User-Generated Video Content At Risk Of Private Censorship

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Someone from the CenterforSocialMedia writes in to let us know about a new report from American University professors Pat Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi. “It finds that many online videos creatively use copyrighted materials in ways that are eligible for fair use consideration under copyright law. But even though they are potentially using copyrighted material legally, these uses — an exercise of freedom-of-speech rights — are currently threatened by anti-piracy measures online.” This won’t come as a surprise to many around here, of course, but it’s yet another report backing up what’s been well known for a while. The push by Big Content companies to claim that copyright allows them to do things well beyond the scope of the law already is creating (and will continue to create) chilling effects on perfectly legitimate and important areas of content creation.

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Comments on “User-Generated Video Content At Risk Of Private Censorship”

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Tin Ear says:

Oh, come ON!

Does this mean that if I post to my YouTube account and have a song playing in the background, I’m going to have to post a picture of the CD case and the receipt proving I paid for it? I’m willing to bet that they would try to press this issue even with Bach or Handel playing in the background… Jeez!

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