Are People In China Happy With The Great Firewall?

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We’ve heard this argument plenty of times in the past, but a recent study suggests that 85% of people surveyed in China are perfectly fine with the Great Firewall, saying that they believe the government has a responsibility to “protect” them from dangerous content. Of course, this is always how the government has positioned the filter: not as “blocking” content it doesn’t like, but as protecting citizens from “dangerous” content. Before people act surprised about this, take a step back and recognize that if you did the same study in the US, asking if the government should be protecting children from “bad stuff” online, many Americans would naturally say yes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that either is okay — but does suggest how different the answers are based on how the question is positioned.

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Comments on “Are People In China Happy With The Great Firewall?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

“You are absolutely correct. Only Americans have the desire to be free from tyranny and oppression.”

My point exactly, what American’s are thinking is the peak of human existence is considered by other cultures as a society of “tyranny and oppression”.

The current government endorsing torture.

No right to privacy or a trial if the current government deems you a national threat.

Starting wars on no grounds. Killing over 100,000 innocents in another country because they are… what? Not of same faith? Government conviction?

Take a look around you and see what a country can be like. You will see that America is a turd that people of pride keeps polishing. Still a turd though.

Indeed a nation free of “tyranny and oppression”.

Wes says:

Re: Re:

Are you crazy?


Comparing the minor trangresstions of a few isolated examples is silly.

Have you ever met anyone from Iraq? I have several friends from Iran and Iraq and I can tell you they want those people even less than they want the americans.

There are obvious exaples of breaches of power and authority, but in time they will be resolved. Do you think that the same will happen in China? In america (and the rest of the free world) you have something called choice. You can choose to do nothing and let the bad eggs ruin the county for the rest of us. That is your choice. But at least you have a choice.

That is the essence of freedom. Not some silly rant about how George bush is the Spawn of Satan.

Get a life

Micha says:

China's Firewall

China has been okay with Americans for the most part and we did help them in WWII with the Flying Tigers and other deeds. I feel China is a huge military problem with the sub bases and large standing army. Yet Vietnam militia beat back three large forces with just the crap we left behing in our rapid departure. The China firewall is just an example of how they stay just under the radar… Look out America and Israel and Britain and even EU nations they are blocking now but soon will be opening up.

Kenneth P. Turvey (user link) says:


We certainly have our problems in the US, but to compare the freedom of the Chinese favorably to the freedom enjoyed by US citizens and residents is really stretching the limits of credulity.

On the subject of spreading democracy.. Democracy isn’t always a good thing. If the entire world were run by a democracy it would look much more like Iran and China than like the US. People would clamor for the government to protect them from the evils of the world and it would. Most people in the world do not have any concept of a right to free expression or religion, or many of the other rights we all expect in the US. Why is torture common in China? Because many of the Chinese see it as way to protect their neighbors from the bad guys. Why is the great firewall there? Because many Chinese think that the average citizen can’t be trusted with all the information available on the Internet.

Iran, in many ways, is a functioning democracy. It just isn’t the kind that we want.

Nicholas Iler says:

From Inter-net to Muti-net

The problem with doing this kind of harsh blocking of what you consider harmful and what is not breaks the internet in to muti-networks. As an Network Administrator I have seen in many cases when we set out to block harmful websites we often end up also blocking very useful websites.

Same goes for email and spam protection. You can no longer be certain that you are receiving everything that was sent to you with good intentions. It is often a possibility that something useful has gone straight to spam.

But these examples are pretty harmless. I believe the best way to protect your citizens is not by creating Muti-nets, we’ve had muti-nets since the telephone.

A better way would be to distribute certified routers that have rules predefined with updates and allow those who are nervous and not net savvy to protect them selves and the rest be apart of the Internet.

Internet is a world wide network. Why break that up?

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