Kaspersky Decides Windows Explorer Is A Virus

from the not-everyone-would-disagree dept

You can already hear the Apple and Linux fans snickering about this one, but security software firm Kaspersky accidentally classified Windows Explorer as a virus to be quarantined earlier this week. Explorer.exe, of course, is pretty crucial for doing just about anything in Windows, so it probably didn’t go over so well with the folks impacted by it. Amusingly, as the article notes, Kaspersky made fun of Microsoft earlier this year when Microsoft’s own anti-virus offering quarantined or deleted Microsoft Outlook files. And, of course, last year we also had a story about how Kaspersky’s software flagged Microsoft’s own anti-virus software as a virus as well. In other words… these anti-virus programs still have some kinks to work out.

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Comments on “Kaspersky Decides Windows Explorer Is A Virus”

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Hi says:

Ha Ha Windows...

I woder what norton has been doing when I am away…
At least windows is still best when it comes to gaming. Mac has the better OS and computer in my opinion for work and media but they fail to get that media around my house unless I buy 10 different sets of tinny “compact” iPod speakers at like $200 a pice. And nobody seems to care about lenix anymore “It’s just for serevers”. Oh and WTF is NOD32.

TechNoFear (profile) says:

Not only Kaspersky...

My home PC has a free version of AVG (so can’t complain about the value…).

Last week AVG decided an exe used by MS Visual Studio 2003 (to build resource files for WIN32 apps) was a trojan.

Even the DVD (made before the trojan) was infected.

Patched very quickly though.

Just took me a while to understand why my apps no longer built.

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