Sen. Arlen Specter Demands Investigation of Spying… In The NFL

from the priorities dept

Sometimes, no amount of snark can top the real world. Threat Level notes that “Arlen Specter, the Republican leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Wednesday demanded an independent investigation into ‘Spygate.'” Not the administration’s various warrantless eavesdropping programs, but allegations that the New England Patriots have been secretly recording the signals of opposing teams. Because, of course, Congress has nothing more important to worry about than cheating in football. This is particularly galling when juxtaposed with reports that the administration has unveiled (sort of) a “cyber-security” proposal that includes expanded spying on the Internet. That is something that could use more scrutiny from Congress. Indeed, because the Bush administration has shrouded details of its surveillance programs in secrecy, Congress has a unique role in investigating the proposal and exposing any aspects that could violate civil liberties. And the Ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee would be a big help in those efforts. But unfortunately, the threat of expanded spying in the NFL is such a serious problem that Sen. Specter doesn’t seem to have much time to investigate spying programs that affect those of us who don’t play football for a living.

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Comments on “Sen. Arlen Specter Demands Investigation of Spying… In The NFL”

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Anonymous Coward says:

News like this makes me wish I get hit by a bus in the morning, seriously someone put me out of my misery before my unchecked aggresion and rage from the endless onslaught of stupidity takes its hold and I start a new holocaust erradicating anyone with an IQ below 80. I cannot wait for the day when all the disconnected relcis of the days of old wither off and die so people who are concerned with the real issues at hand may replace an age of emotion and feeling with logic and reason.

Eileen says:

Re: Re:

RE: throwing yourself under a bus…

despite my dislike of social darwinism, I am starting to feel the same way. I’m seriously considering the “nuclear option” of just NOT listening or reading ANY news any more. It’s obvious that intelligent (and more importantly) rational and educated people are a minority, and we can’t win. I just want to unplug and enjoy the rest of my life without the morning rage I feel every day.

Vote the Bum Out says:

I can’t think of a better argument for term limits for ALL elected positions. Two terms and out for all of the bums. Then the ‘power’ they misuse will go away (after a full cycle) and maybe some people that know what life is like in the real world (where you have to work for a living) is like and the priorities can be shifted back to important work.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Um....I'm confused...

Ah scott, of course there’s a war going on, but War Is Peace after all! Nothing to worry about, and if there is any domestic spying going on, our government would protect us, until then our Ignorance Is Bliss. And just because we fear what we say because of who may be listening doesn’t mean we don’t have freedom of speech. After, true Freedom Is Slavery.

Silly proletariats.

Chuck says:

Specter another disgruntled fan

I would assume the Senator much more to worry about. I just see another disgruntled fan of Pittsburgh and Philly trying to get justice for his teams getting beat. New England was fined heavily, tapes destroyed, was not hidden and the Senator keeps pressing on. Even the coach of the St. Louis Rams mentioned they turned the ball over three times in that Super Bowl game at the worst times. It happens it’s a game.

These rules wouldn’t be in place if teams of old weren’t breaking them to begin with. Just as a reminder we have a war going on here, lives are being lost, money is being spent. Let’s focus on running the country.

If he wants an investigation due to “integrity” lets open the whole can and get rid of every player with drug charges, domestic abuse charges, driving charges etc. I am tired of opening my RSS Reader just to see 20 new feeds on some player in trouble with the law.

Freedom says:

Sad to be a Republican...

Need I say more! Oh well, at least I put my money where my mouth is and contributed to Ron Paul.

Hmmm… Let’s see, gas crisis, privacy crisis, federal abuse of basic freedoms that America was built upon, housing crisis, social security crisis, Iraq War, decling value of dollar, and recession… Oh wait, I almost forgot, the great NFL crisis. Damn, sure glad we caught that one in time!

So let’s see if I have this straight. It is bad for Patriots to spy. It is good for the federal government to spy. Guess it is back to my logic class – I must have missed something!


OnePissedOffAmerican says:

To Hell In A Handbacket


That’s the number of years I have bet with my wife that America has left.

If I win, we all lose.

Oh there will still be an America, just not like you see it today. I envision either one of these scenarios…

A North American Union (like the European Union) of Canada, the US and Mexico ruled by a quasi socialist/communistic type government that eventually will break the backs of the people and turn us into a 3rd world nation


More likely, a set of independent nations, some extremely leftist, liberal communist states and some ultra conservative states with a few middle of the road states where most of us will migrate to.

This is the future of this nation when the government spends more time policing baseball and football than adhereing to the tenants of the Constitution and the rule of law. God help us all…

Bill Castello (user link) says:

Re: To Hell In A Handbacket

“To Hell In A Handbacket” (sp) uses a stand of Arlen Specter’s to rant against the left??? Does he not understand that Specter is a right-winger?

Does fact and logic mean nothing to the far right anymore? Aren’t you guys getting tired of trying to scare us by saying the Dems are socialists? After eight years of Bush, anything will be better, but neither Clinton nor Obama are socialists, even if they want national heatlth care. Free enterprise and profit motivation is super-great for most business, but not for police; fire fighters and medical workers.

OnePissedOffAmerican says:

Re: Re: To Hell In A Handbacket

He’s a republican, not a right-winger….There is a difference.

It seems that in the last 10 years or so, the republican AND democrat parties have been hijacked by ultra left wing agendas. This is the reason why we the people have NO representation in our own government anymore. The republicans of the regan era were conservatives. The democrats of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were even moderate conservatives and had America’s best interest at heart to some degree. This is no longer the case for any party or any section of the Government. You and I, the people are left twisting in the wind bracing for the next moronic congressional, presidential or judicial move that serves nothing but to increase governmental control over our lives. You can make fun of my views if you want, but while you do, please understand that its pointless since I’m not your enemy. You are not mine, we are all in the crosshairs of BIG BROTHER and it is the never ending chipping away of common sense by congressmen and women on both sides of the aisle, the never ending shift to oligarchy by out of control judges, the never ending slide to oblivion by presidents who slowly gain more and more power with each new term that will eventually kill us all…not literally of course…. I hope.

A. L. Flanagan (profile) says:


The Republicans can’t investigate anything the President does. Whay? Because they’re afraid if they move a rock they’ll uncover something even more shocking. They’re already scared to death (with good reason) about this November. Another big (bigger?) scandal would put even more of them out on the streets.

Wait until President Obama authorizes the war crimes investigations.

/At least maybe the unemployed Repubs will have more aid to the poor after the Dems take over.
//But they’ll all get hired by the oil companies/banks anyway.

Xalorous says:

waste and abuse

1. No fraud but waste and abuse certainly apply here.
2. Last time I checked, football, and the other professional sporting leagues, are private businesses, unregulated by the federal gov’t. Gov’t has no business messing about with private businesses.
3. I remember hearing about congress looking at this when it happened back during the past season. I thought it was a waste of time and taxpayer’s money then. I haven’t changed my mind.
4. I agree with term limits. These people are out of touch with the real world. Maybe rotating people in more often will allow them to serve without losing touch with real people.

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