Get College Credit For Being Famous Online

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It’s certainly no secret that in an age of changing business models for content creators, that understanding the nature of online marketing is important. Huge industries have grown up around online marketing, viral marketing and word of mouth marketing. But, when it gets right down to the core, it’s about figuring out ways to get attention — and it appears that one college professor is imparting that message quite clearly to his students in a class where the entire goal is for students to become famous online. It apparently doesn’t matter how they become famous, but their grades depend on it. The class, at Parsons The New School for Design, has 15 students, all vying to be more famous than one another. What’s amusing is that, as the semester wound down and more subtle means of becoming internet famous were proving ineffective, many in the class resorted to the old short-term standby: posting videos of scantily-clad women on blogs and using suggestive titles. You can check out the class blog to judge for yourself how famous the students have become.

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Comments on “Get College Credit For Being Famous Online”

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listen_to_blogs (user link) says:

How do you quantify how famous you are online?

When it comes to grading, how does the instructor decide if student ‘X’ is more famous than ‘Y’ online? Is it the google page rank?

How do you measure someone’s credibility/popularity online? Is it he number of facebook/myspace/linked in connecions?

Mike , would you like to share your thoughts on this?

TheDock22 says:

Re: Very biased to females

His female students would become far more famous putting nude photos of themselves online than the men in his class will. Not very fair.

Not really, the guy could have a blog where he is with a different girl every post.

But I highly doubt anyone would resort to that since all your classmates and professor would be looking at your assignment…

Anonymous Coward says:


They learn the art of marketing. Learning how to become famous online is a very valuable skill if you want earn lot of money on the internet.

This is something I don’t have even though I got dugg, got on slashdot, stumbleuponed and got linked by semi-popular blogs. They actually bring me lot of traffic. I just happen to be damn lucky to have well connected people who like my wiki.

If I actually have skills in marketing, I would earn more money and traffic…

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