Metallica Still Struggling With Embracing The Whole File Sharing Thing

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While Metallica is claiming (this time around) they don’t mind that the latest album is being shared online, someone forgot to tell the band’s representatives. TorrentFreak notes that the band’s European record label, Universal Music (in the US, the label is Warner Brothers Records) has canceled the band’s scheduled interview with a Swedish newspaper after a reviewer for the paper reviewed a remixed version of the album that he admitted he had downloaded via The Pirate Bay.

Universal’s claim was that this is “totally unacceptable” seems destined to backfire. This is only going to provide a lot more attention to the fact that there’s a different remix of the album available online that many people find better than the official version. Plenty of other artists like and encourage others to remix their music, because it tends to get fans much more involved with the music and can help attract new fans while making existing fans more connected to the band. For all of Metallica’s talk of really embracing online fandom this time around, it keeps showing that it puts up roadblocks all around, rather than really connecting with the fans.

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Comments on “Metallica Still Struggling With Embracing The Whole File Sharing Thing”

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Some one chillin right here... ----> says:

Make up your mind Metallica

I must admit I’m a long time Metallica, till about the Black album, any way. They were one of the first major bands to support the *IAA and have for a long time. Now they change their minds? They helped get thousands sued and now think it not such a hot idea. These guys really should’ve stopped at the Black album. Maybe there next album should be called “Can’t Make up our Minds”. They use to be about the music then Lars Ulrich(specifically) got greedy, then the *IAA hurricane was born.
I’m not saying Metallica was the sole maker of *IAA but certainly were big supporters. I haven’t bought any album since Black and don’t intend to, as they don’t have the same sound anymore.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Make up your mind Metallica

God forbid ANYONE ever changes their position. The problem with people, like you, that loves to throw out the “I haven’t been a fan since xxxx album” is that you’re stuck in a certain time period and can’t seem to grasp or accept any kind of change. You take your tragedy out on others who can accept change.

Raven says:


I dont get it. These guys make millions on their albums..they shut down Napster. I always thought that you make music for all to hear, to share that thought or feeling with others. So, does this mean the band has grown up? Or that they actually have enough money?
Maybe they should take a lesson from the Grateful Dead. For them it was all about the music and having people hear it, no matter how they heard it. So the big question is…Who owns the music? The band? or the record companies?
Maybe with all the fame that Metallica has gotten over the years, they need to start taking control of their own music and let the people get it anyway they can, and telling the music company to shove it.

steve (profile) says:

i haven’t checked out the actual torrent, but from the torrentfreak article it wasn’t exactly a remix, but it was called “‘Death Magnetic: Better, Shorter, Cut’, which contains the same songs as the original, but shortened.” the metallica rep seems pissed that they downloaded it even though they also apparently got the actual disc to review. the reviewer also claimed that the edited version sounds better than the original. sounds like metallica is missing a key opportunity to take a hint from fans and do their own edit which they could then sell in official cd form or whatever. i’m sure people would pay for it.

mcs says:

Grudge? Tantrum? Revenge?

That has nothing to do with it. I dont have a big issue musicians making the dollar figures that they do, but when they complain about not being able to support the multimillion dollar mansions, they won’t get my money or attention.

Does that mean that their new album sucks? No.

But they DO suck as individuals and I wont support them. They are in it for the money not to play music. For them to make as much money and get as much popularity as they do- there is no excuse for such spoiled brat behavior. So go ahead and scream to the rooftops about how old Metallica is back.. blah blah blah. Just dont come crying when the music industry collapses from bands like these that care more about money than they do melody.
(Hint: has been happening already)

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