Congress Investigating FCC Practices, Questions Of Favoritism

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There certainly have been a lot of questions concerning favoritism on FCC chair Kevin Martin’s part. He has consistently been for regulating cable while deregulating telcos. He clearly has a very close relationship with the telcos, and never seems to question their motives. That came to a head last month when Martin pushed forward plans to cap cable growth despite serious questions about the FCC’s authority in the matter (as well as questions about cherry picking statistics to support his case). It seems that all of that has now caught the attention of Congress, who is going to launch an investigation of the FCC’s rulemaking process, and examine accusations of favoritism. Seeing as this is a Congressional investigation, it’s likely to be a lot more grandstanding than anything substantial. However, at the very least, it looks like Congress is making it clear to Martin that he may have pushed his luck one too many times.

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Comments on “Congress Investigating FCC Practices, Questions Of Favoritism”

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fat Tony says:

My doubts

I have my doubts that the white house has any more to gain from deregulation of the telcos as from regulation of the cable companies. I sincerely believe that the White House has better things to worry about.
I don’t for one second think he is doing things based on common sense or any sort of intelligent rules designed to uphold law or public interest.

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