Reporter Curses Out Sports Blogger — Bemoaning That Blogs Are Filled With Cursing

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Last week, we pointed out the amusing contrast of a corporate blogger winning respect for his coverage of the beer industry, while a supposed trade industry journalist admitted that his coverage was impacted by the fact that he felt this blog was competition. In the latest example of a reporter’s actions against a blogger making a much bigger point than his words, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter (and author of the book Friday Night Lights) Buzz Bissinger went on a curse-filled rant against bloggers on Bob Costas’ show. The rant was mainly directed at Deadspin author Will Leitch. Amusingly, Leitch (who Bissinger accused of being crass and unprofessional) remained calm, thoughtful and respectful through the conversation. What was so amazing is that Bissinger displays almost every trait that he trashes Leitch and other bloggers for.

Of course, this sort of rant from a traditional reporter is nothing new — but it’s based on a misunderstanding of what’s happening. He cherry picks some examples of silly blog posts, and then assumes that represents the entire concept. That, of course, is exactly wrong (though, perhaps not as ridiculous as Costas, who later in the show suggests he doesn’t understand the difference between blog posts and blog comments). No one denies that as you expand the “long tail” of content out there, that you get a lot more crap. That’s not even worth pointing out. But, that doesn’t mean that the good stuff doesn’t rise to the top — and it does so by finding an audience. What Bissinger’s attack is really saying is that he knows he’s losing to the competition, and rather than up his game, his only response is to trash talk. It’s a rather sad position for such an esteemed journalist, and it’s insulting to his readership, as he’s suggesting that they’re too stupid to understand the difference between good writing and bad writing.

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Comments on “Reporter Curses Out Sports Blogger — Bemoaning That Blogs Are Filled With Cursing”

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hootnhowell says:

Out Blogging The Pro Writers?

Just where does he get off? Blogging is about giving voice to the little guy. Where on god’s green earth does it state only people with credentials should be read. People of all socio,economic/education levels are free to blog and attract what ever audience they can. Proffessional anyones should take note the www. is leveling the playing field and like your article suggests they should either up their game or shut the F*** up.

Mitur Binesderty says:


It’s typical. Republicans gay bash and most of them are closeted gays. People in sports say how nasty people like Howard Stern are but they’re the ones that, at the drop of a hat, go postal cursing and screaming and threating to cause bodily harm.

Oh, and sports are gay anyways. I mean only a gay man would want to watch a bunch of other men. Look at women’s sports, most fans of women’s sports are lesbians, so the corollary must also be true. If you watch sports you are probably gay. That’s why sports fans are so angry all the time, they hate themselves for being gay.

Oh, and why don’t sports fans have a sense of humor? They always take everything so seriously when in fact sports are the thing that matter the least. If every sports “star” died tomorrow there would be zero impact on the real world.

Hank (user link) says:

Re: Typical

First of all you make a valid point, somewhere in there, I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it has something to do with hypocrisy and irony joining forces to smite the evils of the world.

That aside, why bash sports so much? And why bash republicans?
One reason stands out, you must be a Hippie.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sports, except that most big starts believe they are entitled to millions per year for having a hobby as a job, but that’s a whole different subject. You probably wouldn’t be bitching so much if you could get paid to play D&D.

Mitur, stop being so bitter that you got picked last for kick ball and focus on what you are good at. We all need friends that know where to get the good weed. Oh, and come out of the closet already, you won’t be so angry about being gay.

GeneralEmergency (profile) says:

The days of "Broadcast Journalism" are dead.

The days of “Broadcast Journalism” are dead.

The ability to dispatch unopposed missives from ivory towers has passed. Today’s audience wants a say in things and if you don’t give it to them they will go elsewhere. This is one reason (amongst several) as to why newspapers are withering on the vine these days.

This is also why some of these journalists are angry. They are angry that their lofty bulwarks, esteemed (in thier minds anyway) positions on high of informational authority, are being undermined and challenged by…eee-Gad!…the audience!

Broadcast video journalism is next. As people become more literate and electronically socially engaged, they will be attracted to programming that allows them to comment, talk back, ridicule and argue. Even if these technologies are digital overlays on top of the broadcasted content mixed together at the home of the viewer without the permission of the broadcasted programming owners, it will happen.

This will then spawn new programming designed specifically to facilitate immediate audience feedback and participation.

People love to argue. Feel it. Embrace it. Make money off of it.

Ben (user link) says:

Saw the interview

What a moron is all I could keep saying.

Every bit of his argument supported Deadspin. It was like someone peeing into the winds of a hurricane. He just looked stupid and then he started swearing which made him look even dumber.

They (his generation) just doesn’t get it.

I like what Danny said above, “take your credentials and BLOG”. If your way is the best and only way, then get in there and start building readership.


barren_waste says:

Just another...

…of the countries “elite” showing his sophistication. You have to love the blinders that everybody with money seems to be wearing these days.

As to sports, all major sports stars are overpaid. There is no way that they should recieve more per-year than cops, judges, and the guy who makes sure the traffic lights work properly. The same could be said for all major artists of any type.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Just another...

While I would generally agree with you, the fact is that there’s A LOT of money to be made in professional sports, and none of that money happens without the athletes. You can only cut an athlete’s pay so much before it’s profitable to sign up with the competition. So it’s something of an arms race, and they get paid the large amounts because they’re an integral piece to the whole puzzle.

There’s not nearly as much monet to be made in any of the professions you listed.

barren_waste says:

Re: Re: Just another...

Notice I didn’t comment on how much money there is to be made, I commented on the worth of the “service” they offered as compared to other services. I don’t deny that the sports stars are integral parts of the sports industry, and they do deserve pay for that. However, thier service is in no way equitable to any of those I mentioned and that they get paid something on the order of a hundred times more is insulting. It’s not a question of where the money is, but a question of where it should be. It’s another indication of the failing mores of our society.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Just another...

There’s an interesting duiscussion in here, about social mores and relative salaries and the like, but it’s almost time for the afternoon commute.

As a point on that, though, I think it has less to do with social mores and more to do with market forces. The professions you noted are all government possitions and — especially in the case of judges — probably shouldn’t be laid bare to vulgar market forces. The pool of money put into government is much smaller than that available for entertainment and, in a way, I think that’s how it ought to be.

barren waste says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Just another...

That is a valid point, though I would contend that mores drive market forces. I do agree that government funding should be minimal, as that implies minimal interference in our daily lives. Also, the demands of the stars artificially inflate the markets. If thier salaries were kept in check by the market, there would be more money to spend on the comfort and enjoyment of the spectator. Better seating, better parking and transport, cheaper concessions. These things would all be possible, though, to be honest in light of the greed of the day, not probable, were the industry allowed to regulate the players salaries rather than the players regulating the industry. Can you honestly say that men and women making 100k, at the lowest, have a right to strike?

Hank (user link) says:


Really, if you look at the situation with sports players’ salaries, it all comes down to basic supply and demand. The American people demand entertainment and the sports industry supplies it. With limited sporting events per season, limited numbers of teams (decent teams anyway), a limited number of outstanding players per team, and a limited number of seats in each stadium, the supply is fairly short.

Of course the entire system could use an overhaul. It’s a little crazy that they get paid millions of dollars to play a sport. What’s even crazier is that people are willing to pay so much for tickets to see the game, a jersey with a player’s name and number on it, or even for a pair of shoes they endorse.

I can spend $85 for a polo shirt the the Tiger Woods “T” on it or I can spend $60 for the same polo shirt, just with Nike on it instead. That’s a 42% increase just because it has Tiger on it. Does it fit any better, last any longer, or improve your golf game? No.
Me personally, I’ll go to Target and pay $20 for the same shirt without a logo on it.

Sports stars may be over rated, but good for them if the public are willing to pay their inflated salaries.

Now if I could just start getting paid to sit on my porch and drink beer……….

barren waste says:

RE: Hmmm (Hank)

I have to disagree to the statement, “ all comes down to basic supply and demand.”. The sports industry, like all the entertainment industries, is being artificially manipulated. Ticket sales have gone down, due to a waning intrest in sports, yet the players demand and recieve raises. Were this actually following the principles of capitalism and free market economies the players would be getting reduced salaries, not increased.

It isn’t just the entertainment industries, either. Everytime the government raises the minimum wage, prices everywhere go up. Obviously this negates the effect of the raise, and the supply and demand did not change. The point of the raise is to increase spending, giving the economy a boost. This, however, fails as the people controlling the market then raise prices. The claim is that with the wage hike, production costs rise, and that cost has to be passed on to the consumer. This is untrue. Selling five items, at one dollar an item, beats out selling two items, at two dollars an item, every time. Yes, other things factor into it, transportation, packaging, quality assurance. That said, you can’t pay for those things if you don’t sell the product, and you can sell more product with lower prices. Logically, then, prices should be dropping due to our struggling economy. Anybody notice anything getting cheaper?

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