Did It Really Take Over A Year For Security Companies To Realize That Iranian Prez's Blog Installs Trojans?

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Someone who apparently prefers to remain anonymous submitted to us the news that Israeli security companies are warning people to stay away from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s blog, as it installs some spyware. What struck me as odd about that story was that this is not news at all. In fact, it was widely reported in the weeks following the launch of Ahmadinejad’s blog. The blog watches to see if your IP address is from Israel and then tries to install the spyware (if you’re using Windows). So, why is it suddenly being reported in Israel that this is happening, when it was well known about a year and a half ago? Isn’t that a little late to try to get the warning out?

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Comments on “Did It Really Take Over A Year For Security Companies To Realize That Iranian Prez's Blog Installs Trojans?”

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chris mcelroy (user link) says:

Just for me

This post was written just for me since by some of the comments I am the only one on the planet that did not know this.

Now I know not to go to the irnaian president’s blog. I learned two things. I also learned he had a blog.

So someday I could have just been stumbling along and landed on his blog and then where would I be?

This post has saved my life. Really!

Koresho says:

Just becuase...

Just because some of you/most of you already read about the blog doesn’t mean that others don’t enjoy reading about new stuff. I for one didn’t know about the Iranian president’s blog and I find it interesting that he would install spyware on israeli(sp?) computers. Just because the news here may not be immediately obvious in your life doesn’t mean that you have to go and slam it.

Thom says:

Ya See,

What I’d do if I were in Israeli intelligence is deliberately infect several computers. Then, once I knew what information was transmitted, I’d feed the Iranians false intelligence and set them up to take a few major falls. Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

In the meantime of course I’d be very sure to prevent that trojan from getting on any vital computers and I’d go out of my way to prevent the Iranians from thinking we might be on to them – even silencing the media and security companies on the issue. Once we’d achieved our goal, or felt Iran no longer trusted the information we were feeding them, I’d let the press and security companies sound the alarm to protect the general populace.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Some one should install

Ahmadinejad isn’t very bright, his period in office is almost over, and he’s full of hot air, so I’m not worried about him. I’m more worried about who the Americans will put in office next. There’s a lot of BAs (Business Assholes, to quote George Carlin) and unsavory characters I wouldn’t trust with a butter knife let alone the entire world’s fate, that are competing for that title: Guiliani, Romney, and Clinton are prime examples.
But there are a few that generate some optimism in my book, Gravel, Kucinich, and Obama provide us with some hope for the world’s future! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

SailorRipley says:

Re: Re: Re: Some one should install

Are you aware that although less than 5% of the worlds population lives in the USA, its head of state (its government, its big business,…take your pick) dictates a whole lot more than 5% of what goes on in the rest of the world…

so maybe the rest of us should care and take an interest, especially since you mention “last time around”, I think nobody can deny what a great “leader” Jr. has been

Miler says:

Follow the money

That’s exactly why Iran wants spyware on Israeli computers. Didn’t you know that Jews have all the money, they’ve pilfered billions from the Muslim nations and hidden it away. What better way to get it back than to get yourself a backdoor into Jewish computers and capture some of those top-secret, well guarded, account numbers and passwords. It’s genius I tell ya, genius!

crackingboy says:

You guys are idiots! Do you really think such a hoax has a base? No wonder why the guy wanted to stay anonymous!!! Ahmadinejad is a stupid character, but how the hell a political system wants to do something so childish?

The only thing this blog does is too look at the IP and show a a relevant language. With all Anti-spyware and Anti-viruses and secure browsers, even a kid would be able to discover if a site is trying to mess with your system, no need of Israeli security analyzers!!

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