) is the correct/true worldview I do not believe it my place to force others to reject differing worldviews.

I often make attempts to convince others to reject their worldview and adopt a Christian worldview, but I see no sense in trying to force someone in such a direction.

AJ says:

Re: Not about Creationism

Every “believer” is a creationist or supporter of one. By believe I mean person following a religion. Christians are no better dude. Islam is not any worse than any other religion on the planet. To every person, his or her religion seem better.

Now you will definitely reply back, that Christianity (or whatever is your religion) is better. I’d answer, bingo! I am right in the above statement 🙂

Just be rational. Before criticizing others, look at yourself and your “faith”. Having a faith is bad, no matter which one.

TX CHL Instructor (profile) says:


Islam, the bronze-age superstition started by a pedophile, is currently the most dangerous superstition on the planet.

I’m all for tolerance, but a superstition that preaches “submit, pay a special tax, or die” is not something I’m willing to tolerate. It does not merit tolerating, and its followers have no legitimate place in a world of decent people.


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Islam

“Islam, the bronze-age superstition started by a pedophile, is currently the most dangerous superstition on the planet.

I’m all for tolerance, but a superstition that preaches “submit, pay a special tax, or die” is not something I’m willing to tolerate. It does not merit tolerating, and its followers have no legitimate place in a world of decent people.”

Dude I know, why cant they be Christians like decent people. Anyway nice to see another quality American on these forums finally.

Vote McCain 2008 – For change without a difference.

John (profile) says:

Who is this guy

Who is this guy in Turkey and how did he get so much power? I’ll admit that I’m not up on Turkish politics, but is this guy the President/ Premier/ Prime Minister/ Lord Over the Country?

So any time he thinks a site is offensive, the government will block it?? Not even President Bush or Bill Gates has that kind of power.

And I worry about a country where ONE person complains about a site and government will block it. Or is there more to this story? Did the guy take the case before a review board? Was there any kind of “court hearing” about the offensiveness of the site?

J.Locke says:

its the opiate of asses

If you believe something is a moral affront to the very word of GOD, don’t you have a responsibility to stop it? This is of course one of the many things wrong with organized religion (and one of the many things that make Iran and Israel very similar). I can’t wait until the world is free of the old prejudices, hatreds and superstitions called religion.

Ferd says:

Network Solutions banned a Dutch web site that contained little more than the words “Fitna” (which is an Arabic word meaning a test of faith) along with a picture of the Qur’an and “Coming Soon.” which was being used to promote a Dutch movie critical of the Qur’an… from pressure from Dutch govt.

YouTube in England banned educational cancer screening video cause it showed nekkid stuff.

Thailand blocked access to YouTube after a video critical to its king was posted (and commonly bans similar websites… as well as recently imprisoned a man for 10 years for writing graffiti on a poster of the king)

England has banned all YouTube videos glamorizing weapons and/or their use.

Over 853 major websites are banned in Turkey (including the aforementioned Dawkins “we evolved from the DNA of advanced aliens” website).

China blocks thousands of websites, including such radical locations as harvard.edu, mit.edu, and google.com.

and on and on and on…

Count your blessings while you still can in this country. Fight tooth and nail to not give up the rights endowed by your Creator that government meddlers, politically correct feel-gooders, and lazy thinkers seem determined to take away from you, bit by bit.

God bless America 🙂

RD says:


Quote: “A good debate can often be fun… But evolution is a fact not a belief. It’s as much a theory as gravity is.”

hahahaha. heh, whew, thanks, good one, havent had that good a laugh in quite a while on this subject.

Evolution is a theory. Theories by their very nature are yet to be proven. Things not proven (or not provable) are not facts. Accepting such things is FAITH. Sorry, but thats just how it is.

There is NO CONCRETE PROOF of life as we know it deriving from some primordial soup (or whatever mechanism evolution believes in this week). Zero. Zip. Nada. FAIL.

Yagmur says:

It's not about religion... It is law abuse.

I’m from Turkey and living in Germany.

I think the whole mess about banning sites is a good example of legal abuse. The law which allows (even local) courts to ban websites was actually intended for matters like terrorism and child porn. At that stage a lot of people including me and most of the civil rights groups in Turkey were not happy with the law. People complaining about it were marked as terror preachers and child-porn-downloaders by the populist media. For a while courts with overprotective (or conservative) judges used it to ban porn sites (even some manga sites were blacklisted under the child-abuse assumption).

Then came the abuse of law by the media by pointing to sites which they don’t like. Very popular newspapers like Hurriyet started pointing a site (like youtube) by actually talking about one file or link or some media and than targeting the whole site. The rest of the media, liberals and conservatives all alike followed the example. Politicians did not miss the move, so they also started complaning about bad content in the tubes. In Turkey it is not very hard to find a judge which has the free time for listening complaints and not the guts to dismiss a case coming from popular media or politicians. And there is still the authority of judges to self-initiate cases if seen fit as in “good for people”.

As this whole abuse of law was not enough, we have people like Adnan Oktar. He is the turkish version of the Church of Scientology, but think of him as Xenu himself leading the church. He and his followers are using any possible means of law to make life miserable for other people. On a given day you can find a few thousand court invitations in your mailbox for just blogging about him. His cult was famous with their polygamic lifestyle and orgies they were organizing at 90’s. On the gossip pages one can always find something to read about him and his concubines from fashion industry. One sure thing is that they have nothing to do with any kind of semitic religion.

So here my two cents, now i have to go check my mailbox. 😉

Anonymous Coward says:

Website banned but book on sale

They might have banned the website, but you can still buy the book (in English and Turkish) in major bookstores all over Turkey. See: http://www.dr.com.tr/FO/ProductDetailForBook.aspx?work_no=0000000227732

Additionally, while Turkey has a strictly secular constitution, the current government (democratically elected by a landslide) has strong Islamic roots and this inevitably emerges in some of it’s policies. There is already plenty of public and media attention on the anti-secular policies of the government. It’s just a matter of time before they are forced to backtrack on these.

Victor says:


Maybe its wrong for Turkey to ban his website, but this guy he boldly goes to debate the most ignorant fundamentalist preachers in the Bible belt he can find and makes a video program about it, but gives the lamest excuses to avoid debates with Christian Philosophers or Apologists such as JP Moreland, Willam L Craig, or Dinesh D’souza. The fact of the matter is, is this individual is not interested in people to think for themselves. He makes some legitime issues and makes some points, but his temper and lack of objectivity concerning philosophical and theological issues, and in the end, his critique of religion in general is a straw man argument based on a distorted view of science, a series of straw man arguments against Christianity and other religions, and pseudo explanations based on a very speculative psychological theory (his meme-ology). I don’t like censorship, but censoring Dawkins isn’t exactly the most outrageous thing one can censor.

Carole Heath Wallington Surrey (user link) says:

Richard Dawkin's

Hasn’t Richard Dawkins a right to his opinions can’t a free thinker voice his views, I am a member of the British humanist society and also a non-religious person like Richard I agree with much of what he says. What would Turkey like to do ban all free thinkers, people who do not agree with religion have aways been on earth since humankind first started it, I think these people who object to us non-religious are small minded and can’t except other’s views, ie evolution and Darwinism, I don’t object to their beliefs. I think Richard has many people who agree with him ride on Richard that’s what I say.

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