30% Of Internet Users Admit To Buying From Spam

from the hence-your-email-inbox dept

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of studies or reports about the people who actually buy from spam. The percentages vary widely, with one report saying 4% of spam recipients buy from spam, another saying 11% and another saying 20%. Those were all a few years ago. A more recent study is now claiming that 30% of people will readily admit to buying from spam. Of course, the methodologies could be different, as some may count things such as marketing emails that you signed up for as spam, while others probably would not. Either way, it’s clear that plenty of people are still buying, because otherwise spam would have died out a long time ago.

There is one other interesting point made in the study. It notes that the industry consensus is that less than one in a million emails leads to a sale (actually, the report says ten in ten million, but I don’t see why that shouldn’t be reduced), but that number is somewhat misleading, because so much spam is caught in filters. So, the percentage of spams that get through and lead to a sale is much, much higher.

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Comments on “30% Of Internet Users Admit To Buying From Spam”

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Greg says:

Re: I suggest that . . .

And I suggest that you, as a liberal, lose your right to speak. As that’s what will eventually happen if liberals like Obama or Hilary get into power.

Danger to the rest of us resides in people like you. The people you support would just allow terrorism and attacks on the US to continue unabated.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: I suggest that . . .

“Danger to the rest of us resides in people like you. The people you support would just allow terrorism and attacks on the US to continue unabated.”

I understand the Republican party is the party of cowardice these days (just look at the white house full of draft dodgers you guys wanted – or the constant Bush-Rove political attacks on ACTUAL veterans). Really, you Republicans need to “man up” a little and stop cowering. Maybe your already frightened enough to surrender the very ideals America stands for, but some of us care a little more about our country and are not going to simply be scared into destroying it. It’s not terrorists who currently offer the most damaging potential threat to the United States . . . it’s you and the other cowering sheeple whimpering for some “big daddy” to protect them.

Ssgt. Miller says:

Re: Re: Re: I suggest that . . .

And I suggest to you, Keep it up, Open that big fat opening you call a mouth and shout it out, we should lose our right to free speach (at least everyone that doenst agree with you)
You will help us all do a few things:
1) Identify the Idiots
2) Shows us the Liberal Thought (or lack there of) Process
3) Helps Show the rest of the population what Barrack and Bilary’s Policies will do

Freedom is a Responsablity and requires action, not just words and taxes

CF (profile) says:

Re: Re: I suggest that . . .

“Danger to the rest of us resides in people like you. The people you support would just allow terrorism and attacks on the US to continue unabated.”

Oh, my, you’re so right! All the Democrats actually want terrorists to completely destroy America. And they want all babies to be aborted, thus leading to the end of humanity. And they want everyone to stop using all energy…so they freeze to death, die from heatstroke, or starve. Yep, the Democrats want to kill everyone.

Seriously…you’re just stupid if you actually believe what you wrote. Since I prefer to believe people aren’t complete morons, I’ll just assume you were joking.

Peet McKimmie (profile) says:

It's quite possible...

…that the company phrased the question as “have you purchased a product solely as a result of receiving an email advertising it?”, in which case I would have to say “Yes”. Then they just made the (erroneous) assumption that all emails advertising products are SPAM and produced the (bad) headline.

I get regular “weekly bargain” emails from two tech companies and one “office supplies” company; I frequently purchase items on deep reductions from them. I signed up for these emails after purchasing from these companies and confirming they were real and trustworthy. I would *never* buy something marketed by SPAMming.

Xanthir, FCD (profile) says:

Re: It's quite possible...

I’d agree that the surveys were very likely worded badly like that. Even among the large group of non-techies among my family and friends that I help out, I don’t think a single one has ever actually bought anything from a spam.

Honestly, the most accurate way to gauge this would probably be just to ask whether they’ve ever enlarged their penis. ^_^

Sierra Night Tide says:

Spam -- not so good

Why? I don’t get it. Before buying anything from anyone and any company online I do a search for the company reputation, return policy, CSR ect…

Most Spam is junk products and or ways to just steal money. Hell even the big known companies do it. It took me 3 1/2 months to get off of Match.com auto payments and even than I had to cancel and change credit cards to ensure they stopped. I made the Spam buying mistake once and they charged me double two weeks later in a sneaky thought I wouldn’t notice way.

NEVER buy from Spam.

However, if the survey is poorly written than I could see why the % is high.

Matt Bennett says:

So if we’re talking about the traditional, truly random, “increase you size” spam (rather than newsletters people signed up for), then 4% would be a huge number. I can tell you as a sales guy, if I did targeted email blast, to people in my contact list, who theoretically might be interested in my product, a 4% response rate would still be doing pretty damn well.

Anonymous Coward says:

bottom line is some ppl are just idiots:
how many ppl use to follow up on the “if you dont forward this email message your hotmail account will be deleted”

i acctually know a few ppl who actually believed the “nigerian general/king scam”. Granted thats slightly a different story but if so many fall for those why not “try” there luck on those great bagerns in those spam emails.

Dave Barnes says:

Survey asked...

“Marshal’s research, which asked ‘What purchases have you made from spam,’ attracted 622 responses with 29.1 percent indicating that they had made purchases.”

But, it is NOT a random sample survey!

“Marshal’s research results are derived from a web-based survey hosted on the Marshal website during June and July 2008. Respondents were asked to select the types of products they had purchased via spam email campaigns from a list of the most commonly spammed products.”

So, while the results make for great headlines, they a statistical nonsense.

anne (profile) says:

I think this number (30%) is awfully high, and agree that the question was probably not written in a way that was clear to people. As a curious side note, I just checked my spam email box to make sure nothing legit got caught up in the spam filters. Here’s a list, and this is only four hours’ worth of spam:

From Subject Date Size
Natalie Mccabe What time is okay for you 9:35 am 2.3 k

Samuel Harden Reliable software only! 8:51 am 1.7 k

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Craig (profile) says:

My dad is guilty

I’ve been working on getting my Dad to stop responding to spam for about a decade, now…nothing seems to convince him that it’s a bad idea. Not the ceaseless viruses and trojans that infect his systems, not the fact that 99.5% of all mail he gets now is spam, not even the realization that he has actually spent money on nonexistent products and services.

Just two months ago, he forwards me a “run your car on water” email to see if I thought it was a legitimate thing.

The guy has two college degrees and has run his own businesses for 25+ years, yet somehow, it rarely crosses his mind that someone sending him an email might not be legitimate.

[shakes head] I don’t know…maybe I should just take away his computer altogether.

Alison Blackman (user link) says:

No spam from me

I was searching for my name in a routine search and came across your article. I am hoping that I am NOT the Alison Blackman named in it as a spammer. I was shocked to see my name (I admit, there is more than one out in the universe, including a plant named “Alison Blackman” ) and I want to assure you that THIS alison blackman of the advice sisters didn’t send you any such email. I only send emails to people I know, and certainly not with a provocative title like that one. Perhaps my computer was hacked, but I seriously doubt it. Perhaps another Alison Blackman sent you a spam notice. But since you didn’t put the domains on your link, you might want to be a little more careful before you put someone’s name up in a public forum Please remove mine!

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