Google Sky Is Worth $25 Million?

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Google certainly has become quite a target for lawsuits lately. The latest one involves a former Google contractor who claims that the idea for “Google Sky” (a sky layer for Google Earth) was his idea — so he’s now suing the company for $25 million. First of all, who knows how many people at Google (and outside of Google) probably had the same idea. For this guy to claim that he can be the only person to have come up with that idea seems a bit rich — especially considering that Microsoft has apparently been working on something similar for quite some time. Second, $25 million? For a novelty overlay on a product that doesn’t make Google any money?

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Comments on “Google Sky Is Worth $25 Million?”

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Dan B says:

Google Earth is not Google Sky. Google Earth has a Pro version people pay money to use, Google sky has not “pro” version, and litterally does make no money.

Anybody who says Google wouldn’t have made it, if it makes no money does not understand Google. There number one concern is “How does it benefit the consumer”? Not profits. There awesome business sense, and killer algarythems is what makes their profits.

FUG Buster says:

I love reading Techdirt.. the level of total ignorance about business is astounding. But explains why people a swooning for a candidate who speaks like a preacher and lies like a used care salesman. (How does a president make sure nurses have good salaries, unless he is going to use the military to seize all the hospitals.. just one of his lies)

Google does nothing that does not have a goal of making them money.

Just becuase and idea seems obvious to a lame techdirt blogger after it is seen, does not mean it was obvious before, it it were we would have invented everything already. but you know what they say.. if you aren’t qualified to do productive work, complain about others work as a techdirt blogger

Paul (user link) says:

Re: Re:

Actually, this idea is obvious because as someone has pointed out, sky-maps already exist. All this is is an idea to incorporate that into Google maps. Its not a leap of the imagination to come to think, “hmmm, we got a map of the earth, the moon, and mars. any other maps we can add?” “Hey, there are sky maps.” “Ok, lets add them.”

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