Russia Looking To Ban Goth And Emo Music And Websites

from the overreact-much? dept

The history of modern culture is littered with examples of older generations freaking out and having moral panics concerning the culture of younger generations. In the US, while much of the focus these days is on video games and social networks, in the past it’s included certain types of music and comic books as being threats to children. Over in Russia, it appears that their latest moral panic is around goth and emo music. However, it’s become so “bad” that laws may be passed to ban both types of music as well as regulate websites about the music (found via Digg). It includes all the typical “but think of the children” type quotes. The politician who introduced the legislation calls the music a “dangerous teen trend,” a “social danger” and “a threat to national stability.”

If this sound ridiculous, don’t laugh too hard, because politicians around the world have made similar claims about any variety of other pop culture trends they just didn’t understand. But, at some point, you would think some of these politicians would look at history and get a sense of how ridiculous they’re going to look a few years from now for blaming a particular pop culture phenomenon they don’t understand for “a threat to national stability.”

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Comments on “Russia Looking To Ban Goth And Emo Music And Websites”

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Brooks (profile) says:

Oh, really?

Doesn’t this amount to prohibiting bands from identifying themselves as “goth” or “emo” or whatever? Or are they going to finally, legislatively solve the “what genre is this band” problem? Are they going to ban genres types by calling out specific keys, chords, BPM ranges, subject matter, instrumentation, vocal style, audio effects, and so on?

Truly, politicians are the same around the world: idiotic and disingenuous.

elliott bledsoe (user link) says:

Re: Oh, really?

good call brooks. lawyers (like me) love to think they can reduce the most transcient things to a codified set of principles. but the joy of language, and legislation is no exception, is the subjectivity of its meaning. as debates, policy and cases “flesh out” the skeleton of a new act of parliament, so too is it fleshing out the real world impact and application of that law, carving out a more reasonable, responsive and relevant role for that law than was probably envisioned by legislative drafters.

Anon says:

Re: Oh, really?

No they will probably ban certain songs and bans simply by classification of lyrics and content of the song not by notes and beats they can’t ban music in such a way that conflicts with people being creative with music they would have to ban specific songs and bands and so on and so forth such a drastic measure would lead to banning music all together more then half of you have no idea what your saying when it comes to such a matter.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Society brought down

Certain countries (such as Iran) already have bans on music. “Western” and “heavy metal” are not allowed, though it appears the bans are only on broadcasting these styles. From what I read, it is not the playing of music that is forbidden by the Islamic clerics, but rather the enjoyment of it.
So rather than ban emo or goth, perhaps Russia should ban enjoying it.
Oh, but wait. Isn’t that the point of emo and goth?
So emo and goth is for the Islamic countries, then.
What was the music situation in the Roman Empire?

Mark says:

Re: Society brought down by music

Plato said:

Let me write the music for a nation, and I care not who writes its laws.

He meant that culture has more of an impact on the people than the laws under which they live.

While I agree that the Russian politicians are foolish for attempting to ban goth and emo music (mostly because they will merely drive it underground instead of being out in the open), I do think they have a point in saying that it could become a threat. Ever listen to the lyrics? Many times this music does promote gratuitious death and sex, and regardless of how politcally incorrect it is to say, those two things will destroy a civilization if left unchecked.

“From barbarism to civilization requires a century; from civilization to barbarism needs but a day.”

I think that was G.K. Chesterton, but don’t quote me on that one.

Chris says:

Re: Re: Society brought down by music

There’s plenty of violence and sex in other media in Russia that are not being banned. Especially on Russian TV. They don’t have a 7 dirty words or other christian BS laws on the books concerning such things. There were some early bands from behind the iron curtain in heavy metal that spoke out against Communism. The Polish death metal band Vader’s song Silent Empire is a good example of this. I don’t think sex or violence in music are going to prevent anything (might as well ban horror movies too since they contain both also, with moving pictures!) other than free speech, but I dunno if Putin allows free speech anyways.

Wilko (user link) says:

Re: Re:

You fuck ass emo style is just a style like anyother but i surly know why they banned emo style cuss emo style was the biggest style in rusia with the largest numbers of ppl in rusia are/were emo and because they looked extreemly + the rusia coverment well lets say all ppl that dislikes emo style because they think they cut themselfs well emos do not do that those ppl that do are called POSERS also known as Wanna be Emos but why bann 1 style that has extreem looks then why simply not bann ALL STYLES? do you really think they can stop ppl for walking around for who they are noo they will not they are simply trying and properly suceed ( only rusia )but if every country would do that do you know how many tourist they all will loose? the biggest styles of the world are : Emo,Goth,Skater,Punk,Rocker,Cyber,Rapper in my eyes when bann 1 style simply BANN ALL STYLES and btw you fucked up loser emo ppl are awsome and the girls are hawt and u know it but you say they sucks cuss they are wayy too hawt for you besides everyone is EMO Emo stands for Emotional arent we all Emotional in life?

jFiveNYC says:


I do imagine a better America with out hiphop. Well, the hiphop of today.

I wish for the day when trailer trash and project kids don’t spend their welfare checks on silver chains and sound systems in their 1989 Honda Accord with spinner rims.

Just close your eyes an imagine our country without Eminem, 50-Cent, Nelly, Lil Wayne and Kanye. Imagine no Solja Boy to pimp the Spidermans while cranking da Superman….Dat Oh!!

Tony says:

Re: hiphop

Pack your bags for Russia, i’m sure once they get through goth and emo they will eventually get to rap.

By not understanding hip hop and its culture you make tons of assumptions that just sound flat stupid.

ps I’d be kindof pissed if i didn’t have Em, weezy and Kanye to listen to, and I know a lot of other not so ghetto/poor people who do too.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: Re: hiphop

I’ve been listening to hiphop for over 25 years at this point and I have to agree with the OP about how the trailer trash spend all their money on some damn rimz but can’t get their lives in order enough to be productive members. They feel the need to play their music loud enough that they can drown out my HOME stereo(which is not a cheap system by any means, it costs more than some/most of these assholes’ cars/SUV’s). This really has nothing to do with the music but the asshats who think that they have to behave that way BECAUSE of the music.

New SUV $30,000

22-inch set of rimz $3,000

Watching your dumb ass crawl over a little bump in the road when you’re driving what we used to call a “4×4” years ago: fucking priceless

Charish says:

Legislating... taste... does not compute...!

I’ll be honest, I loathe “emo” music with a passion. But I don’t like to see politicians and governments trying to legislate my taste(s) or, as appropriately mentioned above, throwing their power around at stuff that they don’t understand. What I would like to see is people smarten up and not listen to the crap in the first place ? and that applies to the hip-hop of today (God, I miss the 80’s and 90’s when that music actually meant something and you could defend intelligently).

For Anonymous Coward, you don’t need a government defining what any genre of music is. However, people?mainly guys?label anything as “emo” because they don’t want anything to do with their emotions and want to strut around macho-style – kind of makes me ashamed to call myself a guy at times.

Stacey. says:

Re: Legislating... taste... does not compute...!

okay, you made some good points.
it doesnt matter what YOU would like to see,
“What i would like to see is people smarten up and not listen to that crap in the first place”
you’re an idiot.
your personal opinion, is that that music is crap.
thats your PERSONAL opinion
i repeat
and you can’t say that everything from the 80’s and 90’s was better.
because once again, that is your personal opinion.
and music doesn’t have to be defended intelligently.
it’s there for people to enjoy, not to discuss or defend intelligently. i mean, if you’re a musician, then yes, discuss your work, and know what you’re talking about
but for people who simply listen to it, you shouldn’t have to DEFEND INTELLIGENTLY what your taste in music is.
it’s ridiculous.
and another thing.
yes, 80’s & 90’s music meant something,
but that doesnt mean that today, music like this doesnt mean anything, or have any meaning put into it.
just because it’s different, doesnt mean you have to diss it and act like you’re music is so much better.
because, in your eyes
but in other peoples eyes, people who like what it sounds like
you just cant say that something is crap, because you dont like it.
it doesnt work that way.
and as for guys labeling things as emo to hide anything to do with emotions,
thats a load of bollocks.
im pretty sure you havnt asked every guy this, so you cant generalise like that. it’s like saying anyone that listens to goth music or emo music
must slit their wrists and have suicidal thoughts.
its stupid.

thats all 🙂
have a nice day.

Sumbuddy Stoopid says:

Bout time somebody banned emo, I strongly support this!!!

Thats a funny joke and everything, but good god people, it’s just music! Who gives a tail if you like emo or goth? I like the new Metallica stuff, so I must be put to death or something. Or made to listen to emo shit for the rest of my life, oh the humanity……….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I listen to Hawthorne Heights

I look at Emo as weeding out the weak, if they want to kill themselves after listening to it, cool, on less puskit on the planet to waste space and whine about the Government not giving them enough money cause they are entiled to it for being a waste of space.

Emotions NOT Nomotions says:

Re: I listen to Hawthorne Heights

Ok look, emo is short for emotional! ALL songs can be emotional, the media has just created this and it’s grown to something completely stupid!
And you know generalizing a genre as, some call it a “suicidal cult” because some people self harm themselves and they happen to listen to the music doesn’t mean everyone is; don’t judge the majority because some minority do it.
People can be depressed, everyone! not just teenagers who like to wear black.
So you don’t like the music, I hate 50 cent and a lot of music in that genre! Hell maybe I can say that R&B and all that show gangs, shootings disrespecting of women etc that genre could be dangerous to our kids!

People should grow up.

newfoundland emo says:


WTH Not all emos are suicidal and not all cut there selves some ones needs to tell the russian government this. Im emo but not because i slit(i dont) and im not suicidal. Emo is a fashion and a music genre and that only not a mental state or any of that nonsense. And as for the russians banning emo i think its rascism isnt that part of how world war two started by discrimination(speling?) against a group of people

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re

Does it really? If you total up the death rates among emos, techno fans, hip-hop fans and pop fans do the rates among the emo crowd really end up significantly higher?

Even if it doesn’t, is it a causal relationship or just a correlation? That is, do kids kill themselves because they listen to emo, or are kids who are already suicidal just attracted to that genre?

My opinion is the latter. Banning the music might help hide an obvious symptom but does nothing to hide the underlying problem. Yes, it might be more morbid than other genres, but that means exactly nothing.

prip cronk (user link) says:

russia bans goth and emo music

so what. chicago aldermen/women banned foie gras. Seemed to interfere with digestive systems of fat midwesterners or gaunt mishapen subjects of cosmetic surgeons who chill in over-expensive clothing in the Viagra triangle.
It was recalled. Such will not be the case in Russia. Russia will, most likely, crumble from the pounding waves of mother “modern” time whilst its’ leaders cling to the rotted lifeboat of sanctity, piety, and self-righteousness.

Mike says:

Different strokes for different folks

What I find very interesting is that different cultures find music and trends completely different. Take Japan for example. Goth and emo are very popular, far beyond that of America. Many people dress goth in Japan not because of the American thought that goth is crazy people who denounce society and norms, who hide in their rooms and practice devil worship. No, it is a fashion style that is as far from American goth as can be same as the music.
So what is Russian goth and emo? The stereotypical? or fans who enjoy it as a art not their book of life.

trollificus says:

I think he meant “THE RUSSIANS” have a ‘huge death rate’…not necessarily emo and goth kids. (though they might, I guess…unless ‘huge death rate’ means big people dying…)

But even that is inaccurate, since what he is actually referring to is the demographic fact that Russia has a falling REPRODUCTIVE RATE.

Spurred on by vodka, corrupt business practices and dark eye makeup, the Rooskies are basically depopulating their own country by not impregnating their females frequently enough, which, given the numbers of fabulous-looking women in Russia, is depressing enough to make one listen to emo music. Or goth music.

I’m not clear on the distinguishing factors in the social taxonomy there…I think one kind wears gloves and the other doesn’t or something.

Hope the Rooskie politicos spell it out in their bill.

Dean Bush says:

Good move!

Although I don’t promote censorship, I do recognize when a group of people are threatening individuals or another group of people. Censorship denies people to certain concepts and concepts and ideas that could be embarrassing to others;on the other hand, “threatening” other through media such as music is under current law already forbidden. It is simply illegal to threaten another person’s life. If lyrics threaten another person or group of people (cops, women, gays, etc.), “hate law” could apply. So, what appears at first to be censorship is actually not censorship at all but instead protection of individuals and groups aimed for out of hate.

Anonymous Coward says:

Just let us tear ourselves apart any way we please. If we can’t self-moderate, and we need politicians to go about on idealistic and egotistical rampages censoring everything that doesn’t fit with their stupid, unrealistic vision of how the world works, then fuck us.

If we can’t take control of ourselves, then we’re bound to be wiped out by Earth, one way or another.

This “new-age” contemporary “pop” music feeds these redundant and empty emotional bags that we call teenagers in the “developed world”. If parents can’t outweigh the music, and kids can’t even think for themselves anymore, fuck it.

Some people still believe the world is flat. Maybe it is.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Something Needs to be Done!

“the music and culture of this generation is damaging our society.”

Just look at the damage done by Elvis, the Beatles and others …. those gyrating hips ,,, those irresponsible lyrics …
Certainly, the world would be a much better place had they not become so popular. They should’ve been outlawed back then, before all the horrible damage that took place to our most precious society.

Ha ha ha ha you morons ………..

Peter Thomas (user link) says:

Re: Something Needs to be Done!

Tens of thousands of innocent people bombed in Iraq and Afghanistan, rising fuel prices, politicians scamming your future, millions of people living below the poverty line in the 21st Century…

…oh, but let’s sort out that music made by those boys in eyeliner, that’s gotta be our #1 priority! Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Anonymous Coward says:

This has much to do with the ‘Lands of the Muslim’ (maybe a little bit China also)in these lands they ban things every week, the rest of the world politic elites has seen this and they want some as well, I expect to see many more laws such as this.
The age of personal freedoms is coming to an end, as this mindset of banning and outlawing to protect us dear citizens shall only spread.

anonymous says:


Being a fan of the “emo” style and genre myself, I’m a bit apalled. I am a teenager, yes, so my opinion means nothing in this world, right? But, I must voice my opinion in this one aspect of governmental censorship. Have you heard the lyrics to some of the “emo” songs that have been produced? They’re actually quite good and don’t include racial slurs and they also don’t talk about smacking that or any other sexual euphimism. I’m not sure of the stereotypical “goth” or “emo” style or genre in Russia, but I’m assuming that it does not promote suicide or self harm. “emo” is frequently tagged with outward depression, right? Well, statistics state that people who are not outwardly depressed are more likely to cut themselves, or inflict self harm. As for the, what I’m assuming are, inclining suicidal rates, is it only the people that are influenced by these stereotypes that are harming themselves? My guess is no. That and, is it what these people are listening to or is it what they’ve had to face in life? People are having children at earlier and earlier ages and keeping their children. Lots, not all, are irresponsible and are unsure of how to take care of someone other than themselves. More and more people are becoming alcoholics, and users and abusers, which can affect their offspring greatly. Going through some of the pain that has been mentioned previously, I know how it feels. These kids feel like it is their fault and they just want everything to go away sometimes. It is not just the “emo” and “gothic” sub-cultures that are feeling this, it’s anyone and everyone. Most of the children that go through these phases feel neglected and some of this is the reason that they are showing acts of rebellion with certain music and styles. Also, by trying to ban a certain style or sub-culture is just mixing an Aphrodisiac. When your parents tell or told you not to do something did you do it anyway? Did you or did you not sneak out to that party when you were these peoples ages? I have a hunch you did. Telling someone not to do something is a fine way to get them to do it more. It’s another act of attention seeking rebellion, yes? To sum it all up this whole ordeal is nothing but nonsense. What if your favorite music was banned, or your favorite website were blocked? Would you be outraged, and somewhat hurt? I’m hoping so, for that is nature, my friend. Isn’t this going to turn into another generation of “sticking it to the man?” This is war at it’s finest. History repeats itself thousands of times, when are people going to learn that you can never win when it comes to someone’s views and beliefs?

roflwaffles135 says:

We're going to make it illegal for you to be happy, so you don't kill yourself...

Okies. For starters, this idea is bloody stupid. Emo music isn’t making these kids suicidal. Living in Russia is making these kids suicidal. Chances are the nimrods that actually do listen to emo music and then kill themselves were already psychologically shitfaced before they even heard the words ‘Gerard Way’ uttered.

Point I’m trying to make is, they’re taking this the wrong way. They should be putting more effort into youth welfare rather than aimless crap like this. But then again, this is Russia we’re talking about. From what I’ve heard welfare of any sort isn’t quite their thing =P.

Oh, and as for the banning of goth… The age of lame-ass poser goths that shoot at their class mates happened like, 9 years ago. Goth shouldn’t even be a part of this – It’s not nearly popular enough anymore. And this is real goth, I mean.

I’m not a fan of emo. I think it’s complete horseshit. But if Russia honestly wants to have a real go at this new-fangled Democracy thing, they really need to rethink laws that directly oppress their own citizens for no real good reason.

Le sigh says:

I'd say never in america buuut....

I’d say this would never happen in America, but it has. I wonder what my kids will do to piss me off? I mean, my family skipped the Gen X slackers, and that, truthfully, would have pissed me off, but it’s over…. so what are my kids (And the other children of generation Y) gonna do to piss them off?

My guess? Uber christian.

Ben says:

Emo Sucks

Calling a band “emo” doesn’t identify it as a genre, just like saying a band is “shitty” doesn’t tell you it’s genre. “Emo” is a word we use to describe music where the band/singer complains about their parents and dreams of slitting their wrists – they can sing it in a bunch of different “genres” – it’s all the same garbage.

Sasha says:

Fuck emo

If you listen to emo and goth music.. all the power to ya.. but when you’re wearing all black, black eyeliner and go on about how you wanna kill youself, you have issues.. Just do it already.. go get a fuckin razor and slit your wrists.. Honestly it’s just depressing. I guess I am a little biased because I am russian.. but i think this bill is justified. Obviously parents don’t want their kids to be fucked up and pussies…And free speach is bullshit, beach just need to get their heads out of their asses and look around.. Seriously.. I live in Canada and I always see how there’s like 10 fucking cops attacking one homeless dude because appreantly he was singing too loud.. Or the teacher’s that protested.. some went to jail and others had to pay a shit load of fines.. Where’s the freedom of speech? Besides north america only hears about the bad stuff that happens in other countries. I realise that Russia is not the best place on earth, but atleast you don’t have to live in fucking basement suites that are supposed to be acceptable. In the “evil” Russia teachers, doctors and people who served in the army get free appartments or a lot of help from the government to buy them. Also if you do pay for an appartmen it’s decent and you can’t hear everything that goes on in the next appartment and it is not made of cardboard.. (By the way my little rant was a response to the freedom of speech thing)

rachelle. says:

grow up ..

not all “emos, and goths ” hurt themselves.
like why dont you just ban “gangsters” too, they hurt other people.
baning it is only gonna make people wanna be an “emo” more.
“emo” music = amazing.
i personally dont dress all that “goth or emo” but love seeing people that do. thier styles amazing, they stand out for being themselves,

Black eyeliner- whats the problem with it?

black clothes – is defentliy just a stero type. i see more “emos” wearing like BRIGHT colours than black. but dose that even really matter?

emo music – wow. lyrics are amazing, if it really bothers you that much, dont listen to it!

its time for Russia to take care of worse situations,
“emos” are just a type of people. and a way to express them selves. just like gangsters, jocks, cheerleaders, etc.
once they get older they’ll grow out of it. its only a phase alot of people go through, i did. only lasted about a year.
so if russia thinks baning its gonna stop it, its not probly only gonna make more.
and for haters, get a life.:) really bothers you that much, dont look at them, dont listen to thier music. dont spend your time writeing about them . just grow up.

um. says:


okay, this is just really lame, go ahead and ban them.
but if you really dont like it, dont listen to emo music, the lyrics in it are amazing! if you take the time to understand it

goths and emo’s are just standing out for how they believe, you have no right to ban them for it, would you want to be banned for being preppy and happy?
no i didnt think so.

louise says:


i thnk this is a stupid idea i cnt c how any1 cn lk it banning it wil just make more teenagers sad as they cnt express and be wil make them more determind and corse more problems thn it solves…also has no1 though of the fact most ppl dnt kno the defonition of emo so inosent ppl tht r simply wearin all blak could b stopped frm there education!

EmoEliminator says:

I think that it is awsome and brillant that the Russian government is trying to do this. The reason that I think that is both goth and emo music SUCKS!! In saying that I don’t think that they are trying to do the morally right thing but just get rid of sucky music so guys will stop wearing girls pants and dyeing there hair black in the toilet.

Flenix says:

sorry, whos life is it again?

Umm, I can see Russia are trying to prevent suicides but they are defenalty going the wrong way about it. Music does not cause suicide unless the mind is psychologically derranged already, in which case its not if they commit suicide, its WHEN they commit suicide.
plus, surely the government cant stop you. If you dont want to live anymore, thats a personal decision and noone should be able to take that decision away from you! for anyone who is against this. if your one of the people who think its a good idea, dont bother looking or you will just be waisting your time.

and i must say on a totally unrelated topic: “Save me a cookie” – THE FORUMS GIVING ME COOKIES!! WOOOOOO

Hypnotica (user link) says:

This is insane...

Emo and goth? What’s so bad about it. Yeah, emo is whiney and sometimes depressing. But why ban the music? It’s the kids that go overboard with it by cutting, writing depressing poetry and being suicidal just to fit in. Bottom line: emo is music. Cutting, etc is KIDS. A lot of people (including myself) enjoy emo and goth music and don’t self-harm and aren’t depressed.
And goth is dark, but not always. Goth is about expression and the ability to see beauty in darkness and an appreciation for gothic literature. I’ve been goth my whole life, and most of the stereotypes about gothic subculture are really dumb. Not all goths worship the devil.
Not all goths bite peoples’ necks.
And way more.
But my point is that whether it be emo, goth, indie, punk, whatever, older generations generally will not have a full understanding of the subculture.
I do agree that kids take the music and fashion too far and do some pretty bad things. But there are some kids (like me) who don’t do that and aren’t depressed, suicidal, etc. My favorite emo band is Sunny Day Real Estate and my favorite screamo is Danse Macabre and The Kodan Armada. And I love gothic music. My favorite goth bands are Screams for Tina, Cinema Strange, The Cruxshadows, Christian Death, etc. And I’m not “bad”.

Vienna-Potato says:

Russia bans emo RE:

I would understand a bit more if they were trying to defeat the “Scene” lifestyle, as well as the goth. How ever, music is music, and, if I am correct, it has little, if no effect on the suicide numbers in teens today. Banning the music is comepletly… well, to be blunt, it is stupid.
How ever, the lifestyles of the cultures may be harmful to teens, therefore, may need to be cut down a bit. Keeping a regular check on your teen age child’s life and watching for the signs of a deep depression are a few thing you can do to prevent a teen suicide. If your child is cutting their wrists, they may need professional help. If they are doing it because they think it is cool, talk with them and show them it is not cool.

Kit says:


Wow…When I first heard this from my cousin I was so shocked I started laughing and rolling around on the grass. (But as I was already lying down the rolling truly was not that weird) It was so stupid/silly/odd/inject adjective that I thought it must be a joke.

Hmmm….There are so many things I have to say about this that I don’t even know where to start.

First – It is just morally wrong… There is such a thing as freedom of speech, most countries have adopted this concept…If not they should really look at adopting it too.

If the world is ever to be a peaceful place, (go ahead and laugh if you want, I’ve been laughed at before, I can handle it, I just prefer to keep an optimistic outlook) humanity, that is everyone, needs to learn a little tolerance. For those of you who’ve never heard the word or are so out of practice you’ve forgotten what it means tolerance is respect and the ability to let live in regards to every person, group or ideology that is out there, whether or not one likes or agrees with it.

Secondly – The stereotype of emo has gotten way out of hand. Not all emos are depressed or suicidal or self-harming. Actually the only people I know who do/did cut themselves weren’t considered emo and the only people I know who are/were depressed (by which I mean medically diagnosed with it. Everyone feels depressed every now and then, that is unfortunately, part of being human) weren’t considered emo and all of then as a matter of fact hate emo music.

So to summarize that for those lacking the time or attention span to read my last paragraph, or if it was simple to confusing:
You don’t have to be emo to be depressed/suicidal/self-harming and not all emos are depressed/suicidal/self-harming.

I guess people either don’t know or have forgotten that the term emo comes from the word emotional. Emos are simple people who openly express their emotion whether it be joy, sadness, happiness or angst. No where in the ‘title’ does it say or even imply that emos only show there negative feelings. In fact some of the emo people that I know are the happiest people I know.

Thirdly – The music genre emo seems to be widely misinterpreted as well. Not all emo music (actually the majority of it doesn’t) contain lyrics about suicide or sex or drug use. Also these themes are not contained only to emo music, do not some rock songs contain lyrics along these lines? And country? And rap?

And neither is emo music confined to these themes. Most emo songs are actually about making your way through hard times and encourage you to keep on going as opposed to giving up and killing yourself. Take for example the line in ‘The Phrase That Pays’ by The Academy Is… which is often considered an emo band, that goes “Hold your head high heavy heart,” encouraging you to continue to have faith and hope despite bad situations, along with the chorus to ‘The Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance that repeats “We’ll carry on,” so many times that you find yourself humming the words to yourself for the rest of the day.
They can also encourage you to keep loving despite how hard it can be at times, (“If love is a labour I’ll slave ‘till the end,” Swing Life Away by Rise Against) and to find and be yourself, (“I tried to be someone else/ but nothing seemed to change/ I know now/ This is who I really am inside” The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars)

Fourthly (and hopefully finally as you all are probably getting sick of me =P) – Let’s say that all the stereotypes about emos and emo music is true. All emos are depressed and suicidal and spend there free times slitting their wrists or dreaming of, to quote loosely a rather shocking line from a letter issued by a educational district, dying in a warm bath of their own blood, (who else went eww! when they heard that?) how is banning emo music going to help?

All it is going to do is drive it underground. At least if all this really was true it would be easy to spot and therefore try and help the individuals that really need help. But if those who feel like this are forced to dress like and listen to the same music as everyone else it would be harder to figure out who needs help, and, since they are pulling the “it’s for the kids” card that should be their main concern.
Banning this would also cause those who felt that way like they no longer had any way to express themselves and would only make them more likely to commit suicide.

DONE! Pheww! So I’ve basically said every thing I can think of at the moment. In case you were wondering where I fit in regarding emos I’ll let you know so that I don’t get any pointless and unproductive messages along the lines of “You obviously are emo so go do the world a favour and get on with dying”
Yes, I do like and listen to emo music. As before mentioned it can be quite encouraging. No I myself am not an emo. I don’t really think I have a group unless you count nerdy losers as a social group in which case the majority of my friends and I would proudly claim to be part of it =P. I do however have some emo friends and I actually quite like the style but skinny jeans and poser do not look good on me so until I actually decide to go out there and be an emo I’ll stick to my normal jeans and haircut.

ironi says:


russians are just getting on the western band wagon. publicly declaring that they’re fighting some sort of “evil” makes them seem more concerned about what goes on inside their borders and allows the world’s soccer moms to relate to them better. i’m russian, so i think i’m entitled to criticize my own country with all due fervor. of all the countries and cultures to copy, they picked america and of all the things america has to copy, they had to pick all the stupidest and most ignorant crap. i wish they would have gone with drive-ins and apple pie. mmm… pie…

Masked says:

What a bunch of f***ing idiots. I heard this in a magazine and they got opions from different people and one guy said something like this ‘I’m glad that their doing this, emo’s keep to themselves too much.’ You can see some people actually believe this and whats the difference between that teen who goes AHHHHAAHHH!!!!!! on the rugby pitch and shaves his head. And says fuck in any sentence: ‘Come on ya f****r boys.’

Masked says:

just wanna say something more. In my school emo’s are put down and are loooked upon as strange and from Uranus. I love emo music, emo clothes and pretty much everything but if someone wears emo clothes in my school, or listens to the music people make fun you, ignore you and call you gay. Pretty rough eh? not even half of it. It’s a lot worse when you expierence it. How do you think the emo’s feel in Russia when their whole entire culture is going to made illeagal.

unknown says:


I think that this is wrong at d end of d day y shud people pretend 2 be summit they r not cos if ur emo or a goth how wud u feel if u were told 2 pretend u were summit else we r hu we r n nothink shud change dat n dnt judge people if u barely even no dem not all emos are deppressed, want to die and cut dem selves sum r really down to earth n dnt do owt lke dat n wudnt even dream bout making u change

I am emo says:


Luk wat is d point in telling sum1 they cnt do summit cos if u tell dem dat day gonna do it n dere r more important things going on in d world den trying to ban emos wat harm r people lke me doing u I am emo but I dnt self harm n dnt think bout sucide n my music is my life if anything listening to it makes me happy not sad n deppresed n I dnt think emos are d prob if anything u shud ban d Luk at me I big n hard n think i am a gangsta rap stars cos day r d ones causing d problems I WILL BE EMO 4 LYF

Sam says:

gees, people can be so stereotypical. “emo” music i can kind of understand being labled, but not totally. i mean, all music is unique! but banning the whole “emo” and “goth” culture is just stupid. brings to mind my favourite quote: lables are for soup cans not for people. and then some of you are talking about banning hiphop and all that jazz. what happened to being individual..

Tym Misery says:

Really, I mean really…

Alright as Sam said above me: Lables are for soup cans not for people. People need labels yes, it make life a little easyer to meet people but if you going to go as far as to tattoo a gaint label on everything such as music and then ban it because its not of your liking then you need to go back to school and re-learn individuality.

tarleah says:


omg they russia shouldnt ban emo gothic music because its a “threat” to little kids and it causes suicide and depression…. acctually they shouldnt ban it anyway its a type of music that lets celebraties to get there feeling out to the world and to connect to young people. its stupid that they would even think of it. people should be able to express themselves by music and the way they dress

Oblique says:

Other Cliques

You know, its funny, if they do ban this music, then think about the world running amok with valley gurls (obvious misspelling intended) and preppy pretty boys. You forget, Rap can be just as vile as gothic music. I just find (personally) that Rap is less chivalrous towards women. Think on it! What about gang affiliated music? “I shot my brother!” What does that exactly mean? You offend their music and you get targeted, you offend a goth’s music and most of them are meh. Granted I hold a searing hatred for emos, but it is within their right to do as they damn well please and listen to the music that they want to in the first place! Arrogant politicians!

Emo Casanova (user link) says:

Oh come on

Ban Emo and Goth music? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. If a country would do such a thing, that shows how they have no idea how to take care of their people and just how close minded they are. It’s like … the reason why emo exists in the first place is because people want to EXPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS. And for it to be so popular in Russia just shows that people REALLY want to express their emotions. If the country bans it, it’s just suppressing people instead of working with them to deal with their emotions. I cannot believe a government in modern age would have such close minded ideas.

Secondly, emo posing threat to children? Do they even KNOW what EMO is all about? They probably THINK they know but all they know are some stereotypes. The truth with emo is just people who want to express their emotions because the FCKIN WORLD has problem with people expressing themselves. People go through tough times and are not being understood. Instead of wiping them out, shouldn’t the government try to LISTEN to them and HELP? Jesus, seriously, it pisses me off how these stupid people are in control of the country. All they do is using their power to BAN, ELIMINATE, DISCARD.

It’s like there are children crying – instead of getting to know why the children cried and how to make the children feel better – they just ignore the children THINKING the children is just being annoying. Seriously, people need to CARE more about WHY people do the things they do instead of always making assumptions and stereotypes.

Emo Luver says:


All I can really say to the ppl who hate emo…FUCK YALL…Okay this is friggin bullshit.

If u hate emo dont fucking listen to it. All of yall are steroptypical assholes. Oh and Emo stands 4 Emotive Hardcore and thru the yrs has bcome emotional. Yall really need to fucking find something better to do than trash music you dont like, I FUCKING LOVE EMO AND U CANT CHANGE MY GOD DAMN MIND! And the music isnt about sex and suicide blah blah blah. Rap is so much more friggin sick and disgusitng and perverted than emo and goth will ever be, Honestly I think we shudnt have different types of music it shud b one called MUSIC DUH! And we shud be able to dress how we want to. They tried to take away alchohol ppl wanted it more then they take away emo and goth every1 will want it more its as simple as that. And cutting is a deep pschological problem. And preps and all those other clique and shitty assholes do it to most of them die from drugs tho and wat does the music they listen to talk about? Drugs, Fucking, Beating,etc.. WAY WORSE THAN EMO.

Im done now. Piss offs.

Oh Have a wonderful day.

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