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Court Rules That Your Text Messages Are Private

from the good-for-them dept

A few months ago, we noted that New York City was demanding text messages sent by some people as part of an investigation. This was just the latest in a long line of requests for text messages, where questions have been raised about whether or not those messages should be considered private. Now, a court in the 9th circuit has said that there’s a reasonable expectation of privacy on text messages, and a company revealing them without consent from either the sender or the recipient represents a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

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Comments on “Court Rules That Your Text Messages Are Private”

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Billy Bob Buck says:

privacy of e-mails

Didn’t y’all notice? That decision was laid down by the 9th District Court of Appeals. They are the most LIBERAL, most KOOKY, and the most overturned (by the U S Supreme Court) of any district court in our fair land. Shucks, those guys are loopy. So y’all just forget what them “judges” say, and watch yur email!

eric says:

text message

Well I have a question, I wa the subject of a drug sting. I know a littleoff the wall, do not worry they are all my scripts. The cops picked up a friend of mine walking down the street and said she matched a runaway, she is 26. the cops jusmped 1 took her phone 1 her purse other her. Went through the phone and she “I guess sent my wife a text askinh for something. The cops arrestedher for Obbstruction of justice. so she showed them my house where they proceded to enter my back dioor and put a gun tomy 8 month preg wife, she thought we were getting robbed. well they walked upto me and grabed myphone and propped up at my dest . I told him were my scripts were so they wouldn’t destroy my house.
PLease lead me in the right direction, Thank you all my long lost friends.

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