Yahoo Needs To Go Private To Right Itself

from the staying-public-is-dangerous dept

Pretty much everyone now recognizes that Yahoo needs to reinvent itself these days. Its image and brand have been severely tarnished due to both poor management choices, an inability to compete successfully with search advertising and (of course) the fight concerning the possibility of a Microsoft merger. But, of course, all of this has only made the spotlight shine even more brightly on management — which makes it much, much harder for the company to reinvent itself. So, I’m in agreement with those who think the real answer is for some private equity firms to take Yahoo private. Outside of the glare (and short-term focus) of the public markets, Yahoo might have the chance to reinvent itself for real, rather than being pulled in a different direction every few months. It can then return to the public markets later, or potentially sell itself again to another company under more favorable terms.

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Comments on “Yahoo Needs To Go Private To Right Itself”

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some old guy says:


yes, you get points for irony there. I avoided yahoo cause it aimed to be the slums of the net, and they achieved that goal. Never really wanted to be associated with rednecks. And rednecks love yahoo. So maybe its more than just their name, it was also their advertising. Just watching one of their ads made me feel dirty. Google tho… well, I’ve never seen a google ad. And instead of trolling for rednecks on their main page, they showed class by never ever even so much as having a single ad on the most viewed page on the net. That’s class, even if they do have a silly sounding moniker.

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