Lexmark Trying To Help Users Print Less When They Print The Web

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Last year, HP announced a special button that could be put on blogs to let users more easily print blog posts, without all the extraneous stuff on the website. At the time, we didn’t see the value at all, but plenty of folks responded in the comments that it seemed like a good idea. It wasn’t long before the folks at HP contacted us about trying the button out ourselves, so we put it on the page. It gets some use, though not an overwhelming amount. It appears that some people do actually print stuff out — and they appreciate the simpler version.

Now, it appears that HP printer rival Lexmark is taking that idea much further by making it easier for users to eliminate a bunch of the junk on websites before printing them out — so you only print out the stuff you really want. Unlike the HP initiative, this doesn’t require the companies hosting the content to do anything, it takes care of it on the client side. Given the insane costs of ink, it’s no surprise that printer companies have been a bit slow to adopt solutions that get people to use less ink — but it’s good to see them finally starting to recognize that it’s probably for the best. Giving your customers reasons to like you, rather than hate you, tends to be a good long-term business strategy.

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Comments on “Lexmark Trying To Help Users Print Less When They Print The Web”

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WTB says:

Cannon Easy Web Print

Cannon has had a similar feature for several years via their “Easy-Web-Print” tool bar add in. My Cannon PIXMA ip4000 software came with a Browser Tool-Bar Add-In that allows you to print any portion of a web page. You just highlight the section desired and select the Print (or Preview) Selected Content. Works great! I don’t know where HP and Lexmark have been. This has been available from Cannon since at least the PIXMA printers came out.

crystalattice (profile) says:

Understandable but stupid

Opera has a print feature that eliminates a lot of unnecessary stuff. Or at least it used to; I haven’t printed web pages in quite some time.

However, when I’m forced to use IE, I usually just highlight the text and “print selection” or copy/paste into a text document. That way I don’t get anything I don’t want and I don’t have to deal w/ IE’s tendency to cut off the edge of the page.

Rekrul says:

If they really wanted to help people, they’d make their ink cartridges cheaper. Or here’s a radical idea; Make a printer with a separate, easily re-fillable cartridges for each color and then sell bulk bottles of ink so that people wouldn’t have to pay for an over-priced hunk of plastic every time they wanted more ink.

LexMark are liars anyway. Their color cartridges claim you can print something like 50+ color sheets, but that’s based on printing things like this blog with limited use of color. Start printing photos and you get closer to 25 sheets before one of the colors runs out.

Not to mention that their software sucks. Want to scan something at a high resolution? Better have plenty of space on C: (30GB+) because there’s no way to tell it to use any other drive, no matter how much space they have available on them. Change any scan setting and everything reverts back to the default low-res settings.

Derek Kerton (profile) says:

Don't Assume Benevolence

Mike, I wouldn’t assume that Lexmark or HP are trying to “adopt solutions that get people to use less ink” just because they are eliminating the web page chaff around the content.

Au contraire, they are trying to get people to use MORE ink, by increasing the value of the printed product to users. Anything they can do to make printing easier, fewer clicks (for the “selected” guy above), and easier to read, will inevitably drive more printing. More printing means more ink.

No harm in this, of course. If it’s good for the consumer, the consumer will adopt it, and everyone wins. That’s not charity, it’s just good business.

oregonnerd (user link) says:

cutting stuff out on print jobs

Thanks for reminding me. Freeware, works quite well (I’ve tested it; a hard drive crashed), can be found here: http://www.printgreener.com/ and as soon as I’ve made this post I’ll start downloading it so I can install it again. It’s sort of like “strokeit” [no, a Windows program!!], an addictive thing. Seems a bit silly at first, to boot. Perhaps all good programs do. Odd. Microsoft Office started out seeming ‘okay’ and has steadily gotten sillier…

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