Segway CTO Joins Apple As VP Of Product Design

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Given the way that Apple tries to push the boundaries of product design in so many ways, it takes a unique talent to run product design at the company. Both Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs get much of the credit for the designs of products like the iPod, iMac and iPhone. Still, it’s rather interesting to find out that the original CTO for the Segway is leaving Segway and joining Apple as its VP of Product Design. Coming from a Dean Kamen company is probably a pretty good background for thinking out of the box — though, the Segway never was the mass market success story that was predicted. So who wants to start up rumors about the iScooter? Or the iCar?

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Comments on “Segway CTO Joins Apple As VP Of Product Design”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Dramatic scene from "Redmond Soap Opera"


Somewhere in Redmond, there’s a man listening to a zune while riding their Segway. He realizes he has to make a decision today- to drop the zune in lake wash or remove the people transporter from his day to day life.

The man realizes that either way, Jobs wins. The man has a single tear coming out of their left eye, for the man is sad when he realizes this. He makes it to Building 35 where the large banner hangs about Paid Search. He realizes that too was a dumb idea. The rain pours down, as he wonders if he’d be happier in Cupertino…

Newshound (user link) says:

Some ideas?

I just saw this news report-

To capitalize on the Heros craze, Apple today announced a robot based on the TV series. Also departing from the previous prefaced “i” craze, Apple has decided to call it the “aHero”. No body knows what it does for sure, but the internet blogosphere was awake with ideas throughout the day.

Comments on one website said “aHero allows regular people to do a Barrelroll safely”.


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