What, You Thought The Whole Yahoo/Microsoft Thing Was Over?

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You just knew that the whole Yahoo/Microsoft deal wasn’t really over and done with, right? Rumors started spreading yesterday that billionaire investor and professional “shake things up” guy Carl Icahn was going to put forth his own slate for the Yahoo board (after buying up a bunch of shares in the company) which would allow him to create a board that would sell the company off to Microsoft. Those kinds of rumors don’t just magically come out of nowhere, so it should come as no surprise that it looks like, indeed, Icahn will be putting forth his own list of potential board members. As plenty of people have noted, this ought to be fun to watch. Dealing with Steve Ballmer is one thing, but taking on Icahn isn’t something that many do successfully. Of course, the real question is what does Icahn do with Yahoo should he gain control over the board. Many are assuming that he’ll sell it off to Microsoft, which assumes that Microsoft is willing to come back to the table. Either way, it seems like what we witnessed over the last few months was merely Act One. Act Two may be a lot more exciting.

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Comments on “What, You Thought The Whole Yahoo/Microsoft Thing Was Over?”

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Steve says:

Go Microsoft

I think it is a great idea for microsoft. I love their products, and i believe they would make yahoo a much better company.

i know all my tech friends would love to work at microsoft, so they must not be to bad a place to work for.

that’s my 2 cents and they count just as much as anyone elses

Annonymous Predator says:

Re: Let's face it

Makes room for more productive and creative companies? What does? Being Assimilated into the MS mess?

History has taught us that MS – LOVES to BUY – then KILL companies…

Firefly – 1999
Caligari – 2008

There are a bunch of other older apps that at one point had enhanced our lives… The older tech out there can assist in building a list of apps that we loved and MS took away…

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