Congressmen Not Happy About Charter's Plan To Sell Out Users To Advertisers

from the might-want-to-think-twice dept

While Charter Communications is out defending its efforts to inject ads into your surfing activities by collecting data on where you surf, it appears that some powerful Congressional Representatives are suggesting that Charter might want to think twice about implementing this. Reps. Ed Markey and Joe Barton (who both have a fair amount of power in Congress) have sent Charter a letter warning the company that doing this without letting people affirmatively opt-in may violate the Communications Act, which limits what cable companies can do with customer records. What’s really surprising is that, after so much anger over similar efforts in the UK (including similar questions about legality) that Charter forged right ahead with a nearly identical plan in the US, positioning it as an “enhancement.” Update And on top of this, reports are now coming out that opt-ing out of this system isn’t so easy after all.

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Comments on “Congressmen Not Happy About Charter's Plan To Sell Out Users To Advertisers”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

um, you mean this guy is bought and paid for by the telco, as opposed to the cabletelco.

Well, both Markey and Barton have their fair share of ridiculousness (check out Barton’s hearings on video game violence, for example), but in Markey’s case, he’s definitely not paid for by the telcos. He’s the guy pushing for net neutrality regulations that the telcos hate.

claire rand says:


given this is already illegal in the UK, and appears to be going ahead anyway.. the police refuse to touch it and the governbent has said its a matter for the police.

oh and they have set the law governing such things so that *only* the governbent can start a legal case…

don’t hold your breath, once it becomes common knowlegde among the monkeys in power that they can see *everything* you see on line they will start salivating at the posibilities to ‘protect the children’ etc.

Chris in Missouri says:

Not Just Charter

My ISP is Centurytel. Five days ago, my antivirus prog started warning me about a sudden flood of tracking cookies on my system. Prior to June 14, it was unusual for AVG to find more than a half-dozen such cookies during the daily scan. Suddenly it was finding seventy to ninety per scan. I’d erase them each time; the next day they’d be back. I couldn’t figure out what was going on–my browsing habits hadn’t changed–until last night when someone sent me a copy of the report on NebuAd and the cookies it generates. Sure enough, those were the cookies that were being placed on my machine.

I deleted them and replaced them with empty read-only files with the same names today. We’ll see how that works.

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