Viruses… In… Spaaaaaaaaace

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NASA is admitting that laptop brought to the international space station in July apparently contained a virus designed to swipe user passwords, though they’re not sure how it happened. The computers don’t control anything mission critical, but are used by astronauts to send email and to track their nutritional programs. The computers were never connected to the internet, so NASA is guessing that an astronaut had an infected USB key or something that resulted in the virus getting onto the computer.

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Comments on “Viruses… In… Spaaaaaaaaace”

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Dallin says:

Macs are for the weak.

lol… the day everyone runs on a MAC is the day the whole world is too stupid to run a PC.

MACs are for those who cant operate a PC, because they arnt educated enough, and it is too complex for them. Macs DO get viruses. The only reason they are so rare is because nobody cares to make them for a machine that the common use dosnt even know how to check their own bank account online.

People who buy Macs, only buy it for 2 reasons:
1) They are to stupid to run a PC
2) The logo

Plus… NASA dosnt run Windows (are you fucking crazy? How would you like to get a BSOD out in the middle of space?), they run either their own form of a Unix based OS, or a pre-programmed disro of Linux.

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