Virgin: We Won't Cut Off File Sharers; Sends Envelope Saying 'We May Cut You Off'

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After reports said that UK broadband ISP Virgin Media would become the recording industry’s copyright cop, Virgin came out denying it, saying that kicking users off the internet was draconian. However, it later admitted that it would send warning letters to people, based on the flimsy evidence used by the recording industry. Now Virgin has started sending out those letters, claiming that it’s just sending letters and that there is “absolutely no possibility” that it would ban file sharers from connecting to the internet. That must explain why it sent the first batch of warning letters to people in envelopes that read: “Important. If you don’t read this, your broadband could be disconnected.” Absolutely no possibility, huh? It’s not necessarily bad that Virgin would let customers know that the recording industry had spotted their IP — but it seems wrong to send out these messages that completely buy into the industry’s spin on what that means. And, given how hard the recording industry is pushing governments to make “three strikes laws,” that “absolutely no possibility” is looking less absolute and more possible every day.

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Comments on “Virgin: We Won't Cut Off File Sharers; Sends Envelope Saying 'We May Cut You Off'”

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someDude says:

It aint me man

“kicking users off the internet was draconian”

I think that is the first truthful statement I have seen coming from the media “guild”

Isn’t virgin the ISP somehow connected to virgin the media holder ?
Assumming so, is it any suprise that they talk out of both sides of their mouth ?

Also, I’m sure the folks at virgin realize that it is easy to spoof an IP addr and therefore the whole basis of them denying service is questionable.

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