MPAA Decides Doesn't Have Enough Publicity

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The MPAA really is somewhat dense sometimes, isn’t it? Despite the fact that every time it sues some website for linking to unauthorized content, that site ends up with a ton more traffic, the MPAA keeps on suing. These lawsuits don’t slow the pace of unauthorized sharing one bit, but they do generate a ton of publicity for the activity the MPAA thinks it’s “cracking down” on. The latest is It’s a site I’ve never heard of, but thanks to a brand new lawsuit from the MPAA, plenty of people are learning all about the site. Even worse, like some of its ilk, Pullmylink appears not to actually host any infringing content. It merely links to it — which makes the claims of copyright infringement even more questionable. Surprisingly, even the Reuters report notes how questionable this is, quoting people pointing out that making linking illegal has all sorts of unintended consequences. In the meantime, the folks at Pullmylink should be happy. They’re about to get a ton more traffic.

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Comments on “MPAA Decides Doesn't Have Enough Publicity”

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MPAA Business Strategist says:


This is our new revenue strategy. We create publicity by suing sites with potential (but not enough, yet) that “infringe” on our content, then let the masses spread the word. Mike, you’ve had it right all along; we shut down one, and it opens up 10 more for us to sue. And there’s our brilliant business model. We have adapted Mike, contrary to your thoughts. We’ve adapted quite well.

FUD Buster says:

Is TechDirt Dense?

This site is a promoting, marketing tool for Pirate video on the net. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the pirates and they are coordinated.

Legally.. copyright the DMCA etc is all screwed up.. and the only way it gets fixed is by court cases where rulings happen that define what is legal or not.

Legal is the lowest standard to aspire too..
This site is no different than driving the car for the bank robbers. They are increasing the use of pirate videos via the Internet and profiting from it.

Legal or not..they had better hope they can make enough selling ads to pay for legal help.

I don’t know how the law will eventually work in this case..

But they are using pirated media to create profits for themselves.. I think the MPAA has a case worth hearing.

I do know this site is ethically just part of the “steal it because I can culture” that TechDirt sides with too often on the Internet.

PaulT (profile) says:


The most amusing thing about this, as well as the case a few months back, is that they expose a hole in the market that the studios should be interested in exploiting.

Namely, there are large numbers of people interested in a worldwide streaming service for movies and TV shows. They also apparently don’t mind reduced quality streams or clickthrough ads.

I swear, if as much time and money were poured into coming up with services the customer actually wants as is used fighting them, there would be no problem.

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