Ubisoft Uses Internet Crack To Get Around Its Own DRM

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Ubisoft, one of the larger video gaming companies out there, has a somewhat troubled history of overburdening its games with awful DRM. And, as with most DRM systems, the people it tends to hurt most are the legitimate purchasers who somehow run afoul of whatever DRM rules are in place. In this case, the Ubisoft game Rainbow Six: Vegas2 (R6V2) had some DRM that would check to see if the physical media (CD-ROM) was in the drive before it would let you play. Unfortunately, Ubisoft also offered the game as a download via IGN’s Direct2Drive store. They had set it up so this would work even without the actual CD, but a recent patch didn’t take that into account, and broke the game for anyone who had purchased it via D2D.

So, what does Ubisoft do? It releases a patch that isn’t actually a “patch” but a well known crack that it downloaded off the internet. As TorrentFreak points out at the link, according to the way companies like Ubisoft look at things, it “stole” someone else’s code and passed it off as its own. And, of course, there’s the somewhat delicious irony that it didn’t just “steal” any code for its own use, but the very code that companies like Ubisoft insist is evil, immoral and illegal. Except, of course, when Ubisoft is in desperate need of it, apparently.

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Comments on “Ubisoft Uses Internet Crack To Get Around Its Own DRM”

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Where Credit Is Due says:

Time To Give Credit

There are some great people in the world that make no-CD/DVD cracks available for all of us, even those of us that buy games. Putting a disk in the drive to play is not acceptable for most people and these ‘crackers’, whom I would call bright programmers, deserve thanks from all users as well as the companies that make money selling the discs that we can install with and then put in the closet thanks to the individuals that give us the no-media cracks.

Thanks and thanks again. We love you, whoever you are!

Billy says:

Re: This is why...

That makes no sense. You can get around the big, bad, evil DRM (oh wait, it just checks for the disc? BOO HOO!) whether you buy the game or not. And stealing the game doesn’t make the support situation any better. You losers just like to make up excuses to make yourselves feel better about what you know is wrong. Grow up.

Seagato says:

Re: Re: This is why...some should lurk moar.

“That makes no sense. You can get around the big, bad, evil DRM (oh wait, it just checks for the disc? BOO HOO!) whether you buy the game or not.”

Do tell how someone who bought a digital download of the game is supposed to let a check run for a disk that doesn’t exist.

“And stealing the game doesn’t make the support situation any better.”

As with any overly restrictive DRM scheme, it was those that BOUGHT the download that had the problems. Could say it was Ubisoft guilty of perpetrating theft (or fraud) upon customers who purchased a defective product. That would be more accurate anyway, since infringement isn’t theft. Illegal, but not theft.

“You losers just like to make up excuses to make yourselves feel better about what you know is wrong.”

Who are you addressing here? Ubisoft and other content purveyors who use instantly devaluing crap DRM that prevents paying customers from using what they bought? Makes just as much sense.

“Grow up.”

Be less 12. Neener.

Sal says:

Re: Re: Re: This is why...some should lurk moar.

I think he was talking about the guy that said he plays, but not buys Ubi games. I think he has a very good point. While I think it is stupid and hypocritical to steal a drm crack and sell it off as a patch, that is no reason to not pay for a game that cost a lot of money to make.

Seagato says:

Re: Re: Re:2 This is why...some should lurk moar.

Yah, I know. 😉

As someone who’s paid for games only to get screwed over by DRM (as in not being able to play the game I paid for), I definitely understand the resentment, however. I DO know that they cost money to make and distribute and support, that’s why I’ve always bought. But they don’t get my money anymore. I don’t ‘pirate’, I just don’t buy.

And it’s the fault of publishers that use stupid DRM, not the fault of pirates, that I’m a ex-customer. I’m sick of hearing the ’cause and effect’ crap. I paid but I got the shaft. Does not compute.

mslade says:

Re: Re: This is why...

You’re confused. If the problem was having to insert a disc, I wouldn’t gripe. The problem is that Ubi’s DRM is generally laden with bugs and requires you to jump through hoops, at the end of which you may or may not be able to play the game you paid for.

Or you get a hacked exe and magically everything works.

To put it in perspective, I’ve cracked legally purchased copies of the few Ubi games I’ve owned just so I could play what I paid for.

You can say I’m contributing to the support problem, but it’s a “chicken or the egg” question and I know that in my case, they started it. I buy (legally) just about everything I use. There are only a few companies (Ubi is one) who I would never pay another dime to.

Quibbly says:

Crack has a flaw

I purchased Rainbow Six Vegas 2 from D2D and was unable to play the game. Reason? When the game loads, it required me to install update number 3. Well, the game would not load for me. If you look on D2D site and UBI, there is no mention of the error, nor any solution. You have to send an email to both. D2D said I needed to contact UBI. UBI had me download a file and yes, it was the crack, but the crack was only for patch2, not three. So yet again, the game wouldn’t load.

This is very depressing that a game developer can’t develope a program to fix this issue, so has you download a crack (which in it’s on course, is a security issue). The crack is not for the correct verstion.

Now, back to the crack and the security issue behind it. Many of these no CD cracks are loaded with trojans, keyloggers, virus’s and spyware. Wow, after the crack, my system went to shit and was now infected with a keylogger.

Thanks UBI, you guys rock!!!! (not)

James says:

A similar situation has happened before.

When the Unreal series of games was released in a collection, Unreal 2 still required a CD check to play the game. All of the other games in the series don’t have a CD check. For Unreal 2, the publisher used a no CD crack in the collection in place of the original game EXE. The crack can be found on many game WAREZ sites.

The developer of Unreal 2 is no longer around, which is way they had to go this route. EPIC Games is the developer of all the other games in the collection, and released official patches that remove the CD check, usually after the first year or so.

Sam says:

Rabbid Rabbit Book

hi. i am a fan of the Ubisoft game Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and am interested in wanting 2 know if i had your permission to write a book about raising/caring for a Rabbid, from catching or finding one to going through tips and pointers on raising one. if you like the idea please let me know and contact me at the email given above or my cell : 330-606-4762. Thank You.

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