Getting A Record Deal Through Second Life?

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Ben writes in to point out an article from Wired News about a blues musician, Von Johin, who performs concerts in Second Life each week, which just helped him get a record deal. It’s an interesting story — and I have to admit that the gimmickyness of the story makes me wonder if the record label is being totally upfront about how they found and signed Johin. It’s almost too good a story, especially given how many news stories we’ve seen over the years that simply played off Second Life as a hook. However, even if the story itself is a bit contrived, it does point to yet another way that musicians can better connect with true fans. These days, any way to better connect with fans is an important part of a business model, and while it’s certainly not for everyone, holding concerts in Second Life is certainly one way to attract an audience.

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Comments on “Getting A Record Deal Through Second Life?”

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storm (user link) says:

Good luck Von

However people get discovered, good luck to them (and you Von). The major label way of discovery creates overall pretty boring factory-produced music. “Hey, this band is hot, let’s sign or create something just like them”.
My wife got discovered by fans on and produced an album with Van Morrison’s producer. You can hear it on her website and download the free songs from the label.

Anonymous Coward says:

So what’s the point of this story? Bottom line is the artist still signed with an evil major label, and will probably get screwed out of any, and/or all royalties and end up a bitter, crushed artist.

Artists have been discovered in “interesting” places for years. Whether it’s the woolworth lunch counter, or second life, who really gives a rip? Just goes to prove the record companies aren’t as technologically ignorant as they let on.

We always hear these stories of all these innovative things artists are doing to attract fans, but the end all/beat all goal still seems to be to sign with a label.

Wake me up when signing with a label is out of the ordinary, not the norm.

BobbiJo says:


If you have ever been to a concert in Second Life — and especially those by Von Johin.. WOW…. it is simply amazing.
To crank up the speakers on your computer, to hear live music right in your living room with your jammies on.
To talk back and forth with the artist..
To feel the emotion of the concert — nothing is better !!
I can’t believe the range of talent, and Mr Von Johin is right up there with the best I have heard.

I am so excited and pleased for him.. this bridging of real and second lives..

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