TorrentSpy, Though Out Of Business, To Appeal Massive Fine

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Following yesterday’s $110 million fine against TorrentSpy, ostensibly for copyright infringement, but really for destruction of evidence, we figured that the whole thing would drop, as the company has already shut down. But… not so fast. The company has decided to appeal, claiming that the result was a Hollywood PR stunt. Given the way the MPAA tried to claim that this ruling acted as a warning to other torrent trackers, he has a point. Still, given the destruction of evidence in this case, it may not be the model case on these issues. There are plenty of other cases, such as those against The Pirate Bay (in Sweden) and isoHunt that will be more important long term.

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Comments on “TorrentSpy, Though Out Of Business, To Appeal Massive Fine”

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MLS (profile) says:

Tilting at windmills

Ira Rothken, defendant’s counsel, apparently is a fan of Don Quixote by Cervantes. Given defendant’s deliberate destruction of evidence in an effort to hinder discovery, this is hardly the case to take forward on appeal with the hope of a reversal. There are times to fight and times to make a strategic retreat. This case clearly demands the latter.

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