EA Makes A Bid For Take Two: Soon You'll Be Able To Shoot John Madden In GTA

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It really was only a matter of time after the announced ActiBlizsion merger that someone was going to make a bid for Take Two Interactive, makers of the super popular (if controversial) Grand Theft Auto series of video games. Given Activision and Blizzard are focusing on their own merger, it probably makes sense that industry leader EA has stepped up to make the Take Two bid. EA apparently tried to get Take Two’s board to agree to a deal, but when it turned EA’s offer down (at a rather large premium), EA decided to go directly to the shareholders in a hostile bid. Take Two claims that the current offer undervalues the company (despite being a 64% premium on the stock price) because it expects the company’s stock to rise after it releases the next edition of GTA in the spring. Of course, aren’t stock prices supposed to reflect that kind of thing already?

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Comments on “EA Makes A Bid For Take Two: Soon You'll Be Able To Shoot John Madden In GTA”

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Haywood says:

That would be the end of GTA

EA has a talent for running perfectly good games into the ground. Somehow, they have the idea that action games need a little forced strategy built in. They have ruined Need for Speed, Nascar and most the rest of their own stable, now they want to branch out, and ruin others creations. Worst of all they abandon any previous version as soon as a new one comes out, still no modern video support (which would have been a fairly easy task) for hot pursuit.

Sniperdoc (profile) says:

Ditto to all the comments...

I have to agree. Given that AO rated games will not be sold at larger retailers such as Best Buy or Circuit City, will mean that Take Two’s upcoming range of games will be reduced to “kiddie” status.

You know… I have no beef with EA other than their ability to work their developers and staff into the ground with almost 80 hour work weeks, removing the developers creativity and vision with their own “view” of how the games should be developed, and their skill to make enjoyable titles disappear. Other than that… they’re pretty keen. :-/

Rick says:

Re: Ditto to all the comments...

I wish GTA would get the AO rating. It is aimed at adults only isn’t it?

Well that might not be true but it would still sell huge numbers even with that AO rating. You could then turn to its critics and say “what do you want, it has the highest rating possible.” Maybe other publishers would take a chance at AO games.

Sniperdoc (profile) says:


EA is not really a developer. They are a mostly a publisher. All they do is marketing and print the CDs… 🙂

They’re like Ubisoft…

I think the only games they really “develop” are the sports series.

But, how they will impact the “acquired” developers is in their marketing strategy and how a particular game “style” or “topic” will affect EA’s reputation and stocks. That’s where the big issue lies. They now have the power to say that they won’t publish a particular game because of its public abrasiveness for example.

You wouldn’t see a game like Postal 2 coming from EA or Ubisoft. Stocks rule the world my friends and big businesses just want more money. They’re not in it for the “fun” of it. It’s the money.

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