Humorless Guitarists Take Down Amusing YouTube Mashup Video

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About a month ago, there was an amusing viral video getting passed around that showed various famous heavy metal guitarists, where the filmmaker dubbed over the films really, really bad guitar playing. It was incredibly well done, as the bad guitar playing was perfectly timed to the actions of the guitarists. It was clearly amusing satire — yet at least one of the guitarists in question was a bit too sensitive about it. The video has been forced offline, and the creator has had his account cut off. The video was pretty clearly a satire on the way these guitar players play — and it’s difficult to see how the video would hurt the artists in any way. Yes, some might claim that people would think they really played that bad, but the videos seemed to be pretty clearly labeled as dubbed. Of course, like so many other efforts to make some kind of content disappear, it wouldn’t be surprising to find this video showing up on other sites (and potentially getting even more attention).

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Comments on “Humorless Guitarists Take Down Amusing YouTube Mashup Video”

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Joshua Scheiner (user link) says:


I wish YouTube would take the time to research what actually constitutes copyright infringement before they run around gagging video creators like this. Campell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. established Fair Use. They teach it in colleges now. It’s pretty basic stuff. (a) The use was not for profit, (b) substantiality of the portion used in relation to the whole work was minimal, (c) the effect on the marketplace for the copyrighted work is nothing!!

ehrichweiss says:

Steve Vai

Looks like Steve Vai was one of those who he suspects complained. Steve Vai has had a history of being a tyrant about his music even though if it weren’t for “file sharing” back in the late 80’s(that’s cassette tapes for those of you who don’t get it), I would have never heard of the guy. Now he takes himself and his image so seriously that he doesn’t understand that it’s a GOOD thing for these parody videos to exist.

An Ony Mouse says:

@funny guitar

Thanks for the link. I haven’t been to MySpace in months, but that was worth the view.

I can’t see how this wouldn’t be parody, even in the very strictest sense. And .. goodness .. that’s just well done. In the video linked, the comments are riddled with people who actually think that Clapton had an “off night”.


Anonymous Coward says:

i love the retard that blamed bush…

“shit man, clapton is about as good in experimental music as bush is at succesfully subduing nations. Terrible. Really bad actually, i would’ve loved to see experimental guitarplayin g from clapton, even some freejazz, but this was just aweful. Yuk.”
how fucking stupid can one person be… he thinks it’s Clapton and he managed to blame Bush…

this guy wins for dumbest asshat of all time… i’m gonna smack his mom after i pay her the 2 dollars… lol

kgwagner (profile) says:

Maybe too close to the truth

I can see why some artists might be sensitive. Anybody who’s spent any time in the studio will tell you that it’s often amazing how bad our “heroes” are at what they do. The engineers repair a great deal of it with multiple takes, technology, and stand-ins.

For instance, if it weren’t for vocalizers, pitch shifters, key straighteners, dubbing, chorus effects, patching, etc. we wouldn’t have a lot of the manufactured chick singers we have now. I mean, does anybody really think Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, or Jennifer Lopez can sing? I’d bet dollars to donut holes that the raw tracks sound like nightmares.

Etch says:

Re: Maybe too close to the truth

Yeah, but the difference is Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, all these poeple are actually MUSICIANS. They studied music classically, they understand Production and Engineering, and most of them write and produce their own music.

Britney, Janet, and Lopez aren’t Musicians. They are “ARTISTS”(which is as vague as you can get). BIG Difference. To be a musician, you have to actually be able to play a musical instrument..

Enrico Suarve says:

No stop - it hurts, please stop

Thanks Funny Guitar

The link has duly been sent to all my mates for a bit of Friday fun

Bruce Dickinson cracks me up when he goes “It’s the Monstuuur” LOL

Anyone have any idea which guitarist complained? He deserves a public shunning for such a total lack of humour

And kgwagner – yeah I spent a lot of time working in studios – used to be my job. Yes you can pitch shift etc etc but really, us engineers ain’t THAT great!! (Thanks for the compliment though). Its a bit of an urban myth the extent to which we can realistically improve performances – hitting all the wrong notes is never going to sound good, and the guys that do the kind of sampling and editing required to get close with these sources wouldn’t waste their time (they produce their own albums using better source samples)

Roadied on a Janet Jackson gig once and yeah, hate to break it to you but the lady can sing something amazing – sure her engineer tweaks a few knobs to improve it further and make her voice sit better in the mix (arenas ain’t exactly the most acoustic of buildings) but she, and in my experience most of the megastar performers perform well without assistance. Sure theres the occasional Millie Vanilli and more than one performer who mimes during the extreme dance moves (you try singing pitch perfect at volume while doing a gymnastic marathon), but on the whole why bother polishing a turd when you can get real talent almost as easy?

Dave says:

What a great idea!

I’ve played electric guitar in bands for years, and I know how we are… of all instrumentalists, the guitarists are the kings of ego and pomposity, so there’s nothing like seeing us brought down a few pegs!

Allowing that there are guitarists with no sense of humor at all, I would bet that the legal eagles are driving the censoring, not so much the musicians. I remember hearing Robert Plant talking about the “Gilligan’s Island version” of Stairway to Heaven, a real classic. The maker of the song had been sued, and Plant explained that he loved it, but the lawyers insisted they had to do it.

Allowing the some musicians do lie, I bought his story, as he rattled off a whole bunch of Zep parodies, including the lovely Hairway to Steven, etc.

Having said that, I remember a lurid story years ago where Eddie Van Halen was being interviewed for a magazine. The interviewer had the Unmitigated Audacity to suggest that Vinnie Colaiuta might be a more advanced and challenging drummer than brother Alex Van Halen, and would he consider a side project like that? Alex plays great, but if you’ve heard Vinnie Colaiuta, this idea is far from absurd.

Eddie’s reaction? No real surprise… he got all familial and went ballistic, awarding the interviewer with a barrage of profanity, heavily laced with nice anti-Semitic slurs.

Etch says:

Re: What a great idea!

Eddie Van Halen is known to be a prick. Like the Axl Rose of his group.(not as bad as Axl though, Eddie actually supports his band mates).

I love him as a guitarist, and Idolize his solos and riffs, but as a Band I freagin hate Van Halen. How such an amazing guitarist created such a shitty band is something I’ll never understand. And all their singers were awful. The one good singer they had (Gary Cherone from Extreme), ended up leaving after one album.

Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme is my Idol, his versatility is unmatched, and even though he listed Van Halen as his Idols, I think he surpassed Eddie Van Halen in talent many times over.(Listen to Cupid’s Dead)

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