Freaking People Out With Fake Speed Bumps Doesn't Seem Smart

from the disaster-in-waiting dept

While it might seem like a cool idea at first, the idea of using fake speed bumps presented as an optical illusion painted on the pavement just seems dangerous. Sure, it may get drivers to slow down, but tricking drivers into thinking there’s something in the road when there isn’t just seems like the sort of thing that ends badly. Besides, in various areas where speed bumps are useful, wouldn’t this just mean that drivers who knew they were fake would ignore them? That is, in fact, what tests of the painted on speed bumps found — the impact was rather brief. Besides were real-life actual speed bumps really that big a problem? Sure they cost more, but it seems like they’re going to be a lot more effective.

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Comments on “Freaking People Out With Fake Speed Bumps Doesn't Seem Smart”

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Evilned says:

Speed bumps

Another thing no one may have considered is what happens when people used to the fake speed bumps see a real one and assume it’s another fake?

At best a destroyed suspension system. At worst a serious an possibly fatal accident.

I’ve missed speed bumps in the dark and if it weren’t for the heavy duty off road suspension in my jeep, I would have destroyed my car.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: Speed bumps

Actually most speed bumps can be taken a lot faster than you think and with little-to-no damage to tell of; speed bumps are mostly there to annoy and make people not like the sound of their suspension responding the way it is supposed to respond in such an instance.

On top of that, the Mythbusters had that episode where they showed that you have a much more comfortable ride if you just drive over them without slowing down too much.

However I just LOVE watching the idiots who drive SUVs(4×4’s we called them back in the day) and have to crawl over a bump in the road(not even a speed bump mind you). Twenty years ago we used to take these SU, err, 4×4’s into the woods over some MAJOR bumps and these idiots can’t drive over a set of railroad tracks without slowing to a complete halt first.

JT says:

Re: Speed bumps

As for your first part, all I have to say is so? People should know the purpose and if they’re going that much over the speed limit in a controlled area, well that’s what they get.

As for your situation, I do think that they should be well marked and stand out easily in the dark.

BTR1701 (profile) says:

Re: Re: Speed bumps

> People should know the purpose and if they’re
> going that much over the speed limit in a
> controlled area, well that’s what they get.

Problem is that the speed humps are often rated for a slower speed than the posted speed limit. They’ve gone through and put a bunch of these speed humps in my parents’ neighborhood in Austin, TX. The posted speed is 35 mph but if you hit one of those things at 35, you’ll be thrown all over the car. In order to navigate them without a problem, you have to slow down to about 20 mph.

If the posted speed limit is 35, what’s wrong with driving 35? And if someone gets tricked by the fake bumps into hitting a real one at the posted speed limit, why is that the driver’s fault.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Speed bumps

At best a destroyed suspension system. At worst a serious an possibly fatal accident.

Bumps as speed control devices? Bah! I *LOVE* Roundabouts! There’s nothing quite like trying not to hit the curb during inclement weather. This last winter, my insurance company got the privilege of totaling my BMW due to these absolute marvels of 21st century technology!

Civil Engineers and City Planners know what’s best!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Speed bumps

I forgot to mention how everyone was stopped in every direction because there was only *ONE* lane for all traffic going in and out of the area.

It was gloriously fantastic. I had permagrin for a month. Traffic was backed up for 4 blocks. In every direction. Every community needs several roundabouts.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: Speed bumps part Duex

A car’s suspension is capable of tackling far more than your average speed bump at 45mph. Your shocks/struts might not dig you if you do that too much but that machinery is there for a reason and the physics don’t change.

The thing to worry about isn’t a bump but a pothole because those over-extend your suspension and if something seizes then it will do major damage.

Michael Kohne says:

Real speedbumps

The problem with real speedbumps is that you can’t put them just anywhere. If it’s likely that fire or ambulance traffic will need to come through at speed, then traffic engineers won’t put in speedbumps.

Which also means that the fake ones aren’t going to work in certain situations – drivers will learn that they aren’t going to be real.

Jake says:

Re: Real speedbumps

There are speedbumps in existence that don’t occupy the full width of the road; cars have to slow down quite dramatically, but wider-bodied vehicles like fire engines and most new ambulances are barely affected, and round here they’re mostly placed in the run-up to intersections or in areas with a lot of pedestrians where emergency vehicles can’t drive full-speed anyway.

PaulT (profile) says:

I agree with #1, but at the end of the day it’s a silly idea regardless. Anyone who uses the road in question more that once is going to know that the bumps aren’t real and so they’ll only have an effect on tourists, who often drive slower anyway. So, rather than pay for a real solution, they’ve created an ineffective (and potentially dangerous) fake solution.

Steve says:

Why not

I think this is a good idea! Sure, people will realize they’re fakes. But like the article says, they still grab your attention.

As for ruining your suspension on speed bumps: they put these in areas where the speed limit is very low (in the example 25mph). They aren’t going to put a speed bump on the freeway. If you’re going fast enough to launch your car off a speed bump and cause a fatal accident, you’re going way over the speed limit.

what? says:

Re: Re: Why not

Cars are also designed to reach speeds way over ANY posted speed limit in the US, but you don’t see anyone trying to do 90 in front of a school because “it’s designed” for such a thing.

People need to be responsible for their own actions and stop blaming the government for their idiocy. If you know you shouldn’t drive faster than 25 in a school zone, don’t! Don’t blame the road.

Artificially low…it’s a law.

Vincent Clement says:

Re: Re: Re: Why not

We design freeways to carry lots of vehicles at high speeds. Why can’t we design a road to slow down vehicles in school zones?

Just because “it’s a law” does not mean that an artificially low speed limit is the only solution. I live at the corner of two local roads. Both have schools on them. The one road has a paved width of about two and a half lanes and is posted at 50 km/h. The other road has a paved width of about three and half lanes with parking only on one side and is posted at 40 km/h.

So the wider road – which carries far more traffic and has two bus routes – has a posted speed limit that is lower than than the narrower road. It’s clear that people complained on the wider road and got the city to lower the speed limit. But since the road is wide, people will exceed the artificially low speed limit.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Why not

I have an idea… Lets install lights and cross walks near schools and enforce the use of that for the students. There is no reason a child should ever be anywhere near the road… even at a school.

Every school I have ever gone to was on a campus that had very long driveways to prevent children from getting anywhere near a road. Then, they proceeded to not even put in school zones because there was adequate notification and enforcement to prevent students from going near a road. No-one was allowed to walk home from school. Either you were on a bus or in a parents car.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Why not

We design freeways to carry lots of vehicles at high speeds. Why can’t we design a road to slow down vehicles in school zones?


That makes sense, but also decreases our reliance other revenue-generating activities and especially technology! Think of the poor, poor guys who build the speed camera vans and Red-Light Cameras. They need jobs too!

But that idea makes too much sense, and why should we do anything sensible?

Speed wraither says:

Re: Re: Why not

Many roads designed for higher speeds have a lower speed limit NOT beacuse of the road design but becasue of PEDESTRIANS or added drives, etc.

I LOVE speed, but it has it’s time and place. 140 in the left lane of a deserted interstate is (in my sick mind) fun. 45 on surface streets and a kid running out in front of you is something altogether different.

I’ve always been a fan of the “Speed Hump” signs in Snellville , GA

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Duh

#8 and #11: You both are making the assumption that if someone’s driving fast that they aren’t considering the world around them — and, implicitly, that if someone is driving slow they’re the model of responsibility. In fact, a skilled and well-trained driver can drive at high speeds perfectly safely, given that the road is engineered for such. On the other hand, a slow-moving vehicle on an otherwise fast-moving road is a hazard to themselves and others and is no more aware of the world around them simply by virtue of moving slower. Being hit by 2 tons of metal still hurts when it’s “only” moving at 25mph.

Sean says:

What does a 25mph road look like?

A lot of comments are along the lines of “Why don’t [insert appropriate unaccountable authority here] put a 25mph road there and then I won’t drive at 45mph”

What does a 25mph road look like? Is it narrower (so that guy in the jeep can drive on the footpath)? Does it have a different road surface? Is it chicaned?

Most speedbumps I know of are in places where straight roads makes stupid people drive fast, ‘cos they like it and it feels good… as another commenter said, if you’re driving so fast that when you hit a speedbump, it wrecks your car, I say I’d rather you wreck your car than some kid on a bike.

James says:

Re: What does a 25mph road look like?

Right right…what what you forget is cars were designing for driving, and roads were designed FOR CARS!! Not kids on bikes.

What safety nazis forget is that cars were meant for moving on roads not parking on them, nor going slowly. I’d much rather see someone driving safely at a higher speed than a stupid driver driving at ANY speed.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: Re: Re: What does a 25mph road look like?

So what part of “driving safely at a higher speed” equals “driving too fast” in your brain? Cause I can drive at 45mph much more safely than most drivers can at 25mph.

And for the record, a safe driver will either a) see a child long before they even think about darting out into the street because they are aware of the world around them or b) slow down because they realize there are obstacles that prevent them from seeing well enough to know if there are children in the area.

That said, in the past week I’ve had no less than 4 bicyclists try to dart in front of my car and each was easily in their 30’s or above.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: What does a 25mph road look like?

so… it is the driver’s fault that the parents are so inept that the child darts into the street? I think not. Parents need to take precautions to prevent their children from running into a street. Again, roads are made for cars, playgrounds and yards are for kids. Put up a fence that prevents children from running into the road.

And before you get on that high horse and think that I am some raging teenybopper without children, you are sorely mistaken. I have 4 children and none of them are allowed anywhere near any form of working street. I have built a wall around my property to prevent my children from ever being able to leave the yard without parental intervention. I also have cameras with motion sensors pointing at the gates and I get alerted on my cell whenever anything trips the sensors.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 What does a 25mph road look like?

It is not mini-Berlin, nor is it small. 10 Acres is a nice piece of land. I built the wall by hand over the years growing up. The kids have a fully functional playground and everything. Hell… the house is a playground. I have been tinkering with the house all my life. No need for the kids to play in the road like little shit bags from the ghetto.

But you know why they play in the street… because they are too uneducated to know who Darwin is. Good thing for the rest of us. Less pieces of shit to later vote for someone just because they share the same skin color.

And just for you that thing I live in the country or the burbs, I live in the middle of Detroit. The hardcore urban nature of the city has taken over my neighborhood.

al says:

Re: Re: What does a 25mph road look like?

“Roads were designed FOR CARS”

Hello?!? where do you live?!?

In my neck of the woods, roads existed long before there were cars. Granted, as technologies have developed, the nature of a road has also evolved but first and foremost, roads are still designed for transportation.

Sadly, most of us prefer to sit in a gas guzzling SUV rather than on a bike but where they are allowed, cars and bikes must both share the road. And yes, we have to watch for kids and other vehicles… oh, yeah, we also have to observe the posted speed limit and other markings.

Jason says:

Re: Re: Re:2 What does a 25mph road look like?

Dude, take your sarcasm blinders off for a minute. The point is that despite your assertion, roads are NOT just for cars. People walk along roads, they cross them, they ride bikes on them, and the law provides for this.

Your statement that roads are just for cars is just as arbitrary and artificial as the laws that say otherwise. The only difference is that only one of those opinions is an actual authority here.

Seriously, you write as though life should be your own personal pan pizza.

Jason says:

Re: Re: What does a 25mph road look like?

Right right…what what you forget is cars were designing for driving, and roads were designed FOR CARS!! Not kids on bikes.

Except for the ones that lead to Rome.

I’d much rather see someone driving safely at a higher speed than a stupid driver driving at ANY speed.

Unfortunately natural statistical variation makes a bloody dump heap out of your model for driving.

Steve says:

25mph roads

I’m also confused, I never heard of a road ‘designed’ for 45mph. Are you suggesting they put dirt roads in slower traffic areas? Also there’s the whole point about emergency vehicles being able to get through. Many 25mph speed limits are in areas of high pedestrian traffic. Just because you’re capable of going 45 on a road doesn’t mean you should.

Anonymous Coward says:

I like what a town here in Central Florida does. It has small trailer size units that have a large display of the speed limit, a radar device, and a display that shows your actual speed. No police are around. No tickets are given. No cameras to record your every move. It is simply a way of reminding people about the speed limit. Of course, these units are moved around throughout the city on a daily basis.

What a concept. Helping people instead of punishing them.

Joel Coehoorn says:


They’ve been studying the effects of placing a chevron pattern at key locations on freeways in Milwaukee, and 2 years in it still seems to be effective. Note that they’re not trying to ‘trick’ anyone into thinking there’s a speedbump there. They are trying to indicate to drivers that this is a particularly dangerous stretch of road, which is true.

rosedragon (user link) says:

speed bumps in Indonesia

Some speed bumps in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, where I live, doesn’t use colors. So its color are as same as asphalt. They are put on alleys and such residences territory and made by the residential leader pointed by government or residential owner.

Usually accidents that happen inside the capital is at night, when ppl speeding for fun or to get home as quick as possible after overtime.

Outside towns there was more accidents, usually because trucks or bus that driven by sleepy driver. On some occasions, caused by drunk driver. The numbers of accidents increase drastically every rainy days.

Meeee says:

We’ve used fake speedbumps in the UK for ages. Not exactly the same as the ones in that article, but using paint and angles to make it look like an actual speedbump is nothing new over here.

It doesn’t really do any harm. They just look like regular square speed bumps. But the one in that article look like dangerous things (if they were real and not just paint). If I saw it in the road, I wouldn’t think “that is a speed bump, I should slow down”, I’d think “that’s something dangerous in the road, I should go around it”.

Mark Slade says:

Lack of respect for cars

By and large, people have a gross disrespect for cars, how fast they go, how heavy they are, and how easily they can kill even at low speeds. The problem is that the idea of a “speed limit” has been watered down so much over the years that now it’s just a “speed suggestion”, and most people follow it only when they think there may be a ticket involved. Often times in highway areas one needs to speed to avoid being put into far more danger (tail-gating) than if they were going the speed limit.

I, for one, would welcome it if one day the law enforcement decided to — you know — enforce the law, and started ticketing people for going 46 in a 45, etc. There would be a lot of angry drivers for a while, but so what? They’re breaking the law.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Lack of respect for cars

There’d also be a lot more disputes and a lot more cost involved if you ticketed people going 46 in a 45 zone, if for no other reason than the fact that radar guns aren’t that accurate. How would you like to be ticketed going 44 in a 45 zone? More to the point, if you were, would you pay it or justly dispute it?

Traffic Man says:

Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps are usually put in on Residential streets where there has been excessive speeding way and above the normal speed limit, or where there have been many accidents(car and Human).

Plus you just can’t put in a speed bump without having to display a posted sign warning of the upcoming road bump.

Common people. Slow down in residential area’s. If you are so lazy and have to put your foot all the way to the floor every where you go, then you deserve to have a broken suspension.


Sumbuddy Stoopid says:

This Comment Rox!!!

I used to drive a company van, and was on a time limit to get to my next call. I’d hit speed bumps at 30mph, and faster sometime (If it was not a busy parking lot) Dodge caravans have great suspension! Or those big ones in the reidentials, I hit one at 50 one time and sent parts flying all over the back of the van.. Good time… By the way, I got charged 100 Bucks an hour for every hour I was late, and it was a state contractor, never got pulled over for anything… That was the worst job I’ve ever had though, never deal with that again!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 South Korea

Note that SK said “at irregular intervals.” Yeah, maybe if you spent each day memorizing the trip like it was a video game you’d master it, but in general most would just slow down.

Do you have a learning disability? It might take that for you, but most people would learn which ones were fake the first time through.

Jason says:

Re: Re: Re:3 South Korea

Holy crap, if you just have to be right about something, then fine.

You’re right, people probably will never slow down no matter what. I’m an effin retard for not knowing that. Now hurry up and get your last word in, rest assured, you’re right about that, too, and then piss off.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:4 South Korea

Holy crap, if you just have to be right about something, then fine.

It was just an intuitive guess but those turn out to be right surprisingly often.

You’re right, people probably will never slow down no matter what.

I see you have problems with reading comprehension too because I never said that.

I’m an effin retard for not knowing that.

Acknowledgment is one thing, but you really shouldn’t talk about yourself that way. After all, it probably isn’t your fault.

…piss off

I’ll overlook that, considering your difficulties.

Anonymous Coward says:

I hate speed bumps. My car can’t even get over half of them without bottoming out… thus I’m forced to do about 1mph in a 25mph zone. Oh, also have to take it at an angle which means, the vast majority of the time, I end up having to go into the other lane (usually oncoming) so that means a complete stop until it’s free as well. Here’s an idea, stop putting in speed bumps and hold people accountable for their poor driving habits.

texasteeler says:

Better than speed bumps

I went to a small college in VA called Hampton University. They have speed bumps mainly, but in one area, there are speed DIPS. Basically a trench which was painted bright yellow like speed bumps usually are. I promise you’ll only go over one at full speed once.

Some people asking, “what is a road designed for 45mph?” They are just trying to be smart asses. How many times have you gotten on a road and there hasn’t been a speed limit sign? What speed did you drive? Did you drive 45 of 50 because that’s what is seemed like the speed limit should be, or did you just drive 25 because that’s the lowest it could be and you wanted to avoid a ticket?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Better than speed bumps

No, seriously explain to me what a road designed for 45mph looks like…
You can’t do it, because everyone handles a car differently. Where I grew up I can do 70, I bet you would be lucky to do 55…There is no such thing as a road designed for a certain speed.

Speed Wraither says:

Re: Re: Better than speed bumps

You are a moron. Most roads are designed with a set speed in mind.

Idiots like you should have their fingers bound so typing would not be an option. Just becusue you feel safe at 70 doesn’t mean you are. Time and chance WILL get you or another idiot driving 70 will.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Better than speed bumps

Wow, now that you have spelled it out, it is all so clear…
dumb ass you didn’t answer the question and you attacked.

Roads are designed with access in mind…they are designed to get you from point a to point b, the speed is determined by the actual layout of the road…that is determined by the ground type, right of way access, and other factors. No road has ever been built with the idea that people should only be going a set speed.

Speed limits are determined by the gradiant of the road, the curve of a turn, etc.

Gyffes (profile) says:

Hold people accountable -- HOW?

Really, while I’d like permission to mount a .50 caliber to my hood and help enforce good driving habits, it’s not likely to happen. We already have too few cops out there trying to enforce the laws that’re in place and humans have shown a remarkable indifference towards doing what’s right/common sense.

Given that, how do you propose to get people to do what they’re SUPPOSED to without hurtling us even faster towards Total Police State and putting cameras on every corner?

Get real, folks. Things like speed bumps/tables (larger flatter bumps), the radars-on-wheels mentioned above (which have been shown to have a real impact on speeding for a fair amount of time after their removal), the occasional camera (provided the city isn’t doing what many in Texas did and illegally shorting the yellow signal to increase revenue) at busy intersections and a few extra vigilant cops are all we have to try and hold the morons in check.

Oh, and one last point: it’s prettymuch a given that if you SAY you’re a good driver, you aren’t. Especially if you’re doing it while admitting that you speed.

You’re not a good driver, you’re just a chump. And a chump who’s wasting fuel, to boot.

Me says:


I can’t remember the name of the device sadly. What I’m thinking of is where you put obstacles near the road that make the road seem more narrow. It’s been proven that this slows traffic without actually putting anything on or in the road. This would allow emergency vehicles free access, snow plows wouldn’t have to worry about speed bumps, suspension issues are gone. Don’t hire a civil engineer, hire a psychologist. Oh, fake police cars work well to, when moved around appropriately and sometimes replaced with a real officer giving tickets.

Anonymous Coward says:

Clear proof

…of what’s wrong with America. Very high percentage of response are the usual rationalizations. “Well, my community has gotten together and decided what the speed limits should be in order preserve the lives and property of the residents… but fuck ’em and feed ’em cheese because I want to drive 45 mph in a 25 mph zone”.

Look at the extremes people will go to in order to rationalize their behaviour. They’ll argue that it’s the fault of the city – but they won’t get off their ass to get the laws changed. They’ll make completely irrelevant mention of driver skills. Yeah I’m sure Shumacher could negotiate a 25mph road at 125mph – WTF does that have to do with ensuring the lives and safety of the people who live on or use that street? That’s what speed limits do, that’s the only reason they exist! Then there are the people who rationalize that by speeding they’re saving money, and we all know that in America lives and safety are *nothing* compared to our own selfish urges and our own pocket books. School zone full of young children? Fuck ’em, I want to drive fast. House with deaf kids on the street? Fuck ’em, the speed limit looks “too low” to me.

It’s a simple thing to call the street department or talk to someone on the city council and begin the process of getting a speed limit changed. That’s what your local government is there for (assuming you got off your ass and voted). It’s entirely likely (almost a certainty) that the speed limit is already logically and legally set to a reasonable maximum.

That won’t stop the average American from posting “Yeah I just drive 45 in the school zones because I don’t give a fuck about anyone else except me”.

Funny thing about those flying through speed bumps is this: they can’t even do basic math.

One mile stretch of road at 30mph = 2 minutes
One mile stretch of road at 60mph = 1 minute

So basically if you double the speed limit *and* you have a flying start and finish *and* there is zero traffic *and* there are no traffic controls (that will complete negate any time benefit) then you could save at most 60 seconds by putting other people and their property at risk. The reality is that when intersections and traffic signals are factored in the “benefit” on average is so close to zero that you have to resort to posting rationalizations on the web and calling them “logic”… otherwise the entire exercise is pointless.

Quite a few of us are laughing at you when you fly through the school zones and blow off the speed limits and “trash your suspension” on speed bumps, because we pull up right beside you at the next intersection, same position we were in at the last intersection (and the one before that and the one before that…) You’re the only idiot that thinks you’re gaining something.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Re: Clear proof

Finally someone gets the point. Speed limits aren’t just for public safety but for traffic control.

There is a stretch of road that I drive on every day. I found that if I speed I sit in a line of traffic for about 5 minutes. If I go the speed limit I just have to stop at the sign and that’s it. No traffic in front of me, but there is a line of cars behind me that just bring the traffic back. That’s what you get for going 65 in a 35/25 (not kidding). If people went the speed limit there would not only be less wrecks but less traffic as well.

Jason says:

Re: Re: Clear proof

Actually, it’s often based upon a traffic control programming matrix that factors in average traffic, seasonal variation, and different travel times so that driving the limit causes good flow, and driving over the limit causes unnecessary pileups do to the undeniable effect of too much statistical variation in interdependent systems.

Anonymous Coward says:

Fuck the children. Yeah, I said it. If a kid can’t look both ways before wandering into the street, then his or her parents need to watch him/her. Otherwise, it’s a kid that’s going to grow up and be an idiot who was raised by idiots. We have too many of those already.

Drive 90 and let nature take its course.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

and if I strayed out of my parent’s yard, I got my ass beat. I sure learned to obey. Not to mention my dad decided to take a water melon and roll it in the road during a peak traffic period. It got trashed. He told me that would be me if I ever ran into the road. I learned from it.

Too often, now days, children have to be spoon fed everything. They are not allowed to learn from their mistakes. I let my kids do all kinds of dangerous stuff; short of running in the road. They fall, they get hurt. They learn from it. Of course, not always on the first time, but the learn. Most children now days don’t learn. they figure everything they need is on google. I hate to tell them, but google does not replace common sense and basic cognitive ability.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:5 Re:

Why should I give a flying shit about the children? I teach my children right from wrong, watch them when they’re playing, and act like a parent. I have a German Shepherd that has been taught to round them up when they get too near the road as well (in case I can’t get to them in time). My kids don’t even try to go in the street.

If someone can’t keep control of their kid, maybe they should have their kid yanked out of their custody before being sent somewhere that their butthole is stretched by someone who is in jail for killing horses with his penis.

Jason says:

Re: Re: Re:6 Re:

Ha, ha, okay Howard! Good one! You keep your kids locked in an attack-dog guarded, Nazi concentration camp in the middle of urban Detroit and scare them shitless by doing public traffic stunts with melons? That’s funny!

Hey, sell the fort, so you can get acting lessons if you still plan to ‘act like a parent’, and tell Gary and the gang hello. I haven’t really watched since college but remember it fondly. Thanks, but I’m done.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:6 Re:

Wow…I feel sorry for your kids…They are children and impulsive, that is the very nature of being a child. I am sorry you had to buy a dog to do that for you, but then again, I thought your kids never even went near the street…

Damn this post is full of paradox’s made by militant morons who think they can understand the mind of a child….I hate to tell you it can’t be done.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

ah, Thank you…so you admit you did, so it happened.

I thought you were perfect and it never happened, yet you got your ass beat…so it did, but wait you didn’t, but you got punished for doing something you didn’t do….

damn I am confused…did you do it or not..if you did your argument is flawed, if you didn’t, why did you imply you did?

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