Taking The Day Off?

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Around 10:30 am this morning, seemed to have disappeared from the internet, popping up a “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” message, which suggests a rather catastrophic failure. The fact that it’s been doing that for about an hour now, and there still hasn’t even been a “sorry we’re down” type message to replace it certainly can’t be a good sign. Other parts of Amazon’s business do appear to be working (I was able to login to my Amazon s3 account, for example), but still, this doesn’t seem like the type of Friday that Amazon was probably expecting. Update: Amusingly, Amazon is referring to this as an “unplanned event.” Why, that makes it sound fun!

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Comments on “ Taking The Day Off?”

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Paul says:

Is anyone else getting this weird error? It seems that its detecting that I am a robot? How absurd is that.

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Q: How can I operate a robot and not get this page?
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Q: What are some general tips for people writing robots?
A: First, you should see if there is a better method to get the information you need. For example, Amazon Web Services provides a rich set of APIs to retrieve the information displayed on many of Amazon’s web pages (prices, reviews, sales rank, etc). Because Amazon Web Services exposes a stable set of APIs that provide structured data it is often much easier to retrieve information via this method. You’ll be able to find out more about Amazon Web Services at Second, you should identify your robot using a unique user agent string that provdes a way we can get in touch with you if necessary. For example, here is Google’s user agent string Googlebot/2.1 (+

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