Prototype Goggles Make Sure You Never Lose Your Keys Again

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We’ve seen a whole bunch of different technology companies (and government agencies) experimenting with various projects that would allow people to wear a camera that would record everything they see and hear, as a sort of backup memory or backup brain. All of these projects are in the (completely) experimental stage, but some researchers in Japan may have come up with a nice little app to go along with them. It’s a prototype system that supposedly can recognize the different objects you see. The current version requires you to go around and train the system (i.e., “this is my iPod… these are my keys… this is my mobile phone”) and then it uses some recognition technologies to make a note every time you “see” one of those items. Then, if you happen to have lost something, you can just ask the system “where are my keys?” and it will play back the video of the last time you saw your keys. Depending on how well this works, it sounds quite cool. And, of course, the idea is to go much further, hitting “Terminator”-type levels of information display, including what kinds of flowers are you looking at and who is the person you’re talking to. Sounds like a wonderful solution for people who can’t remember anyone’s name. Of course, like all the other projects of this nature, it doesn’t sound likely that this will be hitting the market any time soon.

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Comments on “Prototype Goggles Make Sure You Never Lose Your Keys Again”

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Hellsvilla (user link) says:

I doubt it

Our brains have very little latency when it comes to retrieving information on demand. This proposed system will have an exceptionally high latency in comparison. This will make it seem cludgey and uncomfortable.

People don’t even like depending on accoustic enhancements because of how unnatural they feel to the user. This won’t really be any different.

However, if you can show me a society where even those that have good ears wear hearing aids, and I’ll believe in the viability of a psycho-visual aid. ’til then, forget it.

Andy says:

“I have to wear this because I’m too stupid to remember what my cell phone looks like.”

Plus, why are you hiding your keys? If they were in plain sight, where this thing could record them, you wouldn’t need this, you’d see them. If you lose your keys when they fall between the seats in the car, will they still show up on this system?

Brian says:

Re: Re:

I think what it’s saying is… if you tell the goggles you lost your keys… it will search its memory and tell you where you last saw them… not verifying if you are looking at them.

And no, they will not show up on the system if they fall between the car seat (and you don’t see it happen) BUT chances are… you’ll know where you last saw them… for example… if they drop out of your pocket while you are exiting… you’ll see yourself taking them out of the ignition… and if you drop them while entering the car… you’ll see yourself unlocking the door and/or putting them in your pocket.

Liam says:

better idea

put a little dongle on your keys that emits some sort of wave (no idea what), and these goggles, pick up the wave, and use 3D/reality mix to show a big bright glowing red dot to where the keys are, so if they are in the couch, there will be a dot on the couch and you just go over and rummage in there.

Similar to the real life/virtual reality pacman goggles.

Safety Dancer says:

Are you serious?!

Really Hellsvilla?! I would wear those goggles/enhancements because I cant remember where I left things. So your who theory of latency is shot to hell. If I cant remember shit, then how is the video gonna be slower then never. This is actually a killer tech, and I think that it would be widely used. I am always saying “I just saw my damn keys” and with this tech I can say “where are my keys” and before I could remember where my keys were a video would be playing. Your right in a sense that if I knew where my keys were to begin with it would be much faster then reviewing a video. But the whole reason for the tech is because I cannot remember where I left my shit….just think before you try to sound intelligent.

moore850 (profile) says:

That's not why people lose things

People mostly lose things because other people move them, not because they can’t remember where they put their items in the first place. Seeing the last place I put the keys doesn’t help me if they’re not there anymore. A much better technology to find my keys would be an rfid tag on my keys, and readers in each room so that at least the house could tell me what room they’re in.

Anonymous Coward says:

you could also

use it for face recognition. it could sample databases based on location to ease filtering. Cops could use it as a way of identifying criminals from out-of-state based off a database of known criminals at large. A eyewitness could also “tag” criminals in the act to perfectly recount what they looked like (if their face was unobstructed)…. or even make the list available to civilians to be the eye’s of the law.

another mike says:

target demographic

I think the target demographic is all the forgetful old coots wandering around not remembering where they put stuff. Like my grandmother who can’t remember she put her reading glasses in the fridge. But if their memory is that bad, they’ll spend three days looking for the goggles so it can show them where they left their teeth.
That’s got to be it. There are more oldtimers alive today than anytime in the past, especially in Japan and the US.
Anyway, I actually hope they get this to market before all the customers die of old age.

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