FBI Not Good At Paying Wiretap Bills

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While the FBI has regularly decided that court orders aren’t necessary for wiretaps, it is a bit surprising to find out that it seems to feel the same way about paying the bills for wiretaps. Newly released info show that the FBI often failed to pay its wiretapping bills, leading one telco to cut off the FBI’s wiretaps until it finally paid up. Given how screwed up the FBI’s computer systems are, perhaps it’s not surprising that they don’t have an acceptable accounts payable system either.

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Comments on “FBI Not Good At Paying Wiretap Bills”

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Justin says:


What I find funniest:

“Some of the problems stemmed from telecoms billing multiple times for individual surveillance warrants — which, in the case of Cox Communications, costs $1500 for a 30-day wiretap order.”

At least now we know they’re fair in their greed; they overcharge the government just as much as they overcharge us.

jJack Rennscheidt says:

comon sense

Perhaps we need a Department Of Common Sense which would have the power to over rule other government department’s foolish regulations, rules, edicts, and fiats. They could tell other agencies, “We have studied your proposals and find them completely idiotic and just plain stupid.” The same would apply to Congress…there’s a lot of stupidity there too. Probably 80% of the government could be eliminated. Of course it will never happen: it makes too much sense

Enrico Suarve says:

Re: What scruples?

LOL – damn fine point

I love the fact that its a paid service, I’d never even considered it before. I wonder if they have a brochure with different options. Does the deluxe service come with pager notifcation, do they get SMS messages informing them that to qualify for reduced rate wiretapping, their targets just need to make another 2 minutes of calls today?

Do they get their own helpdesk and does it suck as much as the normal one? “oh I’m sorry I just sent the invoice for wiretapping to the wiretap address – is that a problem?”

I love it

M. Thompson says:

Federal Income Taxes

Actually there is no constitutional provision for FEDERAL taxes.

If I read it correctly (and I am by no means an expert) it provides for states to tax the populace but does not allow the government to tax our earnings.

“The first U.S. income tax, enacted in 1862 to pay for the Civil War, was repealed 10 years later.”

“In 1894, Congress tried to bring back income taxes, but a year later the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional in the landmark “Pollack” case.”

“By 1913, Congress gave it one more shot, and the states ratified the Sixteenth Amendment, which says:
-The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.-“

So an amendment allows it, though there are a lot of arguments that say this was not ratified in the normal manner and therefore shouldn’t be considered a legal amendment.

The long and the short of it is, better just go ahead and pay the taxes, there are a multitude of people fighting this in courts, so eventually there will be an ‘official’ repeal (not likely) or the gov’t will just say STFU and pay us! (most likely)

Enemy Sympathizer says:

Warrantless wiretap?

“While the FBI has regularly decided that court orders aren’t necessary for wiretaps …”??

That link says the FBI doesn’t always get a court order when seeking calling records. Nothing about actual wiretapping — listening in on phone calls. It’s the NSA that apparently has done warrantless wiretapping, but even if you believe that was illegal (as I do), that’s very different from the FBI doing it for domestic investigations.

This administration does plenty of playing fast and loose with the law. Critics needn’t play fast and loose with the facts in order to find something worth criticizing.

Leland says:

wire tapping FBI lack of bill paying

Your assertion that the FBI is foundless and without proof. In my opinion it is just another thing to bring us closer to being defeated by the enemy who wants to kill us. What do you people have to fear about having your telephones tapped? You must have something to hide. I say that if it saves us from another attack, tap away! The U. S. Government always pays its bills and you know it! Anyone who says otherwise is full of it! Get a life!

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