The Music Playing Taser?

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Engadget and Gizmodo are shoveling post after post on this week’s CES (aren’t they supposed to help us cut through all the noise, rather than adding to it?) and it occurred to me that it makes almost no sense for anyone to launch new consumer electronics products this week. There’s no way to stand out against the zillion other product releases. Even if you can get a post on one of the gadget blogs, you’re probably off of the front page in 30 seconds or so. However, one way to stand out and get some attention is to come up with what may be the most ridiculous combination of gadgets out there: a taser holster that includes a 1GB mp3 player. I’m not quite sure what this is saying? Are police officers supposed to be enjoying their tunes as they tase someone into submission? And I’m not even going to touch on the fact that the latest Taser devices are now available in stylish leopard print skins. There’s been a ton of controversy over just how dangerous taser devices really are… and their response is to offer an MP3 player and more stylish devices? Seems like a bit of a disconnect.

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Comments on “The Music Playing Taser?”

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bayareaguy says:

If it had a good speaker...

… it could be used to read people their rights in languages the cops don’t understand.

Avete la destra rimanere silenziosi. Qualche cosa che diciate possiate e siate usati contro di voi in una corte di legge. Avete la destra parlare ad un avvocato ed avere un avvocato presente durante affatto l’interrogazione. Se non potete permettersi un avvocato, uno sarà fornito per voi a spesa di governo.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Leopard Print Taser

First of all, Ian, you only need to submit a comment once. (now matter how upset you are)

Second, no one’s “slamming” the police. You just don’t seem to recognize humor. Maybe you need a browser that can highlight it for you. (more humor… such a thing does not actually exist)

4-80-sicks says:

Re: Re: Re: Leopard Print Taser

Humor? Yeah if that is what it is called.

What does this mean? Are you trying to make a point? I don’t understand what you are saying. Maybe it makes sense in your head, but if you’re going to put it up for other people to read, could you please be more clear? Thanks! 🙂

Glenn says:

Taser for women

1. I think it’s cool
2. I would consider for my girlfriend
3. It’s a single shot model (one shot included, additional ‘shots’ are sold separately), and they send you a free replacement if you use it in a scenario that results in a police report.
4. Including something people might use like an mp3 player might get broader penetration than the actual device would otherwise achieve.
5. I have no affiliation with Taser; i’m just a geek at heart, possibly with bad taste.


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